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22 February 2023
Were I to vote i would propose him as a candidate for our future World Senate for his global vision is sound. 
However, he is not the successor of Peter nor a representative of St Paul.
The Catholic Church -its pure unadulterated Spirit-
 is an essential component of our global spiritual "crown chakra" and now all the Saints martyrs and holy people to whom this church belongs are begging Bergoglio to move on so as to make Way for the man they and God have chosen for The Renovation. Like Francis he will respect other religions as alternative ways to Salvation but he will enshrine all the divinely inspired liturgical and hermenéutic features which characterize this Church. The process of elevation of the Church's perspective needs to be gradual and cannot happen at the expemse of it's spiritual Power. 

10  JANUARY 2023

"I Am the Latín Mass and all the liturgies. I have crystallyzed over the centuries as a result of ongoing conversations with Myself-In-all-priests,popes and saints until they end up reflecting (and serve to invoke) My Spirit.


They are sacred and very valuable archetypes in the collective unconscious of every world. 

In the current process... Does anyone feel like banning Me? Outlawing ME? Anyone? Bergoglio?

I have sent down My (disciplinary educacional) Archangel to patiently guide the church back into it's Designed wholeness holiness and Glory. *The sword of St Michael is not aimed at individuals, rather at their mental and spiritual constructs, egregores. It is composed of  Authority ideas Words  and Light. It's sharp end is more like the focal point of a concave mirror than a sword. 

Designed Ecumenism Will not be achieved by obliterating, dissolving the peculiarities, the words, the chants, the identifying features and -especially!!!- the rites and the liturgy:  


Bergoglio following the dictates of his Illuminati Masters as mandated in the Protocols program and that of it's agents freemasonry and Alta Vendita has  tried to substitute those features with globalist values which while válid on their own very subtly undermine the coherence, the identity and the Magic of the church. The straw which broke the dragon's back was his frontal attack on liturgy, the abode of the holy Spirit. 

Designed Exacerbation.  "Those whom the God's wish to disempower they first make mad".  He has aligned with -climbed aboard- the Illuminati Corporate dragón which threatens Mankind with slavery. Wrong choice Francis for Archangel Michael is coming to earth today and Will be inmanent in all church Warriors until the Designed Integrity of the church is restored*. Then and only then Will the ecumenistic Spirit regain a measure of power.

The liturgy creates and God Illuminates a holy sanctuary, akin to an amethyst. It is refined and empowered through the centuries and becomes a deep archetype in mankind's collective unconscious and in The Universal Mind.  It belongs to heaven while being on earth. Same for that of most other religions. 

Beware the WRATH OF GOD he who having been empowered by the church would Even think of destroying it.



Dios bendice el alma el corazón y la persona de Bergoglio -hombre honesto y bondadoso- pero lo destituye de la silla de Pedro, maldice su rol como sumo pontifice. 

El elegido de la judeo-masoneria y la Alta Vendita debe cederle su lugar al elegido de Dios y ello solo se puede lograr por intermedio de un sínodo de obispos pues el colegio de cardenales ha sido infiltrado y corrompido: demasiados cardenales "progresistas" son en realidad masones del NOM.

La decisión de Dios fue tardía y la desencadenó una serie de circunstancias: la partida de Ratzinger, la muerte prematura de Pell (!) y la decisión de prohibir el ri8to latino (que constituye la invocación del Espíritu Santo y del espíritu del Cristo en la eucaristia): Fue una típica Exacerbación previa a la Exposición/Extirpaciónn del mal 

La mayoria de las propuestas de Bergoglio serían benditas si no fuese por el contexto geopolítico: Fueron dictados por la cúspide del poder financiero mundial y se inscriben en el marco de la política globalista judeo masónica de destrucción de la imagen y el espíritu de la iglesia (Cfr. Alta Vendita) Aspiran a disolver el espíritu del cristianismo, el islam y el judaísmo en una sopa, un mejunje, abstracto amorfo y mutuamente anihilante que sea capaz de atraer a la humanidad hacia la adoración de la IA, la matriz de su control y esclavitud

Esas ideas progresistas volverán a tener legitimidad el día que sean capaces de fortalecer a las religiones en lugar de aniquilarlas. 

4 - 8 - 19
Pope Francis and the Vatican are key elements in the Illuminati mechanism and scheme for global control. 
The "Barack Nobel" approach to Pope Francis has failed to deliver.
The power they have acquired through their financial/corporate domination of the world  is such 
that Francis has no other choice than to align with their agenda even though deep at heart he is with us.
Maybe we failed him in 2015/16 when he asked for our prayers...  but then again maybe that too was Designed 
His Heart will see to it consciously or not that his Spirit which is our own wins the day, 
Only the immanence of  God and of the Spirit of the Human Entity within him and the Catholic Church as a whole 
can contribute to further the aims of God. 
These do involve some measure of globalism and syncretism but they exclude Judeo-Masonic Illuminati control. 
God works in mysterious ways and the sources of The Aquarius need not necessarily perceive or understand them.

Despite the inevitable perversion which arise in all human institutions, the Catholic church and faith connects man to the archetype of his idealized identity: That's both a problem and a challenge for the satanists. 

Since the 18th Century the Church has been the target and most coveted prize for the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Cosa Nostra and the highest echelons of Freemasonry.

Some in the Jesuit order and the order of Malta have historically been their accomplices and the Vatican branch of the Illuminati.

How much of that is still the case remains to be seen.

 *            *            *

In clear compliance with their Protocols of Zion the Jewish-led Masonic Illuminati have infiltrated and now vie for power within the Christian churches. 

They did so ostentatiously and quite successfully with the  "Christian" Zionists and surreptitiously as well as partially with the Catholic Church. 

The Jesuit order participated in the creation of the Illuminati Order hand in hand with the Rothschilds and (Jesuit) Weishaupt at a time when they had been banned by the pope and expelled from most countries. . Both the Illuminati order and Freemasonry are adaptations of the Jesuit organization chart and they were the ones who created the Grand Orient Lodge. They helped engineer the Illuminati's French revolution and through freemasonry, the enthronement of Napoleon. The secret nexus between Napoleon and the Jesuits was Illuminized Freemasonry. When he conquered the Papal States he imprisoned the Pope Pius VII and coerced him into reinstating the Jesuit order. From that moment the Jesuits and their masonic partners acquired covert control over the church and the Order of Malta. The Vatican was virtually forced to hand over control of their finances to the Rothschilds and has been subservient to them ever since although the current financial relationship remains unclear and the Vatican is unwilling to clarify it. (The plot to crucify Cardinal Pell is possibly related to his efforts to extricate the church from Rothschild/mafia control).

Since then and especially in October1958.com the halls of power of the church have virtually been taken over by Jewish-controlled masonic globalists as exposed among other things by the passive attitude of the church untowards Zionist crimes. 


12 short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQp00j4H3Kg

Although the authors are radical conservatives  obsessed with transforming the dogma and liturgy of the church into a holy fossil, they do demonstrate the actual infiltration of the church by freemasons and crypto-Jews,  especially as of October 1958 at a time when they were also in ultimate control of the USSR. They are also right in denouncing the destruction of the liturgy and relaxation of moral norms of conduct.

Vatican II was one of the few positive outcomes of World War II insofar as it put an end to official discrimination and satanization of the Jews but it did signify a loss in terms of the Church's spiritual power and identity. As occultists and mystics know full well, traditional rituals  define,  invoke and embody the spirit, the egregore, of a religious group. In the case of the church it was the beautiful traditional Latin Mass and Gregorian chants which created through the minds of the faithful the invocation of -and association to- the Holy Spirit. It was an important archetype in humanity's collective unconscious. That was the reason for the destruction of traditional liturgy. 

The Illuminati dedicated several generations to infiltrate and control the United States government, it's mass media and financial system and they did so with great success. Since the Renaissance, The spirit of the Catholic Church (its spirit, not the institution itself) had become associated in the collective unconscious to the archetype of angelic purity,  unconditional love and compassion so it is inevitable that these satanists should make the same effort to infiltrate control and destroy their antithesis the Catholic Church . So far they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams mainly because the world has remained unaware of the conspiracy.

This process is described in depth and in detail by Piers Compton in his banned book now only available here:

Piers Compton_The Broken Cross_The Hidden Hand in the Vatican.pdf

He prudently goes out of his way not to mention the Jews, so to complete the picture we need to look at these complementary points of view -with reservations:





As Albert Pike clearly states "remove the Kabbalah from freemasonry and what is left? Not much" watch

Their plan of action is clearly laid out in Giuseppe Mazzini's "Alta Vendita" which is the 

Judeo-Masonic blueprint for the subversion of the Catholic Church- They considered it phase 2 of the French Revolution. "That which we should await, as the Jews await a Messiah, is a Pope according to our wants. We require a Pope for ourselves, if such a Pope were possible and with such a one we shall march securely to the storming of the Church"


The first flank of attack  was obviously enough the Vatican's banking system. Where else? In the 60's and 70's under Pope Paul VI,  judeo-masonry set out to booby-trap the Vatican Bank by placing their agents  in key positions, often through financial pressures, who then lured the bank  into the Illuminati's drug-and-bribes and money-laundry racket and associated it to Roberto Calvi's Banco Ambrosiano and the Cosa Nostra... It was done just  in order to later reveal it to the world.  The Vatican  had already fallen under the control of the House of Rothschild under Napoleon, (an Illuminati freemason) whose central banking mafia  still holds most of the Vatican treasure as their means of coercion. This interdependence  makes it difficult if not impossible for Pope Francis to extricate the Vatican from this, the very heart of our satanic global dragon. It must be achieved by other means. Msgr. Scarano who is currently in jail for money laundering was baited and framed and Cardinal Pell defamed just to serve as warning to Pope Francis to "stay off their turf".  I guess he has no choice but to comply. See: www.themediareport.com

The second flank of attack was the destruction of the clergy's moral image through the creation by these infiltrators of the gay/pedophile and satanic rings within the Vatican. The pedophile scandals were an obvious ingredient of the Protocol's  conspiracy to weaken and further control  the Church. They were in part the consequence of the policies imposed upon Paul VI, who by the way was of Jewish extraction, which among other things favored gay over heterosexual candidates to ordination (**).  In many cases the crimes were committed by those infiltrators themselves or they were a set-up against those who suffered from that weakness but in most cases they are blatant lies which the church has failed to expose. Why? ¿None of those alleged victims dared mention the traumatic event to their parents, brothers, teachers or confessors ("Father, is it true that by pleasing Father Sleazy I am pleasing God and that I will I burn in hell if I tell my dad?") until 40 years later when they could be paid handsomely for it and bask in the limelight and compassion? True, the policy of the church encouraged the cover-up, but that's precisely what we are talking about: who inspired that policy and for what purpose? Until Vatican II, especially under Pius X pedophiles were turned over to the police.  It was the perfect set-up. A time bomb. 

The case against Cardinal Pell is a case in point that will stall and begin to reverse the onslaught against the church. Who are his accusers? Let's see: www.themediareport.com

PROTOCOL 17:  "When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court the finger of an invisible hand will point the nations towards this court. When, however, the nations fling themselves upon it, we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders as if to save excessive bloodshed. By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place". 


Since Vatican II the number of gay priests according to one study has risen to 45% in America where more than 1000 priests have died of AIDS (that's 10 times the national average)


At a Jewish meeting Vice-President Joe Biden praised the Jewish Community (to their consternation and anger) for being responsible for the promotion of homosexuality and same sex marriage. 


The fact of the matter is that there is a small but overwhelmingly powerful group of pseudo-jews who are Sabbatean Frankist satanists and far from respecting and practising judaism they have only one agenda: the destruction of all religions including orthodox Judaism.

Rabbi Antelman, an authority on the relationship between the Illuminati and the Sabbatean and Zionist movements makes it crystal clear in his book "To Eliminate the Opiate" (PDF here) that these movements were aimed not only at overthrowing the established order and destroying the Catholic Church but also at discrediting and undermining Judaism. There is no room in authentic Judaism for global domination and a global religion.  The same is revealed in Robison's Proof of a Conspiracy against all Governments and Religions. (PDF here). 

Zionism is the visible part of the iceberg of the synarchy which rules the world. Deep below the surface The Order which ultimately control the central banks which control the corporate and political worlds continues to unfold its satanic agenda of global control, as set out in their Protocols.

Those within the church who subscribe to the meme that the church should not question the allegations because it would "discourage their victims from coming forward and inflict even more psychological harm upon them" have consciously or not fanned the flames of this holocaust against the church. It lays waste to the fundamental tenets of our justice system "innocent until proven guilty and the right to self defense" and invites, incites, false or imaginary claims. Probably more than 70% of the allegations are either the fruit of greed -it's like  going fishing: it costs nothing and there's a fair chance of winning a million dollars- hatred of the church or a desire for limelight and compassion. They jump onto the band wagon of the media-driven frenzy to discredit -i.e destroy- the Catholic Church. It so happens that 96% of all media are owned or controlled by Supremacist Jews as mandated in their Protocols. (Ref) http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-controlledpress-6-jewish-companies-96-percent-of-all-media.html download the chart


Conclusions from Goodbye Good Men (Michael Rose - 2002): The 1960's and 1970's saw the infiltration of a corrupt sub-culture into the Catholic church to change its liturgy, mass, doctrines, disciplines, and mission. It produced a shift from the priestly model of self-sacrifice and discipline to a model of liberal self-gratification. It changed the selection procedure from one which winnows out false vocations to one which frustrates genuine vocations and assimilates those whose profiles "came out" as gays. They were rewarded with preferential treatment and ordination while seminarians who resisted permissiveness and supported the teachings and traditions of the church, on sexual morality in particular, were dismissed for being rigid and uncharitable homophobes. "Once again a moral institution has been infiltrated by deviant progressive liberals, self-centered immoral women activists, perverts and gutless submissive male administrators who have succeeded in changing this bastion of morality and godliness into a haven for Gays, Lesbians, femi-nazi nuns, evil doers and the ungodly".

The likes of Leo Zagami, Alex Jones (*), Phelps and Zimanski are clearly Zionist agents dedicated to the defamation and weakening of the church. On the other hand they are -quite legitimate- devil's advocates, prosecutors in the court of public opinion for there obviously is fire behind that smoke which they so eloquently high-light.

 The Church now needs to take a leading  role, become the prosecutors themselves and Expose the satanic sects and pedophile rings operating within the Vatican. I guess that's The Holy Spirit's "mysterious ways" of action and the ultimate reason for this Exacerbation: to ensure the rebirth of The Church by way of its liberation from the yolk of the Illuminati and the Exorcism of their satanic spirit.

I believe this battle can only be won if authentic Catholics join hands with authentic Jews and Muslims against the Sabbatean Frankists and their fascist globalists, the enemies of mankind.  (However, we must always make a clear distinction between fascist and democratic globalists such as Pope Francis...) 

It cannot be done overtly by Pope Francis for security reasons, therefore it must be through an internal movement: an association of bishops probably under the leadership of the Jesuits themselves. 

The fascist faction of the Jesuits are allowed the illusion of partaking in the power of the New World Order but in truth the original Illuminati objective of disempowering and discrediting the church is all these power mongers have achieved and they would be relegated to a subservient position in the Jewish NWO if it were ever to become a reality. Fortunately they are few and the winds of change have not bypassed the Jesuit order. We can expect it to become a reactionary force once again, but this time as church warriors against the common enemies of mankind. 

All institutions end up reflecting human nature but The Holy  Spirit  is the true soul of the church as it is of most Jesuits today so the church is Called and Designed to arise like the phoenix during the Revolution. That same Holy Spirit is also at the heart of authentic Judaism and authentic Islam and together they should expose and isolate the satanic Sabbatean Frankists who are at the core of the forces of evil in today's world.

(*) Alex Jones is brilliantly and valiantly taking on the American deep state and placing his and his family's lives on the line so we can but express our deepest gratitude and our admiration for his brilliant and inspired work. In the confrontation between the two or more factions of the Illuminati, the recycling of America's fascist deep state, one of the heads of the hydra is the first stage in the destruction of the main head of our modern dragon .

(**) It's not about condemning homosexuality. In fact it's clearly part of the natural order of things. Nature loves diversity and  it's in the genes of 10% of the population. Besides  there's no such thing as 100% heterosexuals.  It should be accepted and tolerated as part of Design. The problem arises when it is actively promoted as the norm (mainly by satanic Hollywood Illuminati pedophiles) thereby influencing children and teenagers who would otherwise make a different choice. From 10% we are now nearing 25%. The plot thickens when it is used as a weapon to degrade a society or to destroy a religious institution.


When I was 12 I remember My parents left me for a couple of days at the summer resort parish while they were away.  At night I slept in the same bedroom as the priest. I used to suffer from asthma like My father so he had bought some kind of ointmentm He applied on my chest in a slow caressing massage. I remember being struck by the expression of love in his face. Sure, there was the pleasure of touching and being touched, for It was mutual, but what struck me was the depth or the spiritual nature of the love which emanated from his soul. The kindness and the goodwill. By the way my asthma went away and never returned that same year, but my point is that the more spiritual and ascétic and antisexual a person's choice of life is, the more his/her soul will need will yearn for Human warmth, for a hug, a caress and It so happens that many children yearn for precisely that: they yearn for the deep SPIRITUAL LOVE which in many cases they fail to receive from their parents. And it's a Good thing. Jesus often hugged and caressed all children.  Maybe one in a hundred: 1% of the cases involving physical contact between a priest and a child degenerated into touching the buttocks or sexual areas. .  Unethical though such a lack of self control may be we have turned a simple caress into a monstruos crime akin to rape. Totally ridículos and reactionary.
In most real cases the fact is revealed by the youth through his parents his bishop or his/her confessor. 
It's EXTREMELY RARE that an actual case of rape fails to be denounced  or revealed.
The enemies of the Catholic Church which are bent on it's destruction are the owners of the MSM and they together with their army of lawyers have succeeded in creating a social movement an attractive platform of VICTIMS OF THE CHURCH. It only takes one first accusation to create a new bandwagon. Why not jump aboard? It's free, risk free too, requires no proof and has a fair chance of getting them a million dollars. ,"He WAS a hugger and now that I remember maybe he did touch my buttocks. Besides that imaginarte "evento" would justify and explain all my psychological hang-ups"
They have succeeded in making the world believe that a high percentage of priests are pedophiles. They have demeaned the imáges of God's chosen spokesmen. Time to ser the record straight. Pell was the prelude. Now anyone who Will deny a priest the Right to self defense and in many cases the benefit of the doubt Will become ...

MARCH 5 2022


The crux of the problem at  popular level is that we the west both the elites and the peoples have been mesmerized by the satanic "powers that be" and their MSM into believing that...We're the good guys! That Russia and China are paranoid about their existential fears. Nato would never  harm a fly...

The security council of Russia has carecully assessed the dangers posed by NATO and if they took such a drastic dangerous fratricidal and outrageous decision which revives NATO's raison d*etre, is  contrary to their global policy of  respect for the UN Charter anddetrimental to their global standing, it's because they found those dangers to be even more severe and drastic and that inaction would devolve into either their annihilation or a global nuclear armageddon.  I believe they are in a better position to make that judgement than we, their judges, the armchair generals of the world.

It's the horrible reaction to the equally atrocious and gratuitous acts of aggression committed by Nato against Russia first through its violent removal of Yanukovich and empowerment of a  (what else could it be?) neo-nazi regime of terror and then through the acts of aggression and oppression against the russian speaking population, the Odessa massacre, the prohibition of Russian language.... This and the threat of  losing Sebastopol resulted in and fully justified the accession of Crimea and the independence of Donbass. Russia could have recognized those republics back then -in  for a  penny in for a pound- but it because it still believed in our fortunately defunct  legal and security framework.It could have imposed a nofly zone but it.
Then The Creature declared war on Russia through crippling sanctions. It declared its adherence to the First (nuclear) Strike policy, armed the Ukranians to the teeth and amassed an invasion army of 60000 less than 10 miles from Donetsk which included American and European advisors and mercenaries.This clearly  (for a lucid  viewer) announced  an all-out and probably  genocidal invasion. All this under the benevolent gaze of you, the mesmerized people of Europe.
Because of your silence and tacit support, you  were complicit in the death of those 14000 ethnic Russians of Donbass   and  for  THE  REACTION. 

It's the event which announces  and  creates the conditions for what Russia, China  and the  world have been striving for: a new multi-polar rules-based world free of the demonic control and stranglehold which the supremacist/warrior fraction of the American establishment exerts over pathetic Europe and the  world.
It's the legal reflection of Nato's (Europe's) destruction of Serbia and separation/independence of Kosovo. 

If we stop pouring gas into the fire and allow the inevitable outcome to happen as quickly and painlessly as possible, 
Russia will enable western Ukraine to separate from its hated eastern brothers. Two or three neutral countries at peace with each other and with Russia. This is not the USSR any more: quite the contrary: we The West have become the fascists-

Contrary to what this event appears to augur Putin's Russia, together with China and hopefully India, are now the nucleus of our future Designed, multipolar rules-based world and it will do it's best to live up to its image by enabling the people of Ukraind  to FREELY elect their leaderships. 

Those  who would postpone  the    inevitable  by providing  more  weapons   to   Ukraine    will  be  responsible  for the  consequences   of   the escalation   of  the war, the  destruction  of  Kiev and the death of thousands more..

Provided we find the way to expose and prevent  interference and subversion by The Creature we should once and for all inject into our global charter the notion that human rights and self determination have more weight than  "territorial  integrity"  i.e. the capricious lines drawn on a map by some illuminated realpolitikian.  All  the more when  the people are abused by the mother country. The  people of Donbass  have earned their right to independence and the Ukraine has lost that hated region.

The window of opportunity, which the universe opened by whispering innovations in the ears of illuminated Russian scientists is closing   fast.. We  also beg the universe to whisper The Way forward in the ears of our Listeners. 
Could it be the message in this blog,Vox Dei?

As for China it is excessively coercive of its population but that  is due to (is a reaction to) the empire's drive to divide and subvert it through its color revolutions.  China's policy and focus was (like Russia's) primarily a win/win trading and integrative approach but The Creature's threatening stance, its lust and drive for war and destruction have driven it towards militarization and preemptive belligerance.


The time has finally come for mankind as a whole 
to overrule the satanic will of our financier rulers.

We must immediately create a Global Senate:

-a parallel Security Council-  composed of 100 (?) elected individuals 
renowned for their wisdom, maturity and spiritual integrity. 

we must activate our (latent) Global Virtual Parlament 
by simply asking our 45.000 parliamentarians -in a properly publicized EVENT- 
if they believe it would be a useful element to improve our global governance. 

Ask them to nominate 3 renowned candidates 
and/or allow the world to elect our representatives vía the internet. 

A separarte Council of Spiritual Leaders would be a useful complement.

From there on it will be a downhill road towards the creation of our World Constitution  
- The Peoples' Great Reset- 
and the renovation of our dysfunctional elite-controlled United Nations.


Inclusive Capitalism's New World Order.

If you can't beat  them, join them. We're stuck with you the all powerful of this world. But then again, you´re stuck with us and you need to choose between the path of inclusion or dictatorship. Your (top decision markers) inherent  instinctive drive is towards the police state it's in their genes but then again your spirit beckons towards a different approach and so does your reason. Despite your ownership of the media you Know the internet is ungovernable and the more you try to control it the more out of control it will become and the more powerful will dissent  become. So why not choose a different path.? The authentic Vox Dei Vox Poppuli path?  I am nobody I have no organization and yet I am everybody. For  I am  not the man w ho writes these words. I am now, especially you the powerful of this world. Inclusive Capitalism or rather the Inclusive New World Order needs to incorporate some measure of Vox Dei into  its global governance scheme. To get bluntly to the point: It's high time for the Virtual Global Parliament to be incorporated into the process of designing your new Magna Karta or Global Reset project. Our 45000 or so parliamentarians should be granted a weighted voice in this process. The weight of each representative's vote could for example be proportional to the square root of the number of votes he or his party obtained in the latest national elections. A virtual global council of spiritual leaders and Lightworkers should also be incorporated and their voices taken into account if the deepest causes of our problems and the core of their solutions are to be identified/adopted.  That is the starting point. The Empowering point. Then comes the question of asking the right questions and we would come to that if this ever happens



13 January 2021

Donald's calling was to oppose the corporate dragon.

Impossible task as that's the job of We the People.

The Democrats will have to show their hand now that they are in power and their ultimate one-world-government  agenda will be revealed.


*      *      *

His slogan whether he Knows it or not, in the universal scheme of things, actually meant

Let's fix America First, so that the world can then fix itself.

He represents that spirit of rebellion against the powers that (shouldn´t) be, 

a spirit which inspires the majority of the peoples of the West.

Despite his radical and mistaken attitudes probably imposed upon him by his puppeteers he played an important role

in the exacerbation exposure and (soon) extinction of our modern dragon,... There are actually two global dragons at odds with each other and he was firmly catering to one of them. No holy Knight here, but an important player in the process.

When a ship is off course you need to pull the rudder firmly in the opposite direction before setting the right course.

20 January 2021

Mankind is ill but well on its way to wholesomeness.

It’s a profound systemic and previously hidden illness. 

A situation with which we have lived for ages without even knowing it. 

But in the age of the internet the time has come to heal and become whole, as Designed. 

The fever, the rashes the convulsions and the pains are good necessary signs of its externalization 

as part of the Designed healing process. 

Therefore when today we pray for Peace let it be for the healing process to come to a swift conclusion with the least pain... 

not for the peace of acquiescence to the status quo.

*      *      *

The storming of the Capitol was obviously instigated and organized by the Plutocratic Party and its Cohorts of Mordor (Antifa and Q-anon) in order to justify martial law, dissuade the senators from demanding investigation of fraud and as always to discredit and indict Trump. 

However, the decision not to call in the guard pertained to the leaders of the houses, McConnell and Pelosi... 

Let's see how they wiggle out of this one. All Trump's fault of course.

On the other hand in the behaviour of the vast majority we perceive nothing more than a visceral intuitive urge to risk their freedom in response to that Call from The Heart, that urge to DO SOMETHING, anything, even such a temerary/rash and othrwie useless thing as peacefully touring the Capitol without invitation, urged on by the chant Who's place? Our Place! 

An actual Insurrection with the intention to take the Capitol and hostages implied a coordinated armed assault 

and only a score or two were violent and, as ordered, bore no weapons. No such intention.

From a global (humanity-wide) perspective and a universal (The Mind) perspective the crucial elements which reveal the inherent vice, proves systematic corruption and clamors for change are 1) the degree of power and control the main owners of the central banking cartel have been allowed to acquire over our institutions and 2) the contradiction beteen the foreign policy of the Plutocratic party (Atlantic Empire) and our collective conscience. 

When such a policy goes as far as trying to generate a permanent state of war (and abuse of the poor by the mighty) and potentially a nuclear war, God, The Mind, becomes the driving force behind that worldwide visceral urge for change, for revolution, for a global reset (no, not the Davos preemptive version). Each of us interprets and manifests this force in a different way according to the breadth or depth of our perspective or our preferred agenda. 

This dispersion of our intentions and wills is like common light, totally powerless.  

What we now need is a laser ray of congruent light produced synchronically by our global consciouness and 

focused like a laser sword at the very heart of the dragon. 

In America that urge for change or revolution found an outlet, a channel, in the paradigm shifting blunder that the panic stricken Global Plutocratic Party made during the elections: the foolhardy improvised effort at massive fraud on November 3d.

Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad (Seneca) 

The fact that they have so far been capable of getting away with it (as with 911, promotion of ISIS etc) demonstrates the degree of power of  the mainstream media 90% of which are owned by the Plutocratic Party (and they are in the process of acquiring the remaining 10%). 

Our laser sword (revelaation of Truth) should be pointed at the heart of the dragon which is the central banksters lair the Bank for International Settlements, their ultimate ownership of the main corporsations and mainstream media and their intention to utilize their pandemic to create a global police state under their control.

We are chipping away at its armor and at the media's fake narrative, one crisis after the other, 

even those which are apparently to their advantage and at each stage of the process the establishment is becoming more exacerbated and more exposed until a threshold will be reached, The time will probably arise sooner than we expect when the people including the military and police will Know without necessarily undertanding why that the right thing to do is to oppose the "established disorder". That would happen if the Plutocratic Party attacked its own society across party lines... 

A systemic auto-immune disorder.

In the eyes of that establishment any act of resistance will always be portrayed as an insurrection 

but in the eyes of America's collective conscience it will be seen as a return to legality, 

a return to The Constitution and to the basic tentets of democratic law and order.  

Rarely in history have empires and abusive power structures been brought under control of the wise and of The People without the support of the armed forces and that support is as fickle as the perception of truth. 

Let our laser sword shine with the power of Truth and emanate from God.

Those in congress who denounce and demonize the use of force should remember that without it they would still be ruled by the kings of England. 

All sources should pray for the enlightenment of our leaders 

so that our global social crystallization may follow the least painful path

and a violent revolution is avoided.

The time has come to channel the Love of God into the souls of our ultimate rulers.



The Plutocratic Party

The individuals are just symbolic representatives of the various organs of the creature, Nothing personal.

 The Mind has allowed the self-serving testosterone driven portion of mankind, the powerful of this world, to build the basic structure of our global society, Now in its ultimate stages prior to The Mind's Great Reset, again it allows them to propose their testosterone driven version.

We thank them for their good work but from this point on We The Peoples are taking over,

I expect some individual or movement in a position of power to finally adopt the simple project laid out in this blog.  It will not come from the power centers of the world nor from the governments of the powerful countries who will never willingly relinquish an inch of the sovereignty they wield over us. It must come from a grassroots movement.


A Great Reset? Definitely and about time too!

Davos' version? No way!

 It can only happen if all the stakeholders are consulted

Vox Dei, Vox Poppuli, the only way.

None of Davos' proposals are feasible... they make no sense, just wishful thinking...

unless a central authority or global government is enabled and that's the whole point of this exercise

and maybe of the plandemic too. 

Who will be in control, calling the shots and making the rules?  We want them to be elected.

The stated aims are the icing on the cake the sweet covering which disguises 

the bitter pill of imposing their NWO (fascist technocratic corporate world government) and of course, liberating America and Europe from the debt/income  they have generated through their quantitative easing (fiat fake money printing) so that they can start over with a new system. 

Most of those ideas resonate favorably with our global conscience: the cake looks delicious

and they reflect the honest fundamental goodwill and Higher Wisdom of most of those intellectuals

 but they are just puppets of the globalist cabal. 

The ultimate puppeteers utilize and steer the Great Reset so as to maximize their control over the world and to lure us into the grid, their matrix of control. Expect a mandatory health-pass the prelude to our microchip IDs. Or nanobots (these are made from DNA just like our vaccines...)


The only way (which the internet has now placed within our reach) is for the world, the stakeholders themselves to define the reset's CONCRETE MEASURES (so far esoteric of course) and the organization chart of the executive and legislative branches of our new democratic self-governance system. 

It involes a decade-long Gobal Constitutional Process to create that 

Global Social Contract or Magna Carta.

Until that approach is adopted the vast majority of us will continue to perceive it for what it is:  

a corporate globalist power grab conspiracy. 

The term conspiracy theorist has become moot and even silly in our global conscience 

because we all know by now that the powerful always conspire to maximize their power at our expense. 

That's what they D0 for God's sake!

Our whistlebowers yearn to be granted that medal, that distinction which defines their position. 

The icing on the cake predictably enough includes a sacrifice for the corporations but it is more than compensated by the power it will grant their CEOs and their ultimate owners 

the global financiers, Blackrock et al.

Does that mean we should reject it as the conspiracy it ultimately is? 

No we should jump wholeheartedly onto their band wagon

We should reveal the esoteric ultimate intentions to the world 

and demand a global forum (Vox Dei)

 in order to incorporate the real stakeholders into  the debate: we the people. 

That's the internet's primary calling at this stage in our social evolution; 

that's the real benefit we can derive from the pandemic 

and that's the only thing the fascist technocrats have to fear.

1oth November 2020

Last chance. 

God, your conscience, does not need words to Know your intentions 

and it's never too late to do the right thing









(I believe compensation for the loss of the right of return is one of the main objects of any treaty so in my allegory the palestinian key has nothing to do with the right of return) 


No  easy task to escape the enormous gravitation of  our corporate/media  behemoth, 
but only by speaking the Truth and adopting a Designed stance on ALL matters 
will you  be empowered.


Our sword is none other that the laser of truth shining into our global consciousness through the internet

Comment from April 2017 




On election day voters will take into account their qualifications.

The voice of America's and Europe's Congress and Parliament should be the voice of their peoples' but it's the voice of the international bankers. Each time a law is voted the people will vote and express their opinion through Vox Dei. This will reveal and highlight the abyss between the will of the people and the will of the shadow government. It will also reveal whether or not their behavior reflects the wishes of the international bankers and Israel in particular and potentially prosecuted for high treason: acting on behalf of a foreign power against the best interests of their country. The American Congress' resolutions have been Aipac's resolutions and they have bankrupted, satanized and defamed America.

Revelation: Netanyahu's latest address to Congress, without invitation, achieved the final Exacerbation and Exposure of the New World Order control system: it finally became glaringly obvious that both Netanyahu and the vast majority of congressmen serve the same masters. He looked like a foreman addressing his empoyees. You could read in his threatening glare how he demanded applause, under the watchful eyes of their common bosses: every clap sitting down seemed to be worth one thousand and standing two thousand. 

PS July 2017: "the very mention of the word “Israel” causes most members of both parties to quickly snap into line in a show of unanimity that would make the regime of North Korea blush with envy. Even when virtually the entire world condemns Israeli aggression, or declares settlements illegal, the U.S. Congress – across party and ideological lines – finds virtually complete harmony in uniting against the world consensus and in defense of the Israeli government.


Addendum June 2017- Confirmation of the fact that the US Congress is totally corrupt and has fallen under the control of Zionist financial power:

Bill HR 672 Combating European Anti-Semitism Act was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives on June 14th 2017. The bill requires the State Department to monitor what European nations and their police forces are doing about anti-Semitism and encourages them to adopt “a uniform definition of anti-Semitism.” That means that criticism of Israel must be considered anti-Semitism and will therefore be a hate crime and prosecutable, a status that is already de facto true in Britain and France. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once boasted about owning the United States. This bill proves him right.

December 2018

The emergence of the Human Entity as an integrated social being is the next stage in our evolution. 

It manifests in the mental sphere as global consciousness, the Noosphere,

(term coined by one of our most visionary sages and mystics, Teilhard de Chardin, 

which is the object of the Noetic sciences).

 In the structural or organizational sphere it manifests as a World Constitution, 

a new UN, the latent United Peoples Organization

In the sphere of its expression: as the Global Virtual Parliament and a platform such as Vox Dei. 

In the knowledge and communication sphere as the new internet (the Human Entity's nervous system) which is also the physical manifestation and articulation of the Noosphere. 

It appears at the dawn of the digital age and involves the emergence of a specialized body or sub-entity 

composed of those individuals who have chosen (and been called) to act as intermediaries,

mediums between the Supramind and the Noosphere.  

Like antennas they passively relay the Supramental Program.

Why not call this body The Aquarius? 

(without for as much identifying to New Age ideology).

The "sources" (shall we call them?) of Aquarius are Designed to coalesce into a (more or less) 

consensuated, multifaceted, multifunctional, time-sharing cooperative organ.

Mutual support and diversity of abilities views and approaches, each in his own specialized function, 

is fundamental for its global functionality. 

 They act as avatars of the human entity in the Higher (for us virtual) realms of reality 

which enable God,  The Mind, to influence our tangible reality. 

God has His own modus operandi and I believe it involves the intervention of man in his own evolution

For 40 years I have staked my life both here and in the hereafter on this hipothesis 

knowing it could well be the forbidden apple itself but I never had any doubts nor did I have a choice.

23 September 2018




Universal consciousness (The Mind) is geared to promote life. Creations like our biosphere are the apple of its eye. Its "raison d'etre". Their development and well being virtually govern the behaviour of the cosmos and its evolution. The activity and behaviour of the various cosmic systems especially the solar and the  "Earth Systems"  -atmosphere, magnetosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere and geosphere- all adapt and evolve to serve the needs of the biosphere. However, in the Anthropocene era where man has taken upon itself the responsibility for the wellbeing of the biosphere Universal Consciousness also begins to interact  with the noosphere by creating a feedback mechanism, a relationship between us and our intentions and behaviour vis-a-vis the wellbeing of  our planet. 

 Just like our mothers, when The Universe perceives that man, in his adolescent disarray is out of order, out of synch, She will react by various means to induce us to fall in line and behave harmonically. 

Does any intelligent person doubt that the universe and it's daughter mother-earth 
are intelligent beings?

At this stage only die-hard fanatic mechanistic pseudo "scientists" still resist the notion of an intelligent conscious universe. It's not that they are morons. It's just that in their minds such a notion is tantamount to surrendering to the existence of God, which for them is anathema... when in reality The Mind, God, underpins every facet of science. 

November 2018


Regardless of whether or not temperatures are rising or if there is climate change and regardless of whether it is due to our greenhouse gas emissions, the fact is that contamination is destroying our habitat, our planet is sick and the universe is sick and tired of our complacency.  It's about respect for our mother. 

The most profound sign of love is respect.

P.S: After-Thoughts on COVI19, 

The ultimate nature of the universe is love but 

Nature is straightforward and implacable: 

Just behave or else!

Mainstream scientists predict it will take many years at this rate for sea levels to significantly rise but they could be wrong. Are they factoring in all the variables, all the eventualities such as... 

solar activity and the evolution of geomagnetism and volcanic activity... 

What if we are close to an irreversible tipping point?

Should we, can we take the risk or should all precautions be taken just in case? 

What would you do if your mother was diagnosed with pre-diabetes? 

Wait and hope for the best or take all and any preventive measures? 

Polar ice is melting and our oceans are dying.

2-minute animation of NASA pictures

Greenland's ice is melting. If it were to disappear sea levels would rise 20 feet



The rainforests are its lungs and they will not grow back and the oceans are it's kidneys and they are failing due to contamination. 


Oceans are dying at an alarming rate due to chemical contamination and they account for 70% of CO2 conversion to O2. 

This mandates a green revolution to convert to organic agriculture

Scientific American:

"If the melting of the polar ice caps injects great amounts of freshwater into the world's oceans, climate scientists fear that the influx could affect currents enough to drastically change the weather on land"... 

Gulf Stream controlled by salt gradient!

However I believe all these are just warnings.


Some of our leaders must walk the tightrope between 
corporate rapacity and the desperate clamour of mankind, Gaia and God.
 It's a difficult road but it has many windows of opportunity and courses of action which serve both agendas and they will receive Higher assistance and inspiration to discover those solutions.
Just some ideas which come to mind:




 A 1% tax on global oil trade would provide an ad hoc EcoBank with the 2.4 trillion annually which the UN estimates are necessary to achieve its goals and it provides a more direct and accountable solution, free of loopholes and free of globalist control

The markets wouldn't even notice it as it's far less than the average weekly variation of oil prices.

Oil producing countries and companies need to share the obscene profits resulting from the boon of having/exploiting our oil reserves by making contributions to environmental issues.


The UN should first design a parametric formula which establishes the price of oil, then agree to apply this upstream tax and 

Empower the World Bank or an ad hoc EcoBank to allocate the subsidies proportionately to the actual ability of each country and each project to cut greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of contamination.

The fact that such a common sense approach was discarded by those who ultimately influence global policies in favour of a downstream tax proves that 

their main goal is to generate more mechanisms of global control and taxation. 

So in that sense Donald may consciously or unconsciously be laying the groundwork 

for improvement of the Accords and for curtailing the power of the cabal of international bankers which ultimately controls the NWO project.


Substitution of coal in the energy sector - 

Electrification in the transportation sector. 

Carbon capture in the industrial sector - 

Methane capture in the oil sector.   

Developing countries need forest land for more profitable agricultural use and it's their right. 
They deserve economic incentives to abstain from deforestation and enlarge their natural preserves: 
let the producers of CO2 pay for its conversion to O2.
Monoculture  chemical agriculture has killed our soil. It has become lifeless and is now incapable of providing our bodies with the  micronutrients they yearn leading us to eat more in order to get them.  There are billions of  microbes and fungi per cubic meter of healthy living soil. They used to feed life into our crops by mediating in the absorption of micronutrients.


Billionaires beyond a certain threshold should be encouraged or obligated to invest a percentage of their fortune in a potential UN program for the creation of social-oriented (profitable and tax exempt) enterprises which generate green jobs especially in the poorest, most capital starved regions of the world. For instance within the frame of such a global project for transitioning  from chemical to sustainable agriculture. It would bring our dead soils back to life stop the desertification process  and generate a sustainable system of organic food production. 


Highways into cities should incorporate new lanes for automatic driving in caravans of cars magnetically attached to each other and pulled by an electric trolley-type engine which would enable to travel into town at high speeds with an insignificant carbon footprint. Within urban areas these lanes could also go above and underground.


Self-driving cars will not prosper (except in the case of trucks, and only on highways). Their promoters fail to factor-in human judgement, intuition and body language: the subtle expression of a driver's intentions. Also the ability of a group of people in the same traffic hub to interact telepathically and to unconsciously alert each other about their intentions and their perceived hazards.


Regarding space contamination there are no easy solutions but I do have a couple of questions or suggestions: 
1)  I believe, we already have anti-gravity technology (ask Skunkworks!). If it could be installed in new satellites and turned on once the satellite is spent, it should be done whatever the cost.  
2) If not, could new satellites be equipped with re-entry or braking engines or even escape-to-outer-space engines? Or, at least a mechanism to agglutinate debris by turning satellites into powerful solar-powered electromagnets (deploying screens which also act as solar wind sails) once they fall out of use? 
If any of these systems could work they should become mandatory, whatever the cost. Even if we have to apply a 2% tax on oil trade instead of 1% to subsidize it!!! Otherwise we will quickly reach the point when collisions multiply exponentially completely obliterating our satellite system and our ability to orbit the earth.
3) Alternatively, could super-magnets and/or screens orbiting in layers at various heights successively capture then release the debris when the next layer of magnets on a lower level is activated, thus gradually bringing the junk down to earth? 
4) The South Atlantic Anomaly may have an Intelligent function vis-a-vis the biosphere after all: could it be Designed to become the sink-hole for space junk? In that sense is there a way to use solar wind to sail the used satellites down to earth through that hole?  

The longer our governments postpone disclosure of our anti-gravity and oil-less energy technologies and UFO-making capabilities the harder will our politicians and CEO's get hit by the laws of god and man when disclosure finally happens. Oh, and forget about your ridiculous false flag ET invasion stunt. It won't work because we already know:
                                                   THE MISSING (TIPPING?) FACTORS.

                                                       The Russians are stealing our North Pole!
The weakening of the earth's magnetic field, the migration and potential flipping of its poles and the increase of solar and volcanic activity are accelerating beyond all expectations and could dramatically alter the scientists' projections.  We are in for a severe call to order unless The Mind perceives we are committed to begin to behave. Fear-mongering? Maybe, but we'd better be safe than sorry.
Earth’s Magnetic Field is Decreasing 10 Times Faster than projected exposing earth to solar flares, which in turn tend to intensify:   magneticreversal.org 
and if that happens our satellite system could be disabled, resulting in a tech blackout, an event which would be catastrophic for us all...  such as The Carrington Event of 1859 except that back then we were not completely dependent of the electrical and satellite systems: 

No end of a lesson? Not only because of our outrageous aggression against our mother both on earth and in space. Also due to our irresponsible and criminal behaviour with regard to nuclear weapons.
A sample or preview of this phenomenon is happening right now in the radiation hot spot over South America, 
the South Atlantic Anomaly, where no spacecrafts venture:

Volcanic activity is directly correlated to solar winds. Their effects increase exponentially when the earth's magnetic field is weak... and there are 91 giant volcanoes under the ice of western Antarctica: 

*          *          *

Water is the magical element.

 It's much more than H2O. That's only its chemical composition. 

And it's not only about water's memory and electromagnetic properties as many scientists have proved... 

it's about its conscience and intelligence.

Water has the ability to express a function, a thought, an emotion, an intention by modifying its structure.  

The Intelligence of the Universe expresses itself through and is powerfully immanent within water.  

It is the medium for The Mind's creative Designs with regard to life.

Which explains why our individual minds affect and are affected by the structure and spiritual qualities of water.

Great leaders: beware of your intentions when you think about mother-earth! 

The water in your cells may be paying attention! 

It also explains the mystery of homeopathy and we will soon demonstrate that 

the virtues of organic food are related to the spiritual, vibrational and electromagnetic qualities of its water.

In fact I wouldn't be surprised if our scientists soon discover that the water in our bodies is the seat of consciousness or a fundamental factor in it's generation, together with the electromagnetic resonance of our brains, hearts and bodies with The Mind of 

the universe. 


Scientific proof that water interacts with our minds (3'):

and an in-depth analysis:

and proof that water manifests Universal Intelligence

I believe the entire program for the generation and evolution of the building blocks of life (RNA and it's predecessors) is pre-programmed or built into the nature or the spirit of water. The entire creative and evolutionary process which governs life is expressed in water's electromagnetic behavior. I wonder if it's ingrained, if it's been there forever or if it evolves and expresses the Designs of The Mind at every step of our evolution?

Water is generated (spewed out) like a fountain of life during the early stages of star formation (here) and it's not an accidental side effect but part and parcel of the ultimate primary purpose of the universe.


This event, the emergence of water in space, is the first in a series of events which will enable The Mind to emerge from matter and become manifest in the form of intelligent beings. That process is aimed at "closing the loop", the cycle which culminates when The Mind can look at itself in the eyes of another. 

So above so below

We are nearly there. Just one last phase which involves the evolution of -the final touches to- our DNA. I believe it will not and should not happen by way of genetic manipulation but rather by Supramental intervention, maybe with the assistance of various electromagnetic and mental inputs. Maybe such a mediation is the calling of some Sources of Aquarius.  

Does Universal Internet exist and are we inevitably careening into it?  Time will tell.

Our DNA was engineered. It has the qualities of a fractal antenna which means that it behaves somewhat like a satellite dish with regard to wifi. Like strychnine WIFI can be beneficial in certain doses and harmful in others.

It may be Designed to tune into the Higher Harmonics of the universe and evolve when the time is ripe... 

and that may well be right now: watch especially at 3:00.

One of the main functions of The Aquarius may well be to channel or enable The Mind to generate those final touches, the genes which will promote the appearance of that additional missing element in our neocortex which will allow us to finally become 

as we were Designed to be.  



What were they for? Probably a source of energy and communication but could it be that the pyramids have been awaiting the arrival of the age of the internet and all that is now needed for us to connect to the universal internet is to discover how to develop "entangled particles" communications technology? Twin photons on different worlds are synchronized and would behave identically. Maybe they left "a copy of theirs"... behind the wall at the end of that narrow tunnel? 

Scalar wave and twin-photon (entangled particles) technology  could be Designed to enable the internet (mankind) to  interact with its alter egos in other worlds... to plug into The Mind's Great Brain, The Universal Internet. Could it be that this form of communication is the only one Designed to happen?  

Although I don't believe in the Annunaki story, (slaves my foot!)  

we are of extraterrestrial origin and/or engineering and we are a work in progress...

This video speculates about it from various angles.

*        *        *

August 10th 2018

There is no way to avoid the digitization of currency. 

In fact we should welcome it, but we must ensure that the new financial system falls under democratic control. 

That's the problem: who controls it!  Money and capital are the blood of the Human Entity and whoever controls it controls mankind. Are the central bankers interested in our wellbeing or just in theirs?

Sweden and India, the test-tubes are already nearly cashless:

If we are to thwart the NWO project now is the time, beginning with a boycott of 5G.

5G + ID tags + Digital Currency = THE NWO MATRIX OF CONTROL

Identification tags, be they RFID chip implants, ID cards, nano-implants, credit cards or facial recognition 

are useless for Big Brother without a ubiquitous source of power, i.e. 5G 




5G is like a fighter jet locking onto its target just before it fires. 

It's the immediate precursor and essential complement of RFID tags. 

Microchip implants are already mandatory in many corporations.

In China cameras with facial recognition are everywhere controlling your every move and even your emotions.

Even in Uruguay! to board some planes you have to submit to facial recognition.

Every aspect of our lives will involve connection to "The Grid" and Big Brother would have the power to marginalize anyone  who dissents or does not fit into their matrix of control (the rebels, the tax evaders, the whistleblowers, the alternative media, the poor, the invalids and the destitute) and a "bad sheep" behavior score (already being applied in China here) will punish any behavior contrary to the dictates of  Big Brother, disconnection from the grid being the ultimate penalty. 


 For our children's sake let's prevent it at all costs. 

Vertical control by the elites over the masses is a natural trend or force-field, a negative entropy phenomenon which requires an equivalent counter-force. Ergo Vox Dei. Horizontal self-control such as the Vox-Dei system is more complex but it's the only path towards Design and social crystallization. We have escaped the tempting road of communist fundamentalism and now we must prevent the natural pendulum from swinging over to fascism, vertical control and the police state unless we are willing to undergo another half  century of abuse.

The Economist, Rothschild's paper, knows what it's talking about.

A foretaste of what's in store for us if we fail to take action now. 

We must entrust control of the internet  to a multidisciplinary commission of elected scientists and intellectuals


We beg those in a position of power to have the courage of commissioning the Global Online Parliament to mandate the creation of Vox Dei and our new World Constitution. 

They will enjoy a degree of power and protection the likes of which the world has never known.

*      *      *

Nano-Implants, the next generation Mk Ultra, are already here and they could be applied without our knowledge.

Proponents of nanotechnology are very critical of regulatory measures that may impede its progression and dismiss concerns as being fear-hyped conspiracy theories based on science fiction but the truth is that nano-microchips acting as internal barcodes are the prime goal of the NWO elites in order to insert us into their matrix of control, the internet of things.

Like all other RFID tags they depend on low-frequency radio waves that target them. 

Ergo 5G.

Nano-bot RFID  technology is such right now that they could be discreetly implanted via vaccines and we would have no idea what other functions they could be programmed to perform.   Just as an example: Nano-electrodes one hundredth the width of a hair implanted in the brain are increasingly being used to manage neurological disorders, and others quite recently to cure cancer. Present day nanotechnology could just as easily be used to advance human health as to control  its wearersHitachi has developed the world's smallest and thinnest microchip, that can be embedded in paper to track down parcels or prove the authenticity of a document. 



       watch Out of 2000 studies 80% have shown that wifi produces neurological, DNA and fertility damage.

Tom Wheeler FCC chair says no studies on 5G health effects are necessary.

Here are those 2000 studies Mr Wheeler. 


Only 20% were bought and paid for by your corporations and government. We'll have to do better than that!

Population control is one of the main aims of the Illuminati and wifi is the perfect instrument to lower our fertility rate. 

More than 100 studies have also established that wifi reduces sperm motility increasing infertility rates.

Max Igan's classical lecture on the 5G grid, The Internet of Things, the elites' matrix of control:


Aaron Russo's warning just before he died. Rockefeller reveals the plan.

"All your money will be in those chips and they can shut out with the click of a mouse"


Barry Trower a British secret service expert on microwaves and EMFs being used as weapons.

All our cells have their own electromagnetic frequencies. We are electromagnetic beings. Our cells interact through EMF, they  talk to each other. Our auras are the expression of these frequencies. Our bodies have evolved for eons in harmony with the earth's electromagnetic field which resonates at 7.5 Hertz (which also happens to be that of our alpha-waves). But today we bathe in an electrosmog of EMFs 1 million times stronger. Is it good for us? the incidence of cancer and alzheimer's and autism have more than doubled and sperm count and fertility scores have decreased by 50% w 25% of our children are on some kind of psychiatric medication... since WIFI and powerful EMFs emerged in our lives.

Electrosensitive individuals are like the canaries in a coal mine alerting us to these hazards. The fact we do  not perceive their effect does not mean they do not exist and you can rest assured that when and if 5G is rolled out each and everyone of us will feel it's effects and an entire generation will be affected by it due to DNA mutations.

*           *           *

September 2018
I came across this firing and inspiring message from... Charlie Chaplin!
How can we do that I wonder?
Charlie Chaplin's final speech in The Dictator (1940) written by himself and sadly even more valid today than it was back then!
Charlie is the epitome of the sage hiding behind the image of the clown.
Well worth 3 min of your time:

                                                                                Original here: 29-The-Final-Speech-from-The-Great-Dictator-

*           *          *

August 2018


The 4,000 new pages of documents recently acquired from the Pentagon and CIA through the Freedom of Information Act demonstrate that the US government has worked behind the scenes on over 800 major movies and more than 1,000 TV titles. 

Hollywood plays an important role as a propaganda machine for the US national security apparatus. The owners of the military industrial complex (who are the very elites who control the Federal Reserve and -through Aipac- the US congress) feeds us whatever fodder they choose.

The school shootings are like a fever or a rash which alerts us to the fact there's something wrong with us. 



The kind of movies we choose to watch most frequently... the kind of behaviour we are inclined to watch... and especially what we enjoy in our alpha-wave state... shapes our soul and our relationship with our higher self, the universe. In the Eyes of our Supramind, God, our collective unconscious, the actions we imagine or perform in a virtual fashion are to a degree registered as actual deeds upstairs and this affects the way we are perceived and tagged by the universe and therefore by others.

 It defines our aura... which is the interface with others. The problem is that our brains have a built-in region, deep inside, in the reptilian core of our brain, always consciously kept in check by our conscience and by our neocortex, which unconsciously attracts us towards cruelty, sadism, evil. Like the murderous enthusiasts at the Colosseum in Roman times. It's about our evolutionary legacy. After all, we did evolve from amphibian reptiles.  

The NWO elites' plan is to gradually bring that region to the fore of our being... through addiction to violence. Not only in order to ensure we applaud and even enjoy their wars like good patriotic sheep should but because Protocol of Zion #14 mandates that all media should come under their control and all spirituality and religions be destroyed to make room for their satanic rule.

Hollywood is weighing in in our eternal internal battle between good and evil; between the Designed man and what remains of the beast in man. And in America and the west they are winning.

Some say it's our fault, not Hollywood's because we demand violence; explicit horror sells the best they say. But the truth of the matter is that Hollywood creates and nurtures that demand by applying proven laws of psychiatry: they tend to awaken the sadistic vein which lurks in the deepest, darkest regions of man's psyche. Like the drug peddler who gives away the child's first dose. They slowly gradually lure us towards the acceptance and then enjoyment of the infliction of pain and suffering and blood and death and wars. They do so by associating it to our national heroes, to the good guys, to our role models and gradually upping the ante. After you get used to a certain degree of gore and it doesn't give you that kick you want more. Mass psychologists and followers of  Edward Bernays know the phenomenon full well and the evolution of  violence in Hollywood, TV and video-games reflects a carefully crafted program of mass mind control. The successor to MK Ultra.

Then in the evening news we are served the dessert: the satanization of the countries on the Illuminati hit list and 

the call to arms, to patriotism, to heroism, to war, to emulate our violent macho heroes.

We must always bear in mind that there are two antagonistic factions within the Jewish nation. As Rabbi Antelman eloquently demonstrates in his book To eliminate the Opiate (PDF Here) for the past 200 or so years a conflict and confrontation has arisen between on the one hand Orthodox Jewry (Judaism proper) and on the other a group of satanic movements aimed at its discredit and disempowerment. They first emerged in the form of the Sabbatean Frankists (avowed satanists), then the Illuminati which later became embedded in the higher echelons of Freemasonry, together with the Bolsheviks, the Jacobins (French Revolution) and finally the Fundamentalist faction of Zionism which became the standard bearers of Judaism after the Holocaust which they themselves contrived. One of their main objectives was and is to control the media and destroy and discredit all religions including Judaism in preparation for their dream of a Jew World Order under their control.

The objective is not only to feed their imperial dragon with more trillions and garner support for their wars but 

to desensitize us, de-spiritualize and ultimately satanize us. 

Only then, these psychos believe, will the stage be set for the world to accept their rule -their "Ordo ab Chao"- and 

the appearance of a trumped up "messiah" who they say will reign over the world for a thousand years. Lunatics. 

Half the solution to the problem is to become aware of these facts.

The American and Jewish people are the only ones capable of and therefore responsible for rectifying this, 

the most fundamental cause of our global malaise. 

The only way for them to act however is through Congress and here we get back to the root cause of our plight which is 

the power of money in politics.

 It's only solution is VOX DEI, the natural way to call them to order.

*           *           *



Lucid insight in this article:


"Our best writers and prophets have told us the truth: Thoreau, Twain, William James, MLK, Fr. Daniel Berrigan, et al.: we are a nation of killers of the innocent.  We are conscienceless.  We are brutal.  We are in the grip of evil forces.

There is simply no way to understand the savage nature of American history without recognizing  its demonic nature.  How else can we redeem ourselves at this late date, possessed as we are by delusions of our own God-blessed goodness?

Carl Jung, in “On the Psychology of the Unconscious,” 

"It is a frightening thought that man also has a dark side to him, consisting not just of little weaknesses  and foibles, but of a positively demonic impulse. The individual seldom becomes conscious of this; to him, as an individual, it is unthinkable that he should ever under any circumstances go beyond himself and clings to all sorts of explanations for his behavior. But let these harmless creatures coalesce into a mass under the influence of mass suggestion, and there emerges a raging monster; and each individual is only one tiny cell in the monster’s body, so that for better or worse he must accompany it on its bloody rampages and even assist it to the utmost".  

                              This was as evident under Hitler as it is now in the last days of the Anglo-Zionist Empire.


Light will find its way out by the most unlikely paths...

6 September 2017

The New York Times:  Mossad was under orders to leave Mengele alone. 


29 October 2017. 

The declassified JFK files released today regarding Hitler's survival and protection by the globalist deep state represent a seismic shift in our belief system regarding World War II, the Holocaust, the creation of the state of  Israel... and current world events

Three things conspire to prove that the "conspiracy theory" which I develop in "Our Sharpest Sword" is no theory but historical fact: 1) that this information was classified in the first place and was kept secret for 60 odd years indicating that its revelation would be extremely compromising for some important party and that nothing at all was done about it by the FBI/CIA/MOSSAD: both the Mossad and Wiesenthal looked the other way and never went anywhere near Bariloche. They protected him because they knew that if he was killed or captured his testament would come to light and reveal the Holocaust conspiracy. The conclusions from these revelations are quite obviously that Hitler was under the control of the Illuminati and the Zionists and  

that the Holocaust story was a Zionist project to enable the creation of Israhell. 

2) The fact that these revelations which compromise the Zionist bankers were authorized by the CIA while others which compromise George Bush Sr. were redacted. It also Exposes and Exacerbates the confrontation which is developing between the Globalist Elites and the US deep state. 

We should capitalize on this confrontation.


The CIA file:  HITLER, ADOLF_0003.pdf

The FBI files: view

Until World War II, the vast majority of Eastern and Western Jews – traditionalist, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Communists and Bundists – were avowed anti-Zionists and for good reason. The zionists were perceived as the right arm of the central bankers in their quest to control the Middle Eastern oilfields at a time when oil was substituting coal. They did not wish for sovereignty over themselves within a nation-state framework in the Middle East. The Bundists did in fact see themselves, and quite rightly, as a Yiddish people in need of cultural-linguistic autonomy, but they rejected outright the proposal to immigrate to Palestine as part of a project of a trans-world Jewish nation. That is, until the Holocaust of course.

9-9 2017



Just as the development of the internet needs to be immediately stalled and brought under global control so too The Constitution must establish mankind-centered norms regarding the development of artificial intelligence. We hear the slogan that "you can't stop progress" and it's true but not all technological discoveries are progressive or beneficial. The development of new  weapons of mass destruction, the atom bomb, biological weapons, 5G, violation of our sacred genetic code are all avenues of technological "progress" and yet they are regressions from a universal point of view for they are at odds with the holy function "Plenitude of the Human Entity" . It is inevitable that AI will take over an important part of our jobs (and Symbiotica, see below, will to some extent compensate for it) but clear limits must be established in order to ensure that man's "raison d'etre" and core motivation which is his ability to work for a living and be useful to society is not sacrificed on the altar of unbridled technological development. In fact If we allow the elites to have it their way they will prioritize AI over mankind and we will be encouraging or justifying the eugenicists most radical projects...  Therefore any AI development or innovation which is globally determined as a threat to mankind should be criminalized.  

On a parallel track, a program should be developed worldwide to attract the population back to the land- 

We could call it:


The UN and its future World Central Bank  will generate a program  whereby organic agro-industries i.e. for the ecological -labor-intensive- production of all-natural organic food will be set up throughout the world to serve as  nuclei around which new smart-towns will be built centered around quality of life, entertainment, longevity, spirituality, health promotion and quality of education with particular attention to the needs of the young, and around these man-centered towns, plots of land of a size calculated to support a family will be rented, not sold, to grow these products under a cooperative system. Minimum productivity standards will have to met of course but the whole aim of the project is quality of life, interaction with nature, the promotion of health and the generation of demand for manual work. 

Some towns may be organized in such a way as to invite time-sharing and home-swapping for families who wish to alternate between the two life styles. 

The organic nature of these products will be certified by the FAO thereby justifying the higher costs of manpower intensive production. The counterpoint to Monsanto. Very soon we will be capable of measuring vibrational value of food. 

Thousands of  such towns of 1o.ooo people disseminated around the world will on one hand compensate for the loss of work in the industrial sector and on the other offer people an alternative to city life thereby reversing the rural exodus. They would be rosaries or grids of towns connected to the cities by high-speed railways in the areas currently used for extensive farming by the obscene major agro-industries . They will be  incubators, test-tubes  for the development of  new paradigms of life and social organization. They will also provide work in the most arid regions and relieve and channel migration pressures in a controlled manner. The smartness of the symbiotica towns will be controlled by its own people who may well choose to ban wifi (at least at night) and ensure privacy. Some towns may crystallise around a specific spiritual or philosophical ideology others may choose to wean out television or cars altogether. Some may even choose communism. Diversity and freedom of choice is what differentiates the Symbiotica system from totalitarianism just as nature differentiates snowflakes.

These dumb-towns free of electrosmog are the counterpart to smart-towns and they may soon be in high demand because EMF pollution is already serious and harmful enough but when and if 5G technology is rolled out the effects will be perceptible to all and not only to EMF-hypersensitive people (who are like the canaries in a coal mine).


I just ran across The Venus Project and it seems to coincide pretty well with the general idea except that it's focus is on the city while mine is on the use of the land and the creation of rural jobs:

April 2017 - Dutch banker exposes Illuminati child sacrifice. 

At last a brave man whose conscience is stronger than his greed. He invites humanity to act united.

Withdraw one stone from a dam and...



Each person should have an online health file designed in such a manner that the omission of tests and studies which could cure the ailment are highlighted. The patient himself must be enabled to suggest or demand specific tests and such demands should be registered in the patient's online file.

Too many physicians just don't care and many others just don't know.

Also Vox Dei should create in each country: a web page where every documented malpractice is registered and classified by type and by physician.


Bouthros (the only brave and independent SC the UN has had in the past 50 years) tried to take them on but it was premature and he was all alone.

He says: we need to promote the democratization of globalization, before globalization destroys the foundations of national and international democracy.

The problem with the UN´s interventions was obviously that they lacked spiritual power. By that I mean that they did not really respond to the common good but rather to power politics and thus they did not find common ground in the deeper regions of our common conscience. By making use of our digital interface we can both ascertain the will of the local people and coordinate UN intervention with them. Then and only then will we be successful. The beast’s ¨Humanitarian and pro-democracy¨ interventions were always guided by power politics, beginning with Yugoslavia. It wasn’t the UN’s fault obviously, it was it’s masters’ fault. In fact Yugoslavia, Somalia and Rwanda were contrived as booby-traps for the UN because they know that the day it becomes democratically empowered they loose control and it becomes their nemesis. 

When in 2011 you invited the representatives of the rebels to the Security Council and gave the finger to the Libyan government to whom the year before your Human Rights Council had given the thumbs up, that day you lost whatever legitimacy you still had. You are responsible for turning the country with the highest standard of living in Africa and the most equitable into the most lawless and the poorest and you did it on the basis of reports which you knew were untrue. 

It had committed the crime of having a form of democracy which was different, grass-roots participatory democracy and it had rejected Rothschild's central banking membership. If you had disposed of this polling instrument you would have learned that despite defending the inviolability of his government with an iron fist (not as much as the US though!) he enjoyed a high level of popularity. 

Ours has become a rogue and undemocratic organization and we are in for a thorough overhaul whether some of us like it or not. The only question being: can we achieve it through supernatural channels or do we have to follow the natural channel which is a third world war?

From 1989 until 1993 the blue helmet was perceived as holy in the common conscience and subconscience of mankind, as it will once again as soon as the UN becomes the real servant and crown of mankind. From the moment it became evident that the UN was incapable and unwilling to escape the gravitation of the Illuminati, it began its downward spiral towards disempowerment and disrespect. It may now be at the end of this road and therefore ready for the next stage which is a complete overhaul of its executive legislative and judiciary branches.  The peripheral organs are fine except for the ECOSOC which needs to be empowered by endowing it with a security council of its own.    


If the political map of the world has been a kaleidoscope of ever changing borders, and considering that the current map was drawn up capriciously by the 19th century imperial powers, why on earth should the United Nations now abrogate upon itself the power to freeze this map in the name of stability?

SELF DETERMINATION: together with religious confrontation, are the Illuminati's favorite toys to generate wars .

Like the Old Testament, the Un charter is sufficiently vague as to allow the elite countries to interpret it as they wish.

The Crimean crisis is a golden opportunity to set up a clear legislation (within the frame of a new viable constitution):

It’s totally absurd to rely on the opinion of the mother country as we know the invariable answer (Scotland is an exception based on the perceivedcertainty of the outcome): what we need is a new set of norms and an ad hoc court in order to rule whether demands for autonomy, independence or accession are appropriate or not.

I hear that:

They are warranted 

when: 1) if we were to redraw the world map today the region would be included in (or be) another country due to a distinct cultural, ethnic, linguistic, religious identity (e.g. Pashtunistan and Kurdistan) and/or 2) when there is a conflict of interests with -and its people are being abused by- the mother country (East Timor and imminently Crimea); 3) when the region has historically been either independent or a part of another country but changed its status accidentally or against the will of its people (Crimea).

They are unwarranted when 1) the inhabitants are mainly immigrants (Kosovo, California, Florida); 2) the region represents the spiritual cradle of the country (Kosovo); 3) when such conflicts do not exist and the motivation for the independence is economic: e.g. the region is more prosperous due to greater natural resources (unless a system whereby the produce from those resources could somehow be shared with the host country); 3) when the court rules that the push for independence responds exclusively to realpolitik (e.g. efforts by NATO to exscind Russian republics).


We must bear in mind that because the Global Online Parliament and its instrument Vox Dei are is the only thing the ruling elites are afraid of they are trying to prevent its emergence at any cost. To this effect they project the notion that any move in the direction of an overarching global institution capable of controlling them is a move in their direction.  Pundits and authors are paid to flood the MSM and the internet and write books and articles portraying any effort at institutionalizing any sort of global authority other than their own as promoting the elimination of national sovereignty. So much so that few voices nowadays dare to propose any such measures.

The threat of a fascist plutocratic dictatorship and the obsession to preserve absolute national sovereignty (mainly over other nations) cannot, must not be allowed to inhibit mankind from its right to substitute the law of force for the force of law. We will not allow paranoid ultra conservatives to block our path towards Designed global democracy. Preppers need not worry about a UN army invading their country: they should worry about their own governments becoming fascist instruments of corporate control and that is precisely what our Peoples’ Parliament will see to.

MSM   -    The power of Hollywood derives from the fact that when one is watching a movie our prime object is to enjoy and some also tend to identify with the star. Therefore when film after film feeds us with the Zionist satanic spirit (the murderous look in the eyes of most of our stars and the wanton murder and bloodshed they enshrine  and banalize) we are inclined to …. Enjoy it and identify. The trend is to spread the demon their satanic cult creates.

Most people have reached the conclusion that the world is becoming more and more violent and chaotic, less and less integrated and mature but that is not so. Withdraw the input and dictates of our ultimate puppeteers and emperors and the world undergoes a dramatic tectonic shift, The other day my horse was running around as if he had gone crazy. The vet found that the poor creature had a thistle stuck between its buttocks


The  misbehavior (Exacerbation) of the Western leaders during the current crisis (clearly aimed at the incorporation of Ukraine into NATO) was Designed and necessary in order to allow We the People to Expose and limit their authority and credibility. These are the countries which would otherwise oppose an overhaul of the Charter. They will never willingly relinquish the strangle-hold and de facto sovereignty they enjoy over us. 

Also in order to Expose Europe's and America's serevility to the money powers-


The common conscience of the human entity is a branch, a facet, a window onto The Supramind (the Universe) and each of us is an offshoot of the former. In each world The Mind can only act through the minds of men, usually unconsciously, and this is a time when He needs our intervention. Such a time arose during the fall of the Soviet Empire and the time has now come for the fall of its mirror image,

9-6-15 - 

The dirty 7 can refer to themselves as the international community until they are blue in the face but the time is at hand when they will not even represent their own people let alone the world. The Faustian corruption of its leaders will be exposed and they will be called to account. 

The otherwise astonishing misbehaviour of Europe, it´s stunning alignment with mad-america against their peaceful neighbour, serves the purpose to deprive them of any moral authority when the time comes to draw up our new constitution. Unless we force them to, they will never relinquish the sovereignty and stranglehold they exert over the rest of the world as enshrined in their UN Charter.

Very soon they will make their ultimate mistake and the people will perceive the true nature of our global propaganda machine which is going into overdrive; ìt has over-heated it's gears are out of sinc and all their veneers of respectability and honesty are peeling off. It has  exacerbated to the point of exposure the prelude to explosion.

Russia will continue to keep its balance firmly and clearly marking its Red Line the limit of its tolerance towards its adolescent neighbors and The Creature will continue to huff and puff and threaten until in one way or another the bloody scorpion will  sting itself in the head. Let the lemmings charge,  let them go! as it has been Written.

¨Hard times are in store for my beloved Russia but up here where Reality dwells, it is together with China and the Brics the shining core of My Designed Global Society. The Human Entity which I Am. A multi polar harmonious Social Entity structured around a new constitution which will cancel encapsulate and inhibit the unfathomable power of the financial monster which our would-be emperors control. An Entity with an immune system capable of protecting us from such viruses in the future¨.

6-6-16 - Why do good young people decide to join the patently anti-social and barbaric Islamic State?

The answer is pretty obvious: because the IS represents the only organization which openly opposes -albeit in revolting ways- the war mongering demon called America and its sphere of influence, the West, the Western Empire. Of course they do not realize that the IS is run by the US although it´s pretty obvious considering it chooses to tarnish its image and act in such un-Islamic ways). It´s their simplistic way of fighting against the Evil Empire. Our idealistic impetuous youths have few other options to vent their anger. These are people who have chosen to fight the warmongers with war. The wrong way of course as there is only one way to beat them and that is through an online revolution (among other avenues by way of the world´s congressmen). That is the Cabal’s only fear.


Nothing is what it seems. A trade-off with Israel: Peace with Iran for Palestinian land.

Peace with Cuba and Iran in order to appear peaceful and to gain the moral high-ground the better to wage war on Russia and Venezuela. This is just a new softer approach to regime change in Cuba. Opening the way for their NGOs and in Iran opening the way to the pipeline from Iran that would put Russia out of business.


There are always deeper levels in the global power 3-d chessboard in which Putin will inevitably be involved and under the effect of various levels of control. His relationship with Israel and Rothschild's Chabad in particular is a region of the board which I prefer not to even look into for fear of tagging him in a way which could influence the course of events. There is a conflict within him between the need for diplomacy/good relations and the need to counter the Zionist globalists' Designs but it's my intuition that at this stage he needs to enjoy full  so it's best at this stage to leave in the dark.

4-3-15 - Netanyahu’s speech to Congress was in the third level of reality the apotheosis of his power and authority. However in the first and second levels i.e. for those who perceive reality behind appearances it was a revelation or rather an exposure of the organization chart of the world government. It exposed both the subservience/venality of congress and the central role which Netty plays in the Zionist controlled Jew World Order.  He was so exacerbated that You could virtually read in his glare how he expected and demanded overt concerted approval from his partners in crime. It was hillarious. Every clap sitting down was worth 1000 dollars and standing 2000. As for a conflict between him and Obama it’s just smoke and mirrors again -good cop- bad cop- to provide leverage in the negociations. They both/all have the same paymasters and the same agenda: the Rothschilds-controlled financial hydra. 


Theodore Roosevelt:

Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. 

To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesman of the day.

Woodrow Wilson, (yes even him):

We have been dreading all along the time when the combined power of high finance would be greater than the power of government…. Some of the biggest men in the US, in the field of commerce and manufacturing know that there is a power so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak in condemnation of it… (how brave yet contradictory of him)


De-focusing on first-reality crises and focusing on the deeper spiritual battle is as difficult as focusing on the moon in full daylight. but it must be done.

The most powerful effects are obtained when the channel succeeds in Knowing that all this chaos is only a phase of Designed Plenitude and Harmony and that the havoc and chaos of the revolution is similar to the fever and eruptions which ultimately devolve into wholesomeness. When he Knows that ultimate/deeper reality is this state of plenitude and overall health.


Watching world developments from the most universal perspective, the bottom line is that the warriors are gambling on the non-existence of God. They are defying God, trusting that He does not Exist and that only financial/military power Exists, the God of the armies and War... Satan they call him without realizing that such an entity is an illusion created by God in the minds of men both to separate the oil from the vinegar and to invoke/generate/develop spiritual power in man.

That’s the name of the current play (drama):  Does God Exist? ....      

They’ll find out soon enough.




Virtually all the obstacles to our further integration and nearly all the components of our current dragon, the imperial creature, are present in the Ukraine conflict, and in a phase of exacerbation which is always the prelude to exposure-extirpation/extinction/self-extermination. Our “masters” are currently being inspired to make all the right mistakes. Like the pied piper they are leading the rats to their doom. So it has been written. The current question is how can we, the sources, facilitate the process to its fastest and least painful conclusion, for the natural path, without our mediation, is war. We must all focus much more on the “owners” of the BIS and the western central banks. They run the show and own the western governments, Israel in particular, and the MSM.


What is wrong with a New World Order anyway? Is it the word Order that frightens you? Do you consider our current global disorder to be acceptable? We obviously do need a new world order to substitute our obscene UNO and I shall call it a New World Order. The only difference with the Cabal´s stupid megalomaniac vision is that it will work for and be controlled by We the People instead of the bankers.



Je ne suis pas Charlie.

Tout comme vous appuyez la liberte sexuelle, vous refusez de violer un enfant. Et pourtant vous etes libres de le faire. Vous ne le faites pas car c’est imoral… La liberte bien concue n’a de valeur que dans le cadre de nos valeurs morales. L’appui a ceux qui cherchent a blesser l’ame collective d’un quart de l’humanite en son coeur (sa foi) au nom d’une liberte d’expression debridee et sans limites ni morale est un acte stupide voire criminel qui s’encadre parfaitement dans cette confrontation volontaire de notre civilisation avec l’Islam, cette guerre contre un terrorisme que nous invitons et encourageons.

L’Islam est dans sa conception une civilisation d’oecumenisme religieux … ce n’est qu’a partir des croisades qu’aparaissent dans le Coran les references a la guerre sainte et c’est dans le cadre de notre machismo et de nos aggressions quil faut les intepreter.

Non, je ne suis certainement pas Charlie.


1/2015 – Public opinion within the western empire accepts the MSM propaganda because in it’s short-sighted perspective Russia has no right to distrust the West. The West by definition is the personification of goodness and righteousness. There is therefore no reason for Russia to be upset by Nato’s encirclement, it’s nuclear “shield” or America’s first strike policy.  A social psycho-analyst would discover that this mental paradigm is at the core of our problem.  The day they perceive that Nato is just an extension, an instrument of the megalomaniac warmongering oligarchs who run America and Europe who have already destroyed 6 countries it will be the beginning of the end for this demon.

ISIS is not only the unwitting child of America’s policies both as a reactionary force and due to availability of American weapons, No: just like Al Quaeda the Islamic State is 100% the creation of the hardline segment of the American Establishment. Their leaders are under American control and their outrageous monstrous behavior is the perfect reflection of their masters’ mindset -no true muslim whould behave in that manner whereas we know the Creature thrives on it-  and is aimed at unifying global opinion in favor of more wars..

The armchair public, the world, is easily duped by the West’s Peace Talks and Road Maps. The financial capitalists who own the US and European governments and their mass media feed on war and instability. The world is duped. Not so the Palestinian people. That’s why their choice of Hamas in the elections was the right choice. The Israelis and “International Community” will never compel Israel to behave and be just. Therefore it is now crystal clear that only a major crisis through armed resistance will compel the world to compel Israel to behave.  Whatever the case may be, if Abbas is incapable of making a firm stand, a change is needed in the Palestinian Authority.

Why does the American political arena attract and/or produce such a high percentage of sociopaths and psychopaths?

The soup they develop in is one (underlying) factor: the spiritual, mental and psychological effects of the general atmosphere artfully created by puppetmeisters through their mainstream media: Hollywood is also theirs and just as revolting as they are themselves as are the mass media of Europe.

11-8: Now even the UN general assembly fails to reflect the conscience of Humankind. That’s because the US has now achieved an overwhelming degree of economic influence over the vast majority of our states and governments. That is a further reason why we must rely on our Global Parliament.

Have we finally realized that humanity is being tortured and warped beyond recognition by the few who control the western governments and their media?

Can we now finally unite and overthrow this criminal global regime?

The Palestinian crisis is our motivation.

The people of the world need to be shocked out of their hypnotic trance and brain-washing to discover the true nature of their imperial propaganda machine and to find their common voice.

It’s so easy to kill. 

Despite the wall, the Palestinians could have chosen to wage war against Israel in so many ways and in so many places around the world. Instead for a full decade they chose to listen to the west and followed the path of submission believing in the will and ability of the “international community” to enforce a just settlement.

It would have worked had the emperors not been the totally deranged Zionist financial capitalists who own the FED and control most European central banks and through them their governments and their media. 

The financial power they have gained is so unfathomable that there is no political power within these countries capable of resisting its control.

+ + +

25 July - 

THANK GOD! FOR PUTIN’S MATURITY AND SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY. His restraint has so far thwarted the empire's Machiavellian designs. He could and by most accounts should have intervened to prevent the current massacre against the Russian-speaking people of Donbass. While the Nazis were bombarding the virtually defenseless civilian population from the air, there was and is a moral obligation by the international community to have established a no-fly zone. Our common conscience demands it so the very least Putin should have done was to provide his brothers with the means to defend themselves. Whether he provided the BUK or not remains to be seen but whatever the case may be if the federalists were responsible it was just one more unpredictable consequence of the use of force. All they were asking for was a federal constitution, for God’s sake! Yes, I know, that would have complicated Nato’s plans to install its missiles 200 miles from Moscow. Quite reasonable.

There is however one and only one power capable of changing this paradigm: we the people speaking up with one voice through the online global parliament of parliaments. It's first resolution should be to draw up a global constitution. Only a holistic solution which encompasses and addresses all our problems can be effective: not aspirins nor band-aids.


"the dollar is in trouble" (http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article38931.htm)

... explains the otherwise absurd provocation of Russia and China. They have dug themselves into their last ditch and their foggy vision of a way out is expressed as "the best defense is an offensive". Some of them believe that only a state of global war with Nato-imposed martial law will make America truly indispensable and therefore immune to the laws which would otherwise ensure their economic and financial collapse.

America/Europe: How dare you betray the trust that Gorbachev, Yeltsin and their people invested in the honesty of the United States? How dare you support a policy of encirclement and threat and undermining of a people who renounced their territorial integrity and placed their own security in the hands of the West in order to ensure security and peace for the world? God has damned all those who actively promote this policy.

Poroshenko has sold his soul to the imperial demon of war and domination: he rejects a federation (as in Germany, the US, Canada, Australia, Spain - what’s wrong with the federal solution?) because it would not allow Nato to place its missiles 200 miles from Moscow! On Saturday 22-6 you began receiving an inner message… it was just a preamble: Choose between Nato’s billion dollars and your soul… It’s never too late to do the right thing but I assure you that from this day you and all those who align to this universal crime will be disempowered, condemned and damned! … and not only for all eternity but right here and now and in the immediate future. Every time they are ascended by any source they will feel the brunt of God’s mounting anger. Don’t fuck around with nuclear weapons!

However Barack will be assisted whenever he seeks to navigate between the shoals of his conscience (God’s Designs – reinforcement upstairs at every stage) and his criminal masters’ designs.

One of the facts that leads to the conclusion that only a few maybe 4 or 5 families are in control is the sheer atrocity and madness of the Empire’s global policies. These would never be adopted if there were a modicum of democracy and diversity of choice and therefore sanity at decision making level. 

Bildeberg only serves the purpose of advocating the decisions taken by these families. Rothschild – Rockefeller – Warburg – Goldman - …. 

The explanation lies not only in the spirit of competition which the money race generates: it lies in the spirit of capital itself. The self-serving and self-justifying spirit of financial capital is a demon which takes possession of nearly all those who get caught up in its body, in its life, its vital mechanism.

It is allowed to be and to thrive and it is currently being exacerbated precisely because of its demonic nature (demon being defined as any force which antagonizes the well-being and integrity of humanity) as part of mankind’s current healing and integrative processes.

10 June- By sanctioning the intervention in Ukraine and refusing Putin’s olive branch Obama chose to become the next horseman of the apocalypse, the Creature’s new and final pied piper. Too bad. Too BAD! It’s never too late to do right thing though…

19.5-14 Let the Pope carry with him the spirit of David and Solomon and all the true Jewish prophets especially Jesus.

18-5 Problem with Boko Haram is that as soon as the empire gets involved the tiny group will expand exponentially because it will attract all the empire’s opponents and become the justification for the planned Africom base. It’s virtually certain that the abduction was inspired by the war party in Washington and that Shekau is on their pay-list. It suits them just too smugly.

16-5 - The wheel of fortune seems to be driving mankind towards another global confrontation as the only way to achieve our Designed structural organization. It is the duty of the Aquarius to find the way to achieve Design without falling into that natural rut. It is not inevitable and we will succeed.

On Sunday 18th BO will be invited to renew his outlook and ascend. It’s entirely up to him as nothing is written, we are the writers.

Reset for BO on Sunday 18-5- We urge you to try to schedule a meeting, one-on-one, with President Putin as quickly as possible. A window of just one week after which the process resumes with greater force.

28/4  As I said before there has been a clear trade-off between America and Israel: you give me Iran oil and you can have Palestinian land.

26/4 Tomorrow, Sunday 27th at 15h- the Creature's main actors will Ascend and God will either inspire them or lead their spirit fast track like the lemmings to their doom

Wonder why Russia doesn’t table an Assembly resolution condemning the Maidan coup as illegitimate? That would automatically cancel the previous resolution as proposed by an illegitimate government or else reveal the Western Empire’s total financial control over the yes-yes governments!

Regarding Self-determination and referenda:

Like the Old Testament, the Un charter is sufficiently vague as to allow the elite countries to interpret it as they wish.

The Crimean crisis is a golden opportunity to set up a clear legislation (within the frame of a new viable constitution):

It’s totally absurd to rely on the opinion of the mother country as we know the invariable answer (Scotland is an exception based on the perceived certainty of the outcome): what we need is a new set of norms and an ad hoc court in order to rule whether demands for autonomy, independence or accession are appropriate or not.

I read that:

They are warranted when: 1) if we were to redraw the world map today the region would be included in (or be) another country due to a distinct cultural, ethnic, linguistic, religious identity (e.g. Pashtunistan and Kurdistan) and/or 2) when there is a conflict of interests with -and its people are being abused by- the mother country; 3) when the region has historically been either independent or a part of another country but changed its status accidentally or against the will of its people (Crimea).

They are unwarranted when 1) the inhabitants are mainly immigrants (Kosovo, California, Florida); 2) the region represents the spiritual cradle of the country (Kosovo); 3) when such conflicts do not exist and the motivation for the independence is economic: e.g. the region is more prosperous due to greater natural resources (unless a system whereby the produce from those resources could somehow be shared with the host country); 3) when the court rules that the push for independence responds exclusively to realpolitik (e.g. efforts by NATO to exscind Russian republics) .

Venezuela: once the basic principle of excluding violence and respecting the constitution is generally accepted by the opposition Maduro would be well advised to form a joint economic council with the opposition in order to rectify the course of his ship, to plot the ideal course, one that neither caters to the multinationals nor falls into the rut of Cuba's failed fundamentalisms.

The criminal hardliners/warmongers in America’s NATO puppeteered by our “financial emperors” are intent on inciting Russia, virtually willing it or forcing it to intervene in Eastern. Those who fail to stand up to them, are guilty of collusion and in the first level of reality which underlies the world of appearances, all necessary measures have been taken to thwart that plan and punish those involved, here and now, as if the worst consequences of their intentions had already happened.

I have the feeling that some in America are intent on creating a situation that will demand and justify America’s declaration of a global state of martial law so that it can create a new global financial paradigm which somehow (?) absorbs or ignores America’s debt maybe as a form of compensating it for its role as law enforcement and security guarantor or simply by virtue of the La-Loi-c’est-Moi syndrome resulting from a semi permanent “war economy” where America is called upon to call the shots. What a swet dream which will immediately turn into their worst nightmare.

Wouldn’t it be better instead to call America’s bluff and include in our new Charter the creation of a single virtual global currency which would somehow leave our incommensurately rich owners of the world out in the cold, and deprive America of its main lever of power?

In today’s society, if you can’t achieve anything with it, Military power is to financial power what a cat is to a tiger.

E-money is the way to go. Everyone’s ID card is his credit card which registers his assets, debts and credit. Something to that effect would be included in our Magna Karta.

Nothing will be resolved none of our most pressing problems, not with aspirins, outside of a comprehensive root-cause all-encompassing holistic approach to our global ailments, identity and integrity

All of our problems can and will be addressed within the frame of a new global Magna Karta.

If a country is allowed to freely, i.e. irrestrictively and beyond any organ’s control create trillions from nothing, out of thin air, by the mere click of a mouse just because its currency is the global currency, and if in addition this country utilizes this power (which we the people through our governments have empowered it with) for its financier owners’ evil geopolitical ambitions… if this happens, well, I would affirm without the shadow of a doubt that all such countries’ governments are committing a crime. It is a crime by omission: A crime of inertia but a crime nonetheless. The omission, the crime, is to uphold this source of most evil on earth. Bankrupt America wields this power because of the dollar’s status. This fraudulent currency survives only by virtue of the faith we invest in it.

It’s not at all about the disintegration of Nato nor the bankruptcy of the US. It’s about substituting Nato’s instinct for domination (testosterone-driven) for one of cooperation and integration (neo-cortex-driven). It’s about changing our outlook. The world’s legal system needs a strong enforcement organ which could be Nato provided it goes global and includes Russia and China, and we must develop a set of sacrosanct universal laws. It’s about global integration within a viable global charter. If we can achieve the integration of the US without a hard landing all the better! But there is no indication of that and I doubt there is any other way than Job’s way.

The disintegrating Western Empire’s sanctimonious condemnation of Russia reminds me of the guy who accused his neighbor of slapping him on the face. He was saying the truth, and yet he was a God-damned liar because he omitted to mention that he first punched his neighbor on the nose and raped his sister.

Unless we see a drastic change of course within Nato, Russia will have no alternative than to preempt and go into eastern Ukraine. I am seeing a confirmation of My prediction that the US would go to war in order to postpone the inevitable puncture of the dollar-scam bubble. In a state of war the world will tolerate all the Fed’s maneuvers. Angela can stop them.

How sad the future story of the EU, unless it resumes its righteous path! First at DOHA where it failed to understand that the road of its future growth passes through the plenitude of the South and now its failure to denounce and redress the Empire’s putsch in Ukraine. How sad! Russia’s response was God’s response. If you dig your heels in you will flounder together with the war Creature because in the spiritual world you are treading on quicksand..

 Crimea is a small price to pay for the would-be Empire’s criminal behavior. You don’t really care a damn about it do you, except for your hurt ego and the shock of realizing that you (the West) are not really our masters any more. It hurts your hypertrophied ego. La Loi c’est moi? My foot! From now on you either behave or you will lose power, cohesion and credibility at every false step. I Know that in the end you will flourish as will the US but not before The Reformation. 

There is a battle going on in America which will define the course of History: it is a battle between the Spirit of Man and what remains of the beast in man; between the crown chakra and the loins of mankind (and of each actor); between Barack and the neocon war mongers, including many in his administration...

MOB DEMOCRACY: The right to demonstrate has morphed into an instrument of realpolitik. Actually it was never more than a means of venting collective frustration or anger without any actual democratic value/usefulness unless you could count the demonstrators and you held two or more simultaneous demonstrations, but I still think the polls are a better way… It seems to me that clear norms of behavior should be instated so that as soon as a demonstration turns violent the full force of the law should be applied to disband it, the intensity of which will have to be directly proportionate to the resistance displayed.

If a small group of the most violent reactionaries who maybe represented 10% of the population are allowed to overthrow a democratic government what kind of democracy are we promoting? What Pandora ’s Box are we opening? (Boomerang Nr 3 coming together with the drones one).Instead of street demonstrations there should be special venues such as football fields with proper news coverage and speeches and debates and TV public debates along the lines of town hall meetings and quick, permanent online referenda with debate blogs

That Yanukovich was corrupt? Then prove it, indict him and depose him as you did with Timoshenko! Yanykovich is the President of Ukraine. Its too easy for an opponent to throw around such accusations as an excuse for a power grab. it’s uncouth to allow the loudest and most violent to overrule the will of the majority. That is the mother of today’s crisis and that is what we are called upon to address first. Not the consequence which was the Crimean’s decision to return home to safety.

1998 Message to Bill Clinton Delivered to Clinton's Methodist Church

I pray God-within-you that this note will reach the President for his future and ours 

may depend upon it. Although I am unfit to advise him or anyone, my words stem 

from a region of the mind which probably belongs more to his own than to mine. I 

have been burdened with the gift or curse of insight and this letter -whatever 

becomesof it- takes an unbearable burden off my shoulders. 

World order and peace will never be reached without global justice and a higher 

measureof global organization and this will not occur unless the United States 

places all its means at the disposal of a more democratic United Nations instead of 

striving to control it. Because any US administration will always be subjected to 

the internal pressures of its special interest groups, it cannot be both judge 

and party. A strong unchallengeable enforcement agency is a vital organ of our 

gestating human entity but enforcement without justice wisdom and equilibrium 

produces more disorder and will lead us to chaos. 

Unless such a functional structure is put into place our social body will continue to 

grow and mature with seismic jolts and bounds (revolutions and wars and crises 

and conflicts) similar to the evolution of the earth's crust: tensions and crises build 

up until they reach the critical point and the seism occurs. And those who have the 

power to initiate the change and fail to do so, will be the true (albeit unconscious) 

fathers of wars, terrorism, social violence and finally global anarchy. 

Our two world wars were the only way our common subconsciouness found at 

that time to incite us to cristallize into our designed structural organization.Our first 

world war produced a prophet: Woodrow Wilson, but America would not listen 

and betrayed God and the world by disdaining the League of Nations. At 

reckonning time which maybe any time this weighs on your debit side. Do you 

remember1929? The result was WorldWar ll which in turn gave birth to the 

Warmonster a being with a life of its own which plasmates and organizes the beast-in-

mankind and has managed to perpetuate itself ever since. It will now take all the 

spiritual power we can muster and divine assistance to overcome its gravitation. 

For it use the media to feed its spirit of violence into our system since childhood. 

If and only if we succeed will there be enough resources in the world to go around. 

It is this monster's servants who are keeping it alive by trying to smother the United 

Nations and creating conflicts and facts to suit its policies. It's now ten times more 

difficult and more important than it was before WW2 and it's the United States that 

holds the dire responsibility of leading the way, because of its previous and present 

failures and because of its leading role in the world. Under the New Light those who 

lead the way will enjoy all the powerof the vector of designed change. And they will 

find a paved road, much smoother than one could imagine. Because in truth this 

creature is already dead, it's a walking zombie. 

I often read that the great changes which occurred in the world as of 1988 were 

due to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, when in reality this was only the most 

notorious effect of the mental and spiritual phenomenon which then began. The so called winds of change: They swept you into power and swept George Bush 

aside. Why ? Because he failed to perceive the extraordinary nature of the 

happenning.. he sailed our ship half-way across instead of opening our sails 

aligning to Design and instoring a global framework for political understanding and 

cooperation. Instead of Start II he should have aimed at "Finish.-period" as Yeltsin 

actually proposed, and Nato should have merged with Warsaw (includingRussia 

obviously) to become the world's security organism.... but no, he would not listen to 

the soft spoken and let himself be carried away in the direction of the resultant of forces. 

He listened to the dinosaurs who faught to preserve their "creature". 

The disintegration of the evil empire left America's war monster without sparring partner: they had grown up together like two sides of an arch and all of a sudden one of 

them collapsed...what else could the other one do.. it had to create conflicts and

enemies all over the place to survive. He betrayed God and mankind at that unique 

historical moment. 

Will you Will? 

So while cosmetically making friends with Russia he set out to humiliate them and 

undermine their integrity, he kept the air chilly by trying to ram the ridiculous 

theory of unipolarity down their throats... failing to understand that under the new 

light the only pole could be mankind as a whole, the UNO, God....the result was 

the Balkans war and the tremendous failure at Helsinki. That's where he lost the 

elections. Russia's veto in turn demonstrated the inoperability of the present UNO.

However, during the 1993 elections Bush announced Nato was sending 5000 

troops into Bosnia within a month....and the lame duck soared again...through 

Nafta, Somalia, Gatt, until he failed to deliver and decided for good measure to 

push Saddam around needlessly like an emperor with his gladiators for the 

pleasure of his audience...and his wings folded in under him. 

Now that the evil empire is gone we have to deal with a far more subtle and 

delicate task: how to recycle the evil component within our very 

champion without hurting him...

So again: World peace and organic functionality will never be reached unless there 

is global democracy, in order and justice.This in turn will never occur until the 

United States places all its means at the disposal of a democratized Veto-free 

United Nations instead of fighting to control it and cooperates in the development of 

a sincere and profound disarmament policy. 

Also a United Nations comissiom, or maybe an independent new organism, should 

be created aimed at making religions more compatible with one another.... 

Global policies such as the way to deal with secessionist peoples and religious 

conflicts and terrorism should be designed by sages : people who have proven their 

spiritual maturity and vision. When will we understand for instance that the forces of 

self-determination are stronger and more vectorial (I refer to the direction of the 

vector or force of designed evolution) than arbitrary lines drawn on a map...Life

is change so let's devise mechanisms to ensure smooth transitions in 

justified cases towards autonomy (with UNO seats) because once blood is shed 

they'll settle for nothing short of independence. Decentralization is congruent with 


So now the United States holds the dire responsibility of setting things straight. If it 

does not the tentative symptoms which have recently appeared will turn into a 

serious illness: inadequate actions will resonate with radical reactions until the 

critical point is reached. (PS 911)

The same will occur with our habitat if we do not compensate for the negative effects 

of excessive ecologic agressions. El Niño and La Niña are indeed our children: reactions not causes, which are compelling us to stop destroying our planet s lungs. Rainforests must be declared the patrimony of mankind and their owners compensated. 

And maybe our stock markets and growing social violence are telling the FMI that 

money must be made to flow towards each and every cell of our social body. That it 

won't just trickle down. that the UN must devise mechanisms which will induce or 

incentivate corporations to create special jobs for the poorest. Money, the blood of 

the human entity is being short-circuited from heart to brain because by nature market 

economy is a blind self-serving creature. It requires complementary mechanisms, 

the veins and arteries of our entity, to ensure the blood reaches the periphery...it 

will return to them enriched and more plentiful. That's the message the common mind 

of mankind is subconsciously sending through the stock markets as the New Light 

shines out through the minds of all people. 

By dominating the UN and compelling it to act in unbalanced ways you are 

depriving it of moral authority. You are crippling us, breaking our spine which is 

your own. You know perfectly well that Veto power is UNO impotence...Hundreds 

of thousands died in Yugoslavia because of the Russian Veto and the Middle East 

is a mess because of yours. 

When you say that the "sex scandal" is a matter between you and God you hit the nail right on the head but what you don't seem to perceive is that the "affair" is only the 

scapegoat for the clouds hanging over you for God has more to do with all this than 

meets the eye. To set things straight with Him you must set things straight with our 

global social body, with mankind. That's a factor seldom taken into account and 

which applies especially to America in this historic phase because of the peculiar 

role it is called to play. The problem lies in America's fundamental approach to 

world politics. "Realplolitik" theories have become invalid. Unipolarity? Obviously. 

Only the pole is not and cannot be the USA: it is and must be the UNO and a 

common God. Because of the special interests which shape its global policies the 

Pax Americana is a self-defeating illusion, as time will tell. 

That's the hopeful purpose of this note... Polls at home are not everything, because the 

president of the United States is responsible to the entire world ...and to God! The 

instant you take the brave decision God-within-you will know it and this crisis will 

wither into thin air like a mirage. During your recent speech to the minorities the 

clouds momentarily dissipated, did they not?, maybe because of some inner resolve... 

or to clear your way for renewal but they'll be back with thunder and lightning unless 

you react. 

Your founding fathers drew up your constitution with a series of checks and 

balances which we are now called upon to set into place at world level. Then came the 

fourth power which lays all things bare for the eye of man to see...and now, since1988 

there is also a fifth power...which took a break in 1993 but is coming back into 

focus, through the mind of this medium and probably many others who like a telescope lay all things bare for the eye of the universe and lend their minds and nervous system for Him to act upon. I's reckonning time and it began on July 27th. 

Your psychics are very good, the best in the world, but the more powerful they are 

the more responsible they are unto God for their creativities at reckonning time. 

In the jungle it was the survival of the fittest. Under the New Light natural selection

is a function of the degree of perception of -and alignment with- God's design. That's the ultimate measure and source of spiritual power. The fifth power. God also has teeth: did you feel his nibbling at the Ohio town hall?


Although no sane person could support terrorism, it is essential to analyse in what 

measure our governments' actions influence its intensity. 

There is and always will be a vein of madness in mankind. There is also something 

akin to madness induced by some religions in non-discerning people. Like the 

common cold its latency is activated by circumstances and more often than we imagine

it is incentivated by the governments of the victims. Then there are those who 

being essentially evil find in terrorist cells a means to satisfy their beastly instincts. 

There will always be a percentage of our deaths caused by the latter, it will be easier

to curb automobile deaths than these. But I submit this only accounts for 10 

to 20% of the cases...  in the remaining 80% I believe our actions and policies can 

have a great influence. For instance Peres lost the elections among other things 

(*) because of the Likud-instigated murder of  that Hamas engineer... for it produced

the series of 1996 bombings. Never had a single act had such an impact on the 

process. In addition it's obvious that when before there was one engineer the next 

day there were ten.You don't kill an idea with bullets. You do it with just actions 

and better ideas. 

(*)actually to make peace with all of lsrael it mustbe done through the Likud 

otherwise they will always sabotage it by instigating and even financing terror 

as they did with Yassin during the Labour government. 

Whereas terrorists are often affinity groups of marginalized or religiously alientated

people, generally unbalanced, somewhat akin to viruses, statesmen becauseof their

intelligence and the means of action at their disposal have a far higher degree of 

responsibility. We, the people, demand a different code of behaviour. And when

in this new era they sow the seeds of terror through their unjust or shortsighted policies 

we view them  as holding much more responsibility for the ultimate resulting acts of 

terror than the terrorists themselves. For they have vision and judgement and other means of  action whereas the terrorists are blind, instinctive and otherwise impotent.

This American administration has been remarkably simplistic and ill-advised. Without 

justifying in any way the barbaric acts of these cowardly lunatics, we should try to 

analyse the genetic mechanism which sets this spiraling process in motion. By 

acting unfairly we are invoking the beast in man: we are activating the viruses, the maniacal 

portion of our society... it's like setting it free to act, losing spiritual immunity. Very 

often we fall ill because of a lowering of our defences due to an erroneous attitude 

towards other people: when the UN or the US make ill use of the sacred power 

bestowed upon them they lower their "spiritual immunity". It's as if our common 

conscience when it fails to enlighten its leaders resorts to its last ditch reactions. 

80% of terrorist acts could be avoided if our leaders listened a bit more to 

the soft-spoken among them. We tend to close up like oysters vis-a-vis of terrorists 

and in a shallow way it is understandable but if we had the courage and the wisdom to 

begin our war on terror by seeking out that portion of their pretensions which is fair and tried to do something about it instead of using the excuse of their violence to resort to 

our own we would stand a fair chance of escaping the vortex of this spiralling 

vicious circle. We don't because of our machista pride and "principles": to me the 

life of one innocent child is a thousand times more valuable that those "principles".... 

Of course the bottom line may well be in some circles a desire to induce terrorism in 

order to justify a war on terror. It's not as good as a war on communism but it will have

to do for now... right???

In order to acquire the benefit and spiritual power of  unquestionable moral 

righteousness in our struggle against terrorism we must first do all we can to be 

just, balanced and open-minded so as to win over into the social body those latent 

terrorists who sincerely see no other way to achieve what they justly perceive as their 

legitimate rights. A brilliant example of this occurred in lreland : the hard-liners 

have in the end seen themselves as simple cowardly murderers. Not so before the 


America's impulsive reaction to the Kenia bombings has to its credit: having 

inflicted a scratch on one of the world's terrorist organizations ; getting that gutty 

feeling of satisfaction at having proved one's manhood : a machista reaction typical 

of immature people and it is contributing to demonstrate America's inadequacy as 

the pole of our world "order" (the QED' will come in due time). On the debit side 

a) a great political empowerment of Bin Laden : he has become a pole and a hero 

attracting thousands to his ranks; b) if any of those camps was just a military 

training camp the feeling of moral righteousness of Bin Laden's people which was 

very tenuous and dependent on the course of events, has now been strengthened 

and thousands will sincerely adhere to his "holy" war...Of course that may be the 

whole point of the exercise... Before this its probable that by just aligning to UNO resolutions on Palestine and coming to terms with lrak and Iran their virulence would have diminished;  instead of pouring water we poured oil onto the fire: energy for our Creature; to say nothing of Khartoum of course: the UN's 

refusal to check it speaks for itself... its a comprehensive diagnosis of our ailment. 


Religions are like fortresses and their churches like armies. Built during the middle 

ages their power structures are geared to conquer and defend themselves from the 

agressions of the other army-religions, Their ramparts are the sacrosanctity of 

their credoes and the heresy of contradicting them; the infallibility of their leaders. 

Their spirit has degenerated through the centuries from their founders' visions of 

brotherhood and conviviality to being the main cause of hatred, persecution, discrimination, terrorism, war and inhibition of  free thought. Monotheistic they all claim to be but fail to accept that the others are different lines of communication with and perceptionof the same God. 

There is no greater horror in the eyes of God than to hear his very spokesmen preach 

the heresy of His division and the blasphemy of denying salvation to others, in His name.  

When Christ said "l am the son of God" he surely added or meant: "For I am humankind, I 

am every man regardless of the lenses through which they look at Me.

Who was it that said that religions are the invention of the devil ? Well maybe not

but insofar as they have become an obstacle to our integration as an entity they 

could be seen as a motivation for the development of mankind's spiritual muscle and creativity.

Like a sapling making its way up towards the light through the earth or the butterfly from its coccoon, mankind must now find within itself the spiritual resources to overcome the handicap 

of its medieval cultural heritage. It's an element which makes the game of  life and social evolution more exciting in the eyes of God. So that devil (like most devils except the man-made) is really God in disguise. The only true devil is man's weakness and the way we use our minds. 

The problem in changing this state of affairs is that the backbone of our mental 

Structures are our religious beliefs. As we grew up our built-in outlook hinged 

around the sacrosanctity of our writings and beliefs and the untruth and barbarity 

of the others'. Among these beliefs are a set of concepts aimed at inhibiting 

change or the appearance of new prophets (The Anti-Christs!). 

All our sacred books are like a river bed sprinkled with sparkling 

diamonds. Through the diamonds shines the Supramind. But it's up to us to 

distinguish the diamonds from the rocks. For there are non-diamond 

rocks in our scriptures aren't there, and recognizing this simultaneously at world 

level in all religions is the only way to begin making this one world. They were all 

written by men and are therefore tainted by their own minds - The time for battling 

is over. It's now time to pool all the sources of Light into a common fountain and allow the 

-now immensely distilled and mellowed – common mind of humankind to begin laying 

the groundwork for a Universal Bible 

The first step is to recognize that our religions have degenerated into power* 

structures or political instruments, beings with a life of their own geared primarily to 

their own supremacy. The time has come to arise stalwartly against 

these self-perpetuating hate-generating forces and, by listenlng to the large number 

of sages among us try to return to the common source of all religions ...let's allow these 

people to guide us into those higher regions of the mind and perspective from 

where all religions have arisen...let's make room in our schools and universities for 

spiritual creativity... . Let's begin writing the universal bible. Our libraries are full of 

inspired writings. That's another of the internet's designed functions. Let the world as a whole vote and decide which concepts belong and which don't. 

Until Christendom denounces the fiendish crusader spirit which is latent in its 

dogmas and preachings we cannot expect lslamic fundamentalism to moderate its 

dialectic.We should remember that in its golden age Islam -the mercurial current- was essentially convivial towards other religions.That's its primaeval vocation: to harmonize. 

In Israel also, some fiendish politicians who cloak themselves under the guise of 

clerics have tried to identify God with the fetish of their race's collective ego

using their own self-glorifying writings as demonic instruments for the promotion of 

hatred and discrimination ethnic cleansing and conquest... they have created a golden calf again 

totally losing sight of their religion's original calling which was to serve as basis 

for the subsequent spiritual evolution of mankind and at present as a common base 

for the ascension and fusion of all religions. And unless Jewish people react and 

denounce them for what they truly are, worshippers of Baal, there is great danger for 

judaism at this stage... How can it be so blind after all the lessons of history... 

Babylon,the exodus, the temples ...How can they still believe their lease on the 

land was ever unconditional? For decades God has been with them while they 

sought to build a place for themselves... I myself, born a catholic, tried to enroll 

during the 6-day war (no, not on day 7)... but justice is a finely tuned scale ...and they have laid 

it on far too thick. The instant the Palestinians adopted a balanced posture and 

lsrael failed to reciprocate it became the villain in the eyes of God. There is nothing 

divine about the savage way Israel has conquered mankind's sacred land, on both 

occasions, and if it fails to distinguish between God's tolerance of mankind's ways 

of three thousand years ago and His designs for today's world and its Holy Land it 

will most certainly follow Job's way (which like all punishments is aimed at opening 

the mind for its final illumination and redemption),....Dark clouds are building up in

the east, invoked unwittingly by its ally the US and unless wisdom prevails in lsrael 

(as I trust it will), the lightning of God's wrath may again fall upon its golden calf

and both she and the US will be impotent to avoid it. (PS - 911)

The Middle East peace process 

Because it cannot fully come about without the simultaneous resolution of our 

society's mayor shortcomings and ailments: the Middle East peace process is ideally-

designed to become the World Peace Conference: 

Because to attain it we must first succeed in rectifying the dogmatic shortcomings 

of our three main religions. Jerusalem, in addition to being shared politically must 

also become the cradle of our universal religion. lt's ancient quarters must be 

declared the patrimony of God-in-mankind. A depoliticized all-men's-land. A haven 

for spiritual creativity and mysticism. No peace conference can be successful 

without the full participation of the main religions, including the eastern which inspired Jeesus and 

sheds so much light on our world by teaching us how to ascend and integrate with our higher 

selves.  Jewish Christian and Islamic fundamentalisms will either be led to

perceive the will of God and ascend in their outlook or lose power by being perceived as what they trulyare. 

Because to attain it we have to create a new UNO which will be immune to special interests. A UNO that will be perceived by all as reflecting the willof God-in-mankind through the vision of the sages and whose resolutions will be universally respected. 

Because to attain it we must create a democratically governed enforcement mechanism within the new UN (United Peoples' Organization) .  A mechanism which will be the war "creature's" nemesis because it will become redundant and  invite national demilitarization. A mechanism which will then also serve to ensure that human rights abuses will not be tolerated anywhere in the world. 

It's obvious that the Palestinians must make peace with the right wing in order to 

make peace with lsrael and that's what this painful phase is all about. All this talk 

about lsrael's security vis-à-vis the Palestinians reminds me of a story about a boy who told the bees he would stop stealing their honey –maybe- when they stopped trying to sting him when he stole it: First remove the cause of violence. Then and only then can we demand reciprocity and security. 

Besides Israel is paying a very minor price for its criminal oppression.there are 

more murders (percapita) in a "secure"country like Uruguay for instance than 

terrorist victims in lsrael...Because Israel knows that most of those acts of violence are directly instigated by the hard-liners and often financed by lsrael (through sheikh Yassin) and because lsrael itself with all the means at its disposal has never been capable of controlling terrorism,  these demands on the  Palestinians to ensure security is a pathetic excuse for US procrastination. lt would Look better if America played a more active role in promoting Palestine's industrial development and its trade relations with lsrael. That 

and taking an equidistant posture is the only road to security. 

ln 1989 what began to happen in 1990 was deemed utopic... every one of the 

actors in the middle east began undergoing a radical spiritual and mental 

restructuring their memories were enriched with the memory of their designed 

future...each ascended into his/her unique latent spiritual and mental blueprint... 

they attained their universal plenitude: unique entities in their own right, and yet 

from the beginning those who claimed to be its sponsors were actually its inhibitors: 

Maybe after his recent experience MrClinton will begin to appreciate that the right 

to forgiveness and a fresh start is universal. That even men such as Saddam or 

Rafsanjani or Khaddafi could undergo the same metamorphosis and rebirth as 

Arafat or El Assad or Rabin, as they all did in 1990... in fact common sense made 

this possibility a probability. And yet the US persisted in its intention to brand them 

as its enemies. Because it needs enemies for its creature to feed upon and to 

justify its strong military presence in the gulf. It's a policy of state, sheer old fashioned 

realpolitik… a policy fundamentally incompatible with the new spirit. A self-defeating 

policy which will not be accepted in the new millenium. It won't be Disneyland for 

sure but neither will it be your Jurassic Park. 

All the parties were in those days mystified by the strange turn of events at Madrid and if 

the UNO had been in charge of world policies, a UNO advised by the wisest and most lucid 

among our think tanks, Iran and Iraq would have been invited into the process. 

Let's take Saddam for instance... immediately after his invasion of Kuwait he was 

introduced to HimSelf and began undergoing a transformation which renovated and

changed him radically... all he now wanted was a face-saving way out... and this 

opportunity arose when he suggested he would withdraw from Kuwait provided the UN undertook to take the necessary steps to enforce its resolutions on Palestine. But 

we would have our Viet-nam compensating war. As a good puppet should he took his beating virtually without a fight. Although he had chemical and-biological weapons,

during the heat of his "mother of all battles" he did not put them onto the missiles which

landed in lsrael nor did he fire a single one against the invading troops...for whatever reason. So it's reasonable to assume that he won't use them in the future, for the same reasons,  unless Israel or Turkey or Iran who also have them use them first. Besides we all know perfectly well they can be bought anywhere in the market and unless we are to invade all the countries which we suspect possess them and do so permanently the entire exercise is completely futile and the best thing we can really do is to avoid creating the will to use them. So let's get off Irak'sback. 

Whether he knows it or not Saddam was the launcher of  the Middle East peace process .lt was due to his invasion of Kuwait and the radical response of the UNO 

that the US felt obliged to do something about that other invasion. 

After his capitulation the occasion was ripe to extend our hand and see what 

happened: the risk wasn't too high was it ... but no, that wasn't manly enough... we 

had to humiliate him and squeeze the life out of his people for 8 excruciating years. 500000 children died for lack of medicine. 

Because you are making the UN act irrationally it's losing credibility. That's the whole point of the exercise but of course, it's also the necessary prelude  its reconstruction. 

As for lran this was the only remaining sparring partner in the region  so we had to 

ignore its apparent willingness to open up to the west... despite their overtures ...despite the extraordinary nearly magical atmosphere which Baker encountered elsewherewe we did not make the slightest move towards them.

Well maybe it was good to exacerbate islamic fundamentalism... it wasn't as good as communism but it was an ism an it could be turned intoa threat if it was managed well enough. 

It's clear your actions in lrak are aimed at protecting lsrael and securing the oilfieds but you're achieving the opposite: the only way to do it is with justice and cooperation.You were willing to 

cut your multibillion aid if lsrael failed to extradite a murderer but you won't for the 

palestinian cause. Bush had the guts to do it. Pity he too failed the UNO. 

Your the theory that they must iron out their differences by themselves is like a policeman 

who looks on and refuses to interfere for the sake of impartiality as an armed thug robs an old lady.There's no way for a demilitarized Palestine to become a threat: it wil ltake lsrael's troops longer to leave their barracks than to cross Palestine. 

The normal road would be for the UN to create a commission to analyse 

the issues in depth, with the parties ,and then finally come up with a balanced non

vetoable resolution which would be enforced by economic means regardless of special interests. 

There is a point however regarding the legitimacy of Saddam's or Castro's or any 

dictator's rule but It’s a matter for the people to decide. There are many forms of 

democracy...not all peoples have the intellectual evolution or cultural inclination for 

pluri-partisan democracy. Diversity and experimentation are two keys of our 

natural and our social evolution.  

That's why it’s necessary for the internet to become the UNO's polling station...if we 

could consult the people of Cuba and they chose Castro as their leader it would be  illegal and undemocratic for us to intervene. Conversely if they wanted him out it 

would be legitimate for the UNO to use all necessary legal means to oust him and 

new laws and mechanisms should be drawn up to that effect, for example enabling the General Assembly to issue an Interpol arrest warrant for its leaders and for commandoes to execute the order.

Non-interference with the internal affairs of states is a self-defensive invention of statesmen and It should become non-interference with the internal affairs of peoples...so that measures can 

be taken if the people declare they are being abused. 

Next century's UNO will have such authority and enjoy such respect that all member states will accept and install whatever universal polling system we adopt. The internet and 

telecommunications have now provided us with the means to develop such a system by giving everyone in the world a digital  ID. All we lack is the will. Your will? 

It's because we wish you the best Mr President that we beg you to stand back,

Meditate and see the global scene from above and beyond your national interests 

and conflicting forces and follow the route which serves the long-term interests of 

humankind. You'll find they are your country's own ... and, most definitely, your 


As soon as you make that decision this "affair" will fall into its true perspective and your good star will outshine Starr. 

Jean-Paul Cousin 


2006 (?) Message to Khamenei
Message for Iran from our Common Conscience.
 “I” have created a haven within My Heart where, if you wish, the World Peace Conference can be held. Whether humankind takes advantage of this window of opportunity, whether it happens now or after further intensification of the crisis may well depend upon you.
It’s your call.
Although it could be argued, Ahmadinejaad, that you referred to the ultra-Zionist regime, when you spoke of the elimination of Israel and that this has been a slogan for decades, your statements at this juncture were the best gift, the best justification, the best instrument the Creature’s servants could have hoped for. So much so that some are tempted to believe that you work for them! In the collective conscience of humankind your words are legitimately construed as a serious –albeit irrational- threat to Israel and world peace.
This now legitimizes the world’s and My own request that you renounce your legitimate right to uranium enrichment in Iran until Integration is achieved.  
The Creature’s servants, the self-anointed horsemen of the Apocalypse, will do everything within their power to stampede Obama towards their Armageddon.
Could Iran find within its heart the spiritual power to place its love for the integrity of humankind above its national pride? At this crucial moment such a noble gesture could well deal the “coup de grace” to this demonic creature. In The Conference, the question could be reconsidered under IAEA rules and in a different atmosphere.
The radicalization of your country’s posture, as that of Palestine, Russia and most of the other countries under threat, is the natural response to America’s behavior but, because that is precisely the purpose of the Neocons, I now beseech Iran to provide the world with an un-natural or super-natural gesture that will enable it to regain the moral high ground tentatively acquired under Khatami and thus provide Obama with the global atmosphere he will need to avoid being sucked into the “black hole” produced by this Creature. America’s failure to respond to your attitude was the confirmation of the True aim and nature of its foreign policy.
As for Ultra-Zionism, it does not require Ahmadinejaad’s encouragement in order to decay for I am the ferment of putrefaction that became immanent within it from the day Arafat came forth with the olive branch: I am the people of Israel and I am the faithful keepers of the Holy Land, the Palestinian People. Mine are Judaism, Christianity and Islam for none of them without the other would make us whole.
The UN (the West) is unquestionably responsible for allowing the Zionist monster to get out of hand, for failing to ensure that the establishment of the state of Israel proceeded with justice, compensation and as little trauma as possible. This failure and current impotence… compels reform. The Designed Way to resolve this crisis is with Global Authority and this can only be achieved through the complete revision of the UN Charter, especially its “Security!” chapter.
That is the only key to this dead-lock. The current global crisis is the foundry out of which shall emerge the Human Entity’s immune system, a democratic United Nations, and its crown: religious integration/congruence.
But because the UN charter was designed by the current emperors to perpetuate their sovereignty over the rest of the world by precluding its reform without their approval,
People of the world:
We must summon our Constitutional Assembly: The Global Parliament, now online, to draft our new Constitution.
On Sunday June 22, as of 18PM Teheran time (with a previous rehearsal on June 15th) I shall be expecting you and George Bush, Ahmadinejaad, Khatami, Larijani and Rafsanjani up here for a renewal and enlightenment session. Al Zawahiri will also attend and the spirit of Bin Laden. Then the course of this world’s history will depend upon each actor’s decisions.
                                             *                *                *
The Book of Revelations  was written under tremendous duress as the Christians were persecuted under Nero. It was an agonic and visceral outcry that surged from the deepest regions of the common conscience of the early Christians, an outcry which accelerated the fall of the Roman Empire.
It much resembles the outcry of the Palestinian people which is now the prelude to the fall of the Western Empire and the birth of the Human Entity. It also resembles the outcry of the Jewish people during the holocaust –regardless of numbers!- which still resonates throughout the universe and gave birth to the current Integration Process.
The discerning reader of the Apocalypse will perceive that My Message was “Beware the powerful of the world of how you use the sacred power which I have bestowed upon you, for no man is above My Law”.
But that was pretty much My only message. It referred to Rome and there is nothing there regarding the distant future or the present day.
The author was neither a disciple of Jesus nor was he imbued with My Spirit. I am the unconditional love of humankind and My Laws and My wrath are not an end in themselves: they serve educational purposes only whereas the vindictive, savage, ruthless, merciless spirit immanent in this book, as in much of the Torah, reflects the baser instincts still prevalent in humankind to this day! His plethoric “visions” were nearly all the fruit of an exalted imagination fuelled by hatred and fertilized by opium and amanita muscaria. Its esoteric images are like the jokers in a pack of cards and the eclectic variety of its “prophecies” provide leverage for any and all political agendas, as clearly exemplified by “Christian”(!) Zionism, the Creature’s religious wing. This book does not deserve to be in the Christian or in any other Bible for it was not otherwise inspired nor is it imbued with My spirit at all. On the contrary, it reflects man’s lower instincts, what humanity still calls “the devil”: a very convenient book for the powerful of this world, to counter the inconveniently harmonizing teachings of Jesus.
Every world, every social unit is a new version of My exciting journey from idea and spirit to energy to matter and life and back to My spirit and My Design and although I am always vying for prevalence in your minds and awaiting the appearance of those few individuals who enable Me to act in their worlds, there are no True prophecies -except the self-fulfilling ones- because I do not write your future: you write it yourselves as we go along. 
However as of 1987, when the integration process began, I have been particularly active in your world through the passive mediation of certain people, including this channel:
Once the recycling of the Soviet empire was achieved and the Madrid Conference was convened, it soon turned out that the evil component within America would have to be recycled too, before the United Nations could come into its own and assume its Designed shape and function. Unfortunately, after all positive lines of action were tried it finally turned out, in 1994, that this would only occur after a global crisis. The warmongering wing of the Anglo-American political apparatus had to be exacerbated and exposed before it could be extirpated and recycled and before the American people could demand the rectification of America’s obscene foreign policy. The birth, development and adventures of this Creature, which began under President Clinton, was Designed for that purpose.
                                                 *         *          *
The shameful Kosovo war, which was concocted and instigated by the incipient Anglo-American Creature, was the first stage of NATO’s disintegration. Like the current UN Security System, it is a redundant vestige of the cold war: at best it should have merged with Russia to become the UN’s law enforcement agency instead of antagonizing it.
The war in Afghanistan will be NATO’s coup de grace: it will be the last time that Europe follows the United States faithfully into war.
The real reason for the invasion was imperial domination of the region… and the pipeline: energy security… Indeed!
There is no way it can be won without incorporating the Taliban because they represent a major portion of the Afghan people however disgusting some of their ways may be. Although it was clear that Al Qaeda had no infrastructure to destroy and could move its tents anywhere else within hours, it was the visceral urge to react to 911 added to the mistreatment of women, the destruction of the Buddhas and the harboring of terrorists that inspired Europe’s decision. Once Al Qaeda had been routed (sort of) Europe should have demanded that a peace conference be convened with the Taliban, a constitution drawn up, a joint government installed and then, if welcome, NATO could have concentrated on humanitarian assistance and Al Qaeda. To avoid war the Taliban asked for proof that Bin Laden organized 911. None was provided, not only because there was none but because the whole point was conquest.
The fundamental truth behind the veil is that  the Anglo-American Creature fashions and controls “Al Qaeda”, its global Frankenstein, its new sparring partner and coordinates all their activities… and inactivity…!
As with viruses, there is only one way to defeat reactionaries and that is with Justice through our global immune system.
Although the global elites in their secret meetings convince each other that the only way to ensure energy security is through control of the Middle East they are in fact being dishonest with themselves for they Know, deep inside, that this can only be achieved through peaceful cooperation because there is no way oil production can proceed normally in a state of perpetual war. No, the crux of the question is that the warriors, the ruthless, the power maniacs have their own agendas.
And that, people of the world, is why the new United Nations must be guided by a Council of Notables chosen among the wisest. It can be advised by the global parliament which in turn can interact with the Vox Populi through our latent global online referendum system.
In some worlds all the oil is concentrated in one region. Does anyone believe the inhabitants of that region claim the oil for themselves? Well it’s time to begin realizing that what remains of fossil fuels on earth belongs to humankind as a whole and in order to avoid future wars, their owners must cooperate actively to ensure energy security for the world and share with the poorest the extraordinary windfall from soaring oil prices. A portion of the profits will therefore have to be assigned for the most pressing of problems which is intimately related to oil prices: extreme poverty and famine in less privileged regions together with the preservation of our remaining rainforests. Until this is resolved bio-fuel must be banned because of the impact on both food availability and tropical forests.
Once the Palestinian problem is resolved (and the warriors will try -and now fail- to keep it alive) and the Conference is convened, this world will crystallize into a harmoniously diverse life unit around the axis of our new Magna Carta. That will be the time for each country to give the world the insurance it needs regarding prices, supply and other obligations. If we fail we shall be ensuring the survival of The Creature and its WWIII.
It’s our call. Nothing is Written. We are the writers.

2002 Message to the Palestinians