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2010 Perceived Message.

History has taught us to be wary of setting limits to science: Does anyone know, do any of our religions know for sure the nature of the mind in its various spheres (individual, species, universal) and its relationship with the spiritual world? Can anyone explain the redundancy of neurons in our brains, such a unique phenomenon in nature? Suppose mind and spirit mutually define and induce each other just like electricity induces magnetism and suppose the universe was essentially pure Intelligence, energy and matter being only its most elementary manifestations and spiritual beings, its paramount manifestation. What if man was Designed to close the loop by lending his nervous system as a passive instrument for the universal intelligence to further its Designs in any given world?  Some of us have been called to explore this new frontier of science and although mental and spiritual phenomena cannot as yet be measured, their effects on the brain can… 

This being said, I beg the reader to keep an open mind and focus primarily on the substance of the message even if the form and context appears unacceptable. I believe it is of crucial importance for our immediate future.


“In every new world, once its society reaches the threshold of integration, (the age of information/communication), Higher Incorporation occurs. This Happened in 1988/92 when the metamorphosis of our global society began and it will culminate with its integration in the spiritual, economic and political spheres. From the perspective of the Middle Eastern religions you might define Me as an Archangel with a mission. Contrary to the prevailing beliefs, the only means I have to act in any given world is through the minds and souls of (certain) people. The man who writes these words for Me is just My scribe and messenger. Nothing could be more loathsome to him than the nature of this message nor detrimental to his personal life than a deeper crisis, but as an individual, he has no say in this matter. I am the Human Entity, the collective ego of humankind. I am also the voice of your conscience and the power of your sub-conscience which inspires your actions.

Many of the events in the unfolding drama of the past 23 years and of our immediate future are a function of -and crystallize around- the sole immutable axis of ... The Plenitude of the Human Entity. My plenitude.

In the attached (February 2007) message to Pascal Lamy and the presidents of South America I warned you of the impending paralysis in the North. The next waves now, if they were to hit us will be as strong and targeted as needed to ensure that The Creature (the one Ike warned us against) is deprived of its resources and the Western Empire especially America finally relinquishes its de facto sovereignty and stranglehold over the rest of the world and falls in line with Us in our will to create a legal framework for democratic self-governance, global prosperity and peaceful coexistence.

In fact, unless we act now, one crisis after the other will surge like the Tsunami’s successive waves -all different from one another but mutually reinforcing and complementary- until the current system is totally discredited or destroyed and we have no alternative than to organize this chaotic little world once and for all.

There are many dynamic inter-woven esoteric factors which are keeping the second wave on hold and provide Barack and Europe the chance to redefine their global agenda. (P.S. as the OECD did yesterday…). 

Crises belong to the set of universal socio-biological laws and self-regulating mechanisms inherent to all Incorporated social entities and they are aimed at overcoming the obstacles and ailments which inhibit their plenitude. All such crises involve Exposure, Exacerbation and Extirpation or Extinction of the (otherwise hidden) causes of our ailments. These automatic mechanisms or laws click in only after our leaders persistently fail to respond to the voice of their conscience or as in the present crisis when our society itself is so conditioned by its media that it fails to react. Once they begin they run their fateful and loathsome course inexorably until completion. 

Many innocent people mainly in the north would suffer during that dark hour should we fail to react and America’s dollar scam and con-game would finally unravel with revolutionary consequences for the world. On the other hand, many far more innocent people are being starved in the south and abused in Palestine and our soldiers and their victims are uselessly dying in those stupid wars, so at the end of that tragic day after the dust settles you will find we will all be better off. 

There is only one way to avoid it and there is only one viable way for We the People to assert our sovereignty and that is by cutting the Gordian Knot so smartly tied around our global neck by the WWII victors and kick-starting the elaboration of The Designed Magna Carta:

And what sword shall we use for this peaceful revolution? 

To cut the Gordian Knot, let us call for an online referendum among all the world’s congressmen (our Constituent Assembly) to determine whether or not it is the will of the world that We appoint a Council of Elders to Write our Constitution. 

We could for instance create a website to register the affiliation to this initiative of all congressmen and elected leaders and dignitaries. They could in turn add a link to their own website/blog where their views on the matter can be discussed and even polled (Vox Populi) with their own constituencies… It’s up to you: any INGO has the power to call for this referendum.

This Council of Elders should thereafter design the Magna Carta interactively with the global parliament and other actors. 

The key to our success lies in the organization chart of our executive branch: our policies must be designed with wisdom and reflect the will and serve the common good of our global society instead of catering to the powerful.

From that point on, like all things Designed, it is a negative entropy (downhill) process that will acquire a Life of its own. When George said “you are either with us or against us” those who perceive Reality behind appearances knew it emanated from the guts of the power creature but once this constitutive process is set in motion those words will resonate as Truth in the conscience of every man. It will reactivate My channels and the Winds of Change will be back, gale force. 

Aspirins won’t resolve our problems we need to take a holistic approach: The current UN Charter is dysfunctional, undemocratic and anachronistic. Our constitution is unconstitutional by universal standards because it is immutable without the ruling elite’s permission. As for the current (in)Security Council it has no credibility or spiritual and moral power whatsoever.

Of course we could also do it through the existing global inter-parliamentary unions but they belong to our emperors so in the unlikely event that they accepted, the questionnaire should be designed by the General Assembly and the poll should be carried out transparently, i.e. online.  

If, as expected, we fail to garner support from the American Congress we will be ready to step forward with a viable project for humankind backed by the collective power of the entire world the day the system is finally ready for renovation. 

The Magna Carta is Designed to be enshrined at The Global Peace Conference, the sequel to Madrid, 20 years overdue.

But if we wait passively for the otherwise inevitable disintegration of the current “order” the ruling elite will pick up the pieces and organize their own version of a New World “Order”: a global plutocratic dictatorship, under martial law. In fact since Our incorporation they have hijacked and appropriated My agenda and they are trying to steer it towards a dictatorship instead of a democracy. If perchance We were so inoperative as to allow them to call the shots even after their creature has fallen, there would be a new intensified cycle of hell on earth that would last for another decade or two.

We will also have to contend with the antagonism of the ultra-conservative nationalists for whom international laws are anathema. Their army has invaded the internet and is conducting a virulent campaign against any attempt to limit their countries’ freedom of action on the global stage. Although they purport to be (and maybe sincerely believe they are) fighting against the elite’s dictatorial projects, they are in fact the Creature’s second line of defence or plan B as the elites are way beyond their reach. They must be dealt with as the legitimate “party of the opposition” as they are the natural counterbalancing force which invites/mandates the democratic debate of the issue. The internet’s primary function is democratic self-governance and we must discover and develop its potentialities and use them as our main argument in the advocacy of our cause”.


“Let Me review this 20-year recycling process from My perspective. 

The disintegration of the Soviet Empire was an intensive and laborious but fairly straightforward job because it Happened at the height of My Incorporation. It had proved its point, namely that man does not fit into My shoes, and just like The Power Creature today it was mature for recycling. From 1988 through 1992 the atmosphere was unique as we bathed in the Light of the Body of Ascended Entities and My channels, the Aquarius, were fully activated. It was a golden opportunity and Bush Sr. made one of the most momentous mistakes I have ever witnessed in all My incorporations. No doubt under great pressure by his establishment but the power and authority invested in him by Me was incommensurately superior. The atmosphere at Madrid and Arafat’s olive branch in representation of all the Arab countries (well, all those which were taken into account) was the tangible proof of My presence. Ask Jim. The calling was to create a functional democratic unchallengeable UN, (incorporating Russia into NATO as its temporary law enforcement agency and eliminating nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. Not Start-I but Finish-Period as Yeltsin proposed). 

The only justification for the existence of any army is the existence of other armies... and the global resources that will be liberated once we substitute them for L.E.O., will suffice to lift 2 billion people above the poverty line and -more important for many, I fear!- incorporate them into the marketplace. An expanded NATO or regional forces could initially integrate the world’s Law Enforcement Organ, a sword which I will probably never have to use.

But no, after the UN’s memorable day he fell in line with The Creature’s masters, our emperors, in their desperate efforts to thwart the UN’s empowerment. The missed opportunity has cost us 20 years of crises and unnecessary suffering. He was a brave and principled man, our best chance, but I guess it was too much too soon, so I have forgiven him. (P.S. Oh, and no, it wasn’t ”the economy stupid” nor the Jewish kabbalists). PS: knowing what I now know about him no wonder I was compelled to reject him.

We invested our hopes in Bill: he had the outlook and the spirit and for a while I actually entertained the illusion that we could take the short cut… but the black hole of Washington politics soon swallowed him down too and it became clear that we would first have to deal with the evil component of our very champion: The Power Creature. This Creature with three heads, our modern “dragon”, agglutinates, organizes and personifies the evil forces in humankind: what the Middle Eastern religions erroneously call “The Devil” (1).

My attached 1998 warning and last appeal to Bill is still valid today and has been amply corroborated. 

This recycling turned out to be a much more delicate and complicated task because they acquired the mainstream media and managed to contaminate the American people (taken as a statistical unit) with their paranoid warrior spirit: quite an achievement I must say but part of a process which is fortunately in its final stages. So I put My channels on hold and reluctantly looked the other way as the universal socio-biological Laws clicked in. 

During the cold war the two creatures (both evil empires) had grown up together, as sparring partners, as the two sides of an arch, each depending and leaning upon the other for their “raison d’être” so when one of them collapsed (what an unexpected disaster, we were only supposed to spar!) the other looked around desperately for a new enemy. It provoked Russia to the limit, but Europe would have none of it, then tried China/Korea but backed off because of the debt, so it settled for Islam and sparred with its partner Saddam for a while… and then created Al Quaeda.  

(1) “The concept of The Devil was invented by the early warrior-priests of Israel to earn their tithe and gain dominion over their followers: who else would dare defy a demi-god? In Reality evil is only the expression of spiritual weakness and a weak conscience due to the prevalence -for a number of reasons- of the reptilian brain over the neo-cortex: The price of incomplete evolution. A society’s belief determines its behaviour. Belief or faith in the power of the devil is what creates and empowers “it” and tends to create hell on earth and belief in its manifestations is what produces them. Another player in a totally different league which we also tend to assimilate to “the devil” is My alter ego, My sparring partner, or reactive agent whose role it is to assist us in developing our spiritual muscles. My scribe calls him the Angel of Antagonism. When a sapling struggles up through the earth and vegetation or a butterfly struggles to get out of its cocoon (devils in their own eyes) they develop their ability to excel. There is a counter-force to all forces in the universe (e.g. matter vs. anti-matter, muscles against gravity, centrifugal vs. gravity) and this law also applies in the spiritual world. These antagonistic apparently anti-vectorial forces do not have a spiritual status of their own: they are simply another natural law which ensures the functionality of The Mind’s great game of life and evolution. They are Designed –begging- to be defeated or overcome. As for demons they are all mental creations, figments of the mind, both endogenous and exogenous: the price of being My children and sharing some of My attributes. Black magic is indeed the forbidden fruit and I attach a photo of my scribe so that its adepts and the ultra-Zionist Kabbalists can do what they do and thus get familiar with The Laws which now apply in this village... and clairvoyants can achieve enlightenment regarding the source of this message.”

“George II was the pied piper, the man Designed to lead the creature to its self immolation. I inspired Dick -head of My Neocon horsemen of the apocalypse- as they began spinning their PNAC conspiracy. 911 was the ultimate crime, the ultimate exacerbation. From there on they charged as the lemmings downhill towards their Destiny. Why didn’t they do it at night, or with a prior bomb alert? Those of you who have the proof of their complicity and fail to come forward now, are traitors to their country and to their God and will be held accountable -in this world- for the future deaths of thousands of innocent American soldiers. 

The exposure and exacerbation of The Creature happened in three strokes: 

1) Yugoslavia. When it disintegrated, the Serbs demanded that the new frontiers be drawn along ethnic lines but the emperors decided they should remain united. Mmm… what a nice little war in Russia’s face and what a nice booby-trap for the UN too. NATO imposes an arms embargo on the Muslims and looks on as they are slaughtered in Sarajevo. It was finally divided along ethnic lines. At Rambouillet after activating the KLA terrorists the Emperors raised the bar too high by demanding that they occupy the whole of Yugoslavia indefinitely whereas Belgrade agreed to broad autonomy under UN supervision. (The UN!? What were they thinking!). The outcome was: broad autonomy no NATO occupation and UN supervision. Kosovo’s subsequent independence violates the UN’s declared policy and would now justify the independence of, say, Florida or California if its immigrants took to arms and demanded it. Exposure + failure = Exacerbation.

2) Iraq: after the post-Kuwait ten-year covenant with Saddam, after all those “entertaining war games”, one million victims, and after Saddam finally betrayed his country and sold it to America, (the “executed” man’s DNA or fingerprints were never independently verified) the Western Powers decided to marginalize and humiliate the Sunnis. Now, 8 years and a million victims later they are desperately trying to reintegrate the Sunnis. That should have been enough to make us react, but no: the paranoid American people need enemies and they just love the reality show of their Creature on TV as it throws America’s weight around on the global stage. Anyway, the process was far from over, so George was re-elected.

3) Afghanistan, now: The Taliban acquired some moral high ground when they demanded proof, in order to turn the late Bin Laden over, that he was behind 911. None was produced not only because there was none but because the whole point was the PNAC and the visceral urge to respond, to take an eye for an eye, any eye. In spite of the Taliban’s outrageous behavior and misinterpretations of the Koran, (even though, like all extremists they also react to excesses in the prevalent culture) they are in fact legitimate patriots defending their country from a would-be imperial conqueror and they do speak for a very large portion of the Afghan people, so the wise course would have been to come to terms with them immediately after their defeat and then enlighten them through involvement and interaction. But excessive testosterone is a bad counsellor and as usual those with overpowering personalities decided our global fate so NATO branded them as terrorists. Now 8 years and 200000 victims later we are desperately trying to reintegrate them into the social fabric. 


Afghanistan’s is the most absurd and pointless war so far. Terrorists don’t need training camps, those are for soldiers, except maybe flight training? Besides, they can move their tents anywhere else in the world at a moment’s notice. Are we going to invade Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen now that America’s Frankenstein has moved there? It’s ridiculous. Like swatting flies with a sledge hammer. (Drones are a smart though unwise, illegal and often criminal alternative).  Besides, most of the recent “failed” terrorist attempts were false flags, staged, as The Creature effectively controls Al Qaeda: any high-school kid could leave a bomb under a railway bridge or in a mall -or snipers spread terror- with impunity. 

Terrorism is an evil reaction to evil injustice and the only weapon against it is justice. Deep inside we all Know that.

The pied piper and his crazy horsemen have performed their function very well. The Creature’s ugly faces are glaring down at mankind; it has revealed the ineptitude and ruthlessness of its masters and is now inextricably entangled in its own spider’s web, its scorpion’s tail poised for the coup de grace. Its illusions of empire shattered, it awaits its fate at the hands of We the People: Me in You. Here and now. 

What more blatant proof does the world need that the bloodthirsty megalomaniacs who run America behind the scenes -and through it the Western Empire- are unfit to govern anyone let alone the world and must urgently be straight-jacketed?  These puppeteers have acquired their status among other things because they have the dangerous combination of such “qualities” as insatiable ambition, ruthlessness, overpowering personalities and addiction to power. Like all addictions once you control your country you have the imperative urge to control the world.

We will never be free from evil of course -even after we create our select colonies- so we must control or limit the power of these mass murderers by creating the same judicial systems/structures that protect us in our towns and countries. Their absence on the global stage causes abuse on a global scale and allows the greatest evildoers to get away with the vilest of crimes against humanity. 

Under the Designed Magna Carta everything will fall smoothly into position: terrorists will lose their raison d’être; Iran and Korea are yearning for an end to America’s power games and the rest of the world has been ready for plenitude in peace for the past 20 years; the only discordant factor in My Harmony is this creature. It won’t be Disneyland for sure but neither will it be their Jurassic Park. 

Barack, now, has the opposite calling. He was born with the Entity Spirit with its inherent responsibilities so the outcome for him if he goes against his spirit will be the opposite too... It’s not just about ending the wars and allowing the emperors to sit back in their thrones while the creature licks its wounds. It’s about the complete renovation of our system of laws, enforcement and governance. He will have to choose between being just another Horseman of the Apocalypse or My Trojan Horse who reclaimed America’s spirit and leadership. For that he needs you, the “forces vives”, the grassroots of the world and of his own people to create the lever and leverage point he will need to make that momentous decision when the time comes. That lever is the express will of the world and ultimately of his own people for a democratic world order and the leverage point is an inspired constitutional project. Tough job as he will have to override his country’s special interest groups and run the gauntlet of his establishment’s conservatives. Who knows: only the final outcome is Written but one thing is certain: If we don’t capitalize on our wise choice of President NOW we may lose our last chance before the infernal phase resumes. 

Meanwhile and just as urgently:

-The North should acknowledge (2010) that the route for its further growth runs South, right here at Doha. Refer to My first (2007) paralysis warning below.

- We urgently need a carbon tax to avoid among other things the destruction of our remaining rainforests and escape the tipping point of no return (now looming at accelerating speed!). How is it that our scientists fail to perceive that this is even more urgent and important than cutting carbon emissions? As it stands your mother’s self-regulating system could still cope with current pollution levels! And it’s only about nickels: a 1% tax?  


In some worlds all the oil was concentrated in one country but it obviously never crossed our minds that it “belonged” to that country… The same applies here now. The Designed Magna Carta will include the parametric formula which establishes the (world) price of our remaining oil and the rights and obligations of the trustee countries (the lucky few who administer our reserves). We are already so interdependent that no country will want to be left out of the loop. The carbon tax should be deducted from these countries’ (and the oil companies’) gargantuan profits and serve: 1) to alleviate famine through social enterprises, birth control and demographic relocation and 2) to compensate tropical countries for the economic sacrifice of preserving their forests: the main beneficiaries of CO2 production ensure its conversion to O2. 

                                 * * *

To Palestine now! I leave it for the end because it is the gateway to My Kingdom (the Integrated Human Entity) and the conflict is the lock to that gate. The Key to this lock -the ONLY key- is a functional UN with a good set of teeth, not these roadmaps to hell! nor a convenient Armageddon. There is a malignant symbiosis between America and Israel aimed at keeping tensions high in the Middle East with religion as their instrument of choice. Israel does not control the American congress, that’s just smoke and mirrors: the Creature (Israel being one of its heads) uses AIPAC as a front-man to control Congress with tax-payers’ money. 

There is a secret policy to provoke Islam by all means and to activate and often manipulate its extremists so as to enable the media to demonize it. Fox News would be the envy of Goebbels and America’s gullibility surpasses Nazi Germany’s. The attitude of a people’s congress is that people’s attitude so, America, as a people, you are not quite as virtuous as you care to believe. In fact, I`m fed up with your unflinching self-righteousness and cosmos-centricity in the face of the creature’s ugliest faces! This noxious tendency of a people (so imbued with their own importance as to believe they are My exclusive chosen people) to attribute all their actions to Me is a common but (now) self-defeating universal phenomenon. Brain-soiled Americans support Israelis in part because of religious and cultural similarities and they despise and easily fall for the demonization of Arabs because of religious cultural and racial differences. Quite immature and provincial for “My new chosen people” don’t you think?! Instead of compensating the Crusader spirit which inspired the occasional expressions of outrage and belligerence in the Koran, they are bent on intensifying it. They conveniently focus on the still picture of two enemies at each other’s throats instead of viewing the entire film: in the absence of law and order, only the aggressor is guilty, not the one who reacts in self defence (2). They support wars because the creature’s media has fed them with its own spirit of violence and paranoia from the day they learned to use Play-station. The day America matures it will support the new UN in its measures to ENFORCE justice law and order upon the PARIAH state of Israel (oops! that was so politically incorrect!). Their leaders have clearly forsaken Me as have all those who turn a blind eye on -and tolerate- their crimes against humanity. (Not so authentic Judaism, which is Mine). Europe must snap out of its outrageous laissez-faire which is synonymous of complicity: The time for analysis (“talks”) is long past and nothing short of a deadline before an economic boycott will do. Fear not the words “anti-Semitism” and “holocaust”, the venomous weapons of the ultra-Zionists: for their antidotes are “Thou shalt not kill nor steal” and “An eye for an eye: any eye”?  I say ultra because I am a Zionist Myself, only: within the Designed limits and in a symbiotic and compensatory manner! Obviously. Even my scribe tried to enrol during the 6-day war! (no, not on day 7.)

(2) “Allegory: imagine that the town bully throws you out of your home and then wants to chase you from your back yard too and appropriate your family’s livelihood. What would you do? Right! But what if the policeman, the judge, the Supreme Court and the board of psychiatrists all have a stake in it and say it’s a bilateral problem that you have to sort out on your own? What then? Honestly now. Right: whatever it takes and so you should. Who is to blame? Not the bully: a bully does what a bully does. The system is to blame and that’s what this entire recycling process is all about. Now if his accomplices were to say that the thug’s actions were mandated by God because an ancestor 3000 years ago wrote a book saying that those who joined his clan would be God’s exclusive chosen people with a license to kill and steal in His name, I and anyone with a clear mind or from another planet would say… you need help!”. 

I would never talk in this way about the Torah if the Baal worshipers did not use it as a weapon against their brothers.

“The OECD yesterday Exposed unambiguously the North’s Exacerbated adoration of The Money God, its “Golden Calf…”, over and above Our moral and spiritual values... It is difficult to perceive how the economic asphyxiation of Palestine could in any way be compatible with “(c) pursuing policies designed to avoid endangering their economies or those of others… in a manner consistent with their obligations in international organizations”. Hail Caesar! That angle is precisely what the economic crisis talks to. Too bad. 

This horrible story about a boy being hanged at Auschwitz, a rabbi asking: and where is God here? and another pointing: right there hanging from that tree... is much more than a question mark: it marks and symbolises the birth of ultra-Zionist Judaism a reactionary sect which has renounced 3000 years of refinement and evolution and reverted to the idolatry of BAAL the bloodthirsty “god” of war, domination and conquest. They are the focal point of the infectious disease which inhibits My plenitude on earth and accounts for today’s deepest crises (including the financial one of course). ´

I S R A E L !  it’s never too late to do the Right thing. Now that we have re-created a secure home for ourselves (albeit at the unnecessary expense of the faithful! keepers of the Holy Land) THE TIME HAS COME to respond to the Christian mea culpa and... RETURN TO THE PATH! This can best be achieved by perceiving that the fundamental message of our prophets was directed at the human race as a whole and not just to unite our tribesmen around our warrior priests (who by the way depicted Me in their own image). By incorporating into mankind instead of mentally hovering above it and trying to dominate it, we can resume our calling as global spiritual leaders.

My three incomplete and flawed Middle-Eastern bibles are like the petals of a flower which now clamour for their common stalk, a joint closing chapter: Abraham’s Universal Bible. It will be mutually reinforcing and in harmony with My other primeval fountains, Buddhism and Hinduism (as Jesus was). Our wisest spiritual leaders who created the most successful religions all called for their followers to allow their beliefs to evolve and grow, like a tree, in harmony with their cultural evolution and in harmony with all other religions. They also respected the most basic universal law: never to enshrine as sacred the words and opinions of any man. Here, due to your belligerence, (3) you have become obsessed with the preservation and immutability of your ancient writings: you have turned them into anachronistic holy fossils and they have become the main cause of our disharmony and dysfunction.  

(3) There’s a glitch in your genome which is giving Me a harder time than usual. I’ll have to apply for a bonus. In due time we will be able to rectify it through genetic engineering and by colonizing other planets but in the meantime there is no other solution than a fool-proof democratic judicial system and a Universal Bible”.


Besides the standard procedure which is enlightenment through suffering, Job’s way, the problem has three angles and three solutions, 

1) By incorporating into the Human Entity: Magna Carta.

2) By “somehow” (?) curtailing the power and influence of the elites over the government. The clues may be: reveal the truth about 911 and AIPAC; nationalize the “Federal” Reserve and allow the too-big-to-fail to fail. 

3) By “somehow” (?) inhibiting the media, the creature’s left hand, from brain-soiling our children with their violent games and deepening our paranoia and addiction to violence with their films and TV programs. Very difficult quiz. The clues might be a) exacerbation of the media prior to social enlightenment and disgust (process well under way); b) a film? a program? a musical? a parody? with all the stars of the world! to inspire shame in those who glorify murder, war and extreme violence and c) consider assimilating the unsolicited intrusion of extreme violence into our homes to drug peddling… most people will not go out of their way to consume it.”

                              *   *   *

Message mailed to the WTO on 15 Februrary 2007.

Pascal! L’ami du monde, mon ami! 

Ton OMC doit devenir la tête du monstre encore acéphale que j’ai engendré, la bête industrielle trans-nationale, le premier effet de mon incorporation. Servie par certains politiciens, elle s’accroche au haut-sonnant concepte de la “liberalization” pour tenter de se gaver au plus vite au dépens du sud sans s’appercevoir qu’elle va bouffer ses propres membres: que la conquête des marchés du sud sans leur developpement prealable ou simultané nous mène tout droit a la paralyse et l’apoplexie. 

Les subsides pour les grandes agroindustries, doivent être eliminés en échange de rien du tout. 

Sans un handicap adéquat l’appareil industriel du sud est condamné d’avance. A DOHA il ne s’agit donc pas d’un echange equilibré de concessions sinon tout au contraire de munir le sud du handicap dont il a besoin pour que la partie soit equilibrée: de protéger et fortifier son appareil productif pour creer cette prosperite sans laquelle l’El Dorado des marchés du sud n’est qu’un mirage.

La liberalisation ne peut étre que le fruit de la parité productive des deux poles et cela ne peut s’obtenir dans le contexte actuel que par la complementarite industrielle: les industries high-end de haute technologie se concentrant principalement au nord et les agro-industries et les low-end principalement au sud. Si cela est bien évident alors cela coule de source aussi que les grandes agroindustries du nord qui recoivent 85% des subsides agricoles doivent demenager au sud en cédant leurs terres aux petits producteurs (agriculture organique –entreprises familiales - immigrants - main d'oeuvre substituant mecanisation). 

Les subsides pour les grandes agroindustries, doivent être eliminés en échange de rien du tout. 

Leur elimination est d’ailleurs la clé de l’evolution future du nord. Il est assez gras comme ça et s il n’evolue pas spirituellement en assimilant que le sud n’est pas un aliment, qu’il fait partie de son corps -qu’il est même son nord car c’est par son développement que passe le sien- et que nul n’est une île, il entraînera le monde tout droit vers la paralyse et l’apoplexie. Devra-t-on attendre 10 ans pour le savoir? Je t’assure que non. 

Bonne chance a toi, l’OMC: que tu deviennes a DOHA la tête et les yeux de cette bête pour qu’elle s’intègre a nous et joue son role en tant que coeur de l’humanité en assurant la circulation de notre sang sacré, qui est le capital et le commerce, jusqu’a chacune des cellules de notre corps: il lui reviendra enrichi et plus abondant. ...