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Religious fundamentalisms (extremisms) such as Christian Zionism,  the current crusader spirit (war on incited terror), Radical Islam (Wahhabism), Sabbatean Frankism, Chabad Hassidism, Kabbalistic Satanism are demonic egregores which antagonize and thwart the plenitude of humanity. They are at the core of our deepest conflicts and invite us, incite us, to develop the opposite egregore, the one which will make us whole, the only one capable of outshining these grotesque and downright idiotic fundamentalisms: a spirit of religious synergy, symbiosis and syntonicity where diverse views instead of generating division reinforce and empower each other. 

The means to such a Designed goal lies in the emergence of the missing bible: Abraham's bible, the common stalk or heart of the flower of monotheistic religions, and the internet is it's 

Designed vehicle. 

Religious fundamentalism is the spirit of our next dragon which we shall confront once we have finished dealing with our corporate parasite.

Most of these egregores are being cultivated  by the Zionist/Illuminati demon as a fundamental instrument for the realization of its Protocols program.

C0llectively we shall draw up The Protocols of the Human Entity, our immune system, The Constitution.

As man's perception of God passes through the lens or prism of our common conscience it takes on different forms depending on the nature of its messenger and his message. Just like the colors these religions and wavelengths are complementary because none of them on their own are complete: diversity produces integrity. Each religion arose as a complement of the existing ones including Buddism which inspired Jesus and Zoroastrianism which inspired Judaism and Islam which is based on and fully respects Christianity and Judaism. Without in any way changing the spirit or the letter of these religions, these messages, Abraham's bible should tend to offer such a prism: a lens which should assist us to perceive the common ray of supramental white light which generated each and every religion through the minds of our prophets. Reverse engineering: A prism can split white light into different colours, but it can also receive those different colours and add them together to produce white Light. 

As soon as they make room for the salvation of others, each of our religions will shine with the same original divine natural white Light of The Mind of the universe. That white light will outshine -and reveal the nature of- fundamentalist aberrations.

My three incomplete and flawed Middle-Eastern bibles are like the petals of a flower which now clamour for their common stalk, a joint closing chapter: Abraham’s Universal Bible. It will be mutually reinforcing and in harmony with My other primeval fountains, Buddhism and Hinduism (as Jesus was). Our wisest spiritual leaders who created the most successful religions all called for their followers to allow their beliefs to evolve and grow, like a tree, in harmony with their cultural evolution and in harmony with all other religions. They also respected the most basic universal law: never to enshrine as sacred the words and opinions of any man. Here on earth, due to your belligerence, you have become obsessed with the preservation and immutability of your ancient writings: you have turned them into anachronistic holy fossils and they have become the main cause of your disharmony and dysfunctionality".  


They explain why the earth is not the paradise it was Designed to be. 

Time for change.


The authors of Mark, Luke and Matthew belonged to a school of thought which proposed that for a new religion to be successful it needed powerful incentive at a time when they were struggling to attract adepts despite their persecution, and they chose... FEAR.  Sad mistake which in no way decreases the immense power of the overall message.

They established a dialectical confrontation between God and Satan. They virtually created Satan with his kingdom of evil and his host of demons... which could only be exorcised by Christian priests. 

To that effect they set out to put words into Jesus' mouth, words which I believe he never uttered. 

The author of John (who died young as a martyr) and Paul apparently believed such a strategy was totally redundant because their followers did not need it to transform their sect into the most powerful religion on earth. They make virtually no reference to demonic possession or exorcisms. Jesus cured mental and physical ailments by Knowing the immanence and perfection of God-within-us, The Light and The Love instantly eliminated the darkness but I believe he did not promote belief in any spiritual power other than God's.

In fact demons are only mentioned three or four times in the old testament and they are presented as agents of God (E.g. Job). The devil is the prosecutor, the accuser in the court of heaven. Also the temptation which generates or demands spiritual fortitude (which the Muslims call Jihad). There aren't any demons or devils in either the Greek or the Egyptian religions (although they are abundant in Persian Zoroastrianism).

All demons are human creations,  projections of the believer's own mind. Without the intervention of the human mind they are totally devoid of any existential status. Ultimate reality in each world is in truth generated by the collective mental outlook or chosen paradigm of its society.  Normal sane people generate their personal angels, their personal paradise on earth. Psychopaths, sociopaths and spiritually weak or immature people generate demons and their own private hell on earth. 

Demons are the expression and the result of the configuration of a person's mind: by configuration I mean the philosophical decisions and attitudes every individual takes regarding his relationship with society and the universe, the conjunction of thought patterns which characterize him and the biochemical balance of his brain . They are the manifestation of the individual's inclination to evil, i.e to the dark regions or facets of The Mind. This inclination in turn is often determined by the relative gravitation of his neo-cortex and the reptilian core of the brain (the more primeval regions of his brain) as well as by the person's genes and personal experiences (mainly lack of love).

This confrontation between the dark and the bright regions of The Mind is also the expression of the conflict between what remains of the beast in man and his Higher calling.

Magnetism is to electricity as the spirit is to the mind. Every mental state, every mental configuration generates its spiritual counterpart. This implies that all the mental variables mentioned above generate their spiritual counterpart. That's when demons appear in the psyche of dark-mind people.

Free will comes coupled to The Laws of The Mind and very often the ill-use of the powers of the mind result in endogenous reactions such as insanity, psychosomatic ailments and apparent demonic possession. The temptation of evil is there for each of us to develop our spiritual muscles and overcome it. Also, through the use our free will to learn about The Laws of The Mind. Exogenous mental and psychosomatic effects including madness and apparent possession can unfortunately also be induced through black magic (when the victim has a low level of spiritual immunity sometimes due to his misbehaviour) but in turn an endogenous back-lash inevitably affects the attacker, sooner or later, in one way or another. 

Actually, every sentiment, every thought, every attitude towards others produce effects not only upon those others but upon ourselves, because The Mind is one and we are a part of a single mental/spiritual unit. Thought control is just as important as self-control. Thoughts behave somewhat like angels a phenomenon clearly exemplified by inspirations, inventions  and creative masterpieces.

Revelations are ideas, thoughts of The Mind which like angels haunt the messenger until he expresses it and reveals it to the world.

The Zionist globalists in the prosecution of their Protocols program go out of their way to promote the notion of extraterrestrial or dis-incarnated beings or entities (always portrayed as demons) in their efforts to denigrate and invalidate any expression of mysticism and religiousness. Religion and the God of Love are anathema to the satanic illuminist globalists. All this hype is aimed at empowering the satanists to attract followers to their sects and also to divert the blame for their atrocities.  According to David Icke, it's not the Illuminati's fault, it's the reptilians' (although in all other aspects the man is a mystic, a visionary and a prophet).

Throughout history those whose calling was to connect to the higher regions of The Mind were called prophets or mystics. Today they are written off as "channels of demonic beings". 

Whatever the case may be regarding extraterrestrial civilizations and their relationship to us, whatever their intentions towards us may be, we must never forget that they are as immanent with -and dependent upon- The Mind as we are and therefore they are as responsible to its laws and susceptible to Design as each one of us is. We must never allow the notion of dark alien forces to deter us from our quest for Designed universal harmony.

 The problem is that we imagine the universe according to our own mental paradigm where evil lurks behind every tree whereas in reality we are like adolescent rebels, babies in the concert of ascended humanities. All our connections or channelings are in reality with the different facets of The Mind. Man's imaginary relationship with such alien entities are just manifestations of the activity or reactivity of The Mind. God adapts His responses to whatever we throw at him: every belief system opens up its own avenues of communication and and interaction and He utilizes and welcomes all our systems of belief to lead us towards some measure of perception of His identity and The Truth. If there were any aliens hiding on the dark side of the moon planning to take over the world they would have done so thousands of years ago.

 Lightworkers need not, should not take into account or address the influence of possible malevolent entities or aliens or  disincarnated entities because whatever their nature is they belong to The Mind/Spirit of the Universe. No entity, no spiritual or physical being can escape the influence of The Universe and its Laws. Once a lightworker has succeeded in establishing a connection between The Mind and the collective conscience of his world he acquires the ability to address such external influences but he should focus only  to the plenitude of the Human Entity within The Plenitude of the Body of Light of the universe and allow its laws to apply. 

Although The Truth and Reality are unfathomable for man, i.e. we can only get a vague glimpse of it, there is an invariable guide-line: we should always choose those features, that cosmological paradigm which is both functional (i.e. contributes to the plenitude and harmony of man both as individuals and as a species) and vectorial (i.e. congruent with The Vector or force-field of Designed Evolution) rather than those which produce fear, division, strife and disharmony.  A good example is the case at hand (belief in an independent force of evil). Also: Christ cannot be circumscribed by a dogma, because He is the idealization, the pure essence, of man. The Human Entity, all men, regardless of creed. 

The truth of the matter is that The Mind is like a multi-faceted crystal very much like a finely carved diamond and we are free to choose the facet which appeals to us most and establish a relationship with it. When we do we become immersed within a whole world of phenomena which resonate like an echo with our mental/spiritual frame of mind. That's when we believe we are in the presence of demons or angels. These facets are also like mirrors and very much as in the film The Mask we find in them the reflection of our archetypal identity (not that we are irremediably bound to that identity). This phenomenon highlights the fact that reality and truth are relative: they vary according to  what we expect and project. You get what you expect. 

So-called demons are also expressed in the physical realm by the activation of certain circuits or areas of the brain a phenomenon perfectly illustrated by the effect of certain drugs, some of which like cocaine are a direct vehicle for the activation of or connection to the dark facets of the mind whereas others like ayahuasca are said to promote connection to it's higher regions. 

What we perceive as evil is often a feature of The Universal Mind which plays a variety of constructive roles. Sometimes we characterize as evil, factors which God, The Mind, creates to  stimulate our Spirit: to induce us to develop our spiritual fortitude and immunity both at personal and social levels. Strife and adversity are essential ingredients of Life and just as death is the result and complement of life, so sometimes what we perceive as evil is actually an integral part of God... the butterfly fighting against the demon of its cocoon or the seed against the demon of the earth above it, the dragons we are permanently called to overcome, etc...

If there were no shadows we would not even perceive the Body of Light:

If God were a painting he would be a study in white and if we could visualize Him He would be a body of light. In both cases Evil would just be the shadows which highlight His Body. Likewise in every religion there is a "satanic" offshoot which apparently seeks to denigrate and destroy it but in truth is Designed to strengthen it and improve it. 

A person's affiliation to or control by the dark side of The Mind is compounded or intensified by his affiliation with the sects, cults, groups of people with similar thought-patterns which cultivate these mental creations and in the process create our social egregores: spiritual social beings which represent the dark, evil, regions of the mind.  These collectively created demons are empowered in the minds of their adepts by codes, ancient grimoires and rituals and belief systems often inherited from past generations which have been incorporated into  our collective subconsciousness and which are tapped and exploited by satanists, the practitioners of the black arts. These systems and codes do have power mainly because they can generate collective faith, Faith in the devil, satan, individuals themselves as gods, etc... Faith moves mountains and so can the human mind... 

However they remain nothing more than human creations and they are totally cancelled and react against their users when they are confronted by The Light of The Mind or applied against someone who is at peace. In fact one of the functions of evil is precisely to reveal The Laws of The Mind to humanity. 

The difference between a wizard and a mystic is that the wizard utilizes his own mental/spiritual powers and resorts to mental/spiritual creative systems developed by former generations which rely mainly on faith: belief in their effectiveness at group level (i.e. collective creativity) whereas the mystic passively channels the will of God and either has no personal power whatsoever or does not resort to it in any manner. He is as independent of the outcome as an antenna is of the TV program it expresses. True Magic is but the expression through the minds of men of the will of the universe. It's manifestation depends both on the will of The Mind and on the actor's mindset, which involves a cocktail of prerequisites and an ongoing process of approval by The Mind. 

One of the main functions of The Aquarius (the sum total of all Lightworkers) is to enhance the interconnection and integration between  global consciousness (the Noosphere) and  The Mind, Universal consciousness. The concept of a Noosphere was proposed by the brilliant mystic Teilhard de Chardin and its phenomena are the object of the new science of noetics. The internet could be seen as both its manifestation, its articulator and  its booster but it will not acquire its full potential in that function until a common voice or platform such as Vox Dei is installed. 

However, we must never forget that all extremisms are reactionary movements which reflect a need for change. There is an element of truth in all radicalisms and instead of using them as an excuse to resort to our own violence and radicalism we should begin by addressing those elements. In the case of satanism there is one element which is Vectorial (Designed). It's non-conformism, rebellion against the errors of the established order. The secret to their defeat is identifying and addressing those errors.  

Satanism and it's promises are a trap for psychopaths. A trap which was built into The Laws of the Mind. A path which sometimes leads to madness and self-defeat (as Seneca said:  those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad), sometimes opens the way for redemption and rebirth and sometimes unfortunately leads to suicide or jail. There is a time for all seasons and now in the age of aquarius... it's time for repentance or expiation.

Our choice to be evil is an expression of spiritual weakness but very often also a product of our environment and that is why love is such a powerful remedy and its thirst is so often the cause of evil. Before we judge our neighbour we need to know his story. 

Love is the medium which opens up the white/bright side of the mind: Exorcists should focus more on feeding The Light, the Holy Spirit and The Love than on demons, otherwise they are contributing to their existence. They are creating them by expecting them. Dogmas and belief-systems are the main cause of demonic possession. People who belong to primitive cultures and know nothing about the Christian dogma behave in a totally different manner when they are "exorcised".  These beliefs generate and empower their imaginary demons in the minds of their victims:  To cure the "possessed" and/or mentally deranged: Know the ultimate immanence of the Holy Spirit and channel His Love, maybe going along with the patient's beliefs while gradually substituting them for those that will cure him. 

It can also be hereditary: the mental and spiritual "archetype" to which each of us belongs in some measure determines the role we are inclined to play in the spiritual world,  However, our free will and spiritual power enables us to overcome that inclination. 

Today's illuminati/Zionist egregore is the demonic soul of our dragon which absorbs all spiritually weak and power hungry politicians and "spiritual" leaders alike. It is a Designed force which invokes, demands, the creation of the institutionalized measures capable of counteracting it and keeping it in check: our Constitution and immune system. 

This egregore is begging to be defeated....

and mankind as a whole is fully engaged in complying. 

Revelation of the intentions of the ruling elites is the first step.



The Apocalypse is the perfect Illuminati instrument for the perversion of Christianity. On the other hand it is also the perfect exacerbation for it highlights the aberration of belief in "the devil" as an independent force, an evil GOD! It empowers satanism and creates an apocalyptic battlefield scenario which contributes to create hell on earth. Belief (i.e. faith) in Lucifer empowers satanists and attracts psychos around them. Then, because man does have creative mental and psychic powers, they become the source of our collective demons, our satanic egregores.  The saying that Satan's strategy is for people to believe he does not exist is in reality the churchs' strategy for us to believe "he" does. In fact without Satan some churches believe their priests would lose much of their raison d'etre.  


The four angels were released,... to kill a third of humankind. (NRSV 9:15)

"I am throwing Jezebel on a bed... and I will strike her children dead." (NRSV 2:22-23)

Huge hailstones, ... dropped from heaven on all people. (NRSV 16:18-21)

The angel swung his sickle over the earth and blood flowed from the wine press, as high as a horse's bridle, . (NRSV 14:18-20)

 “ it's the most rabid outburst of savagery and vindictiveness in all recorded history.” 

John of Patmos was not John the apostle. 

Our churches know if full well but turn a blind eye:

1. The author never claims to be the apostle nor that he knew Jesus. There’s no indication that he had even read the gospels or Paul’s letters…He doesn’t even take them into account. That in and of itself is proof enough, but: 

2. St. John was an illiterate fisherman and he most definitely could not write Greek. “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men…”-Acts 4:13

3. The style and vocabulary and the quality of Greek grammar of Revelation is totally different from that of the Gospel and letters of St. John.

4. The theology of Revelation is so drastically opposed to the theology of the Gospel as to be it's antithesis. It is closer to the dark side of the Torah than to the spirit of Christianity. His God is love, tolerance, patience while Revelation’s God is wrath, unbridled rage and injustice. Christ is portrayed as revealer and redeemer in St. John, but as a savage and tyrannical warrior  in Revelation. 

5. John the apostle died early as a martyr so he could not have lived long enough to write Revelation. 


Entheogens (mysticism generating drugs) were commonly used by most prophets in those days and the mish-mash of John's visions were nearly  all adopted from contemporary greek and jewish prophetic imagery and myths probably inspired by opium and Amanita Muscaria. John of Patmos was so outraged and infurianted by the destruction of the temple -which was probably ongoing at the time- and by the persecution of the Jews (including himself) and Christians by Rome that he allowed his visions to stem from the depths of his loins and the reptilian area of his brain rather than his crown. His wrath and prophecies were obviously directed at Rome but his plethoric “visions”  and the eclectic variety of his “prophecies” and esoteric images are like the jokers in a pack of cards which provide justification for all and any political agenda, even to this day!!! 

Calvin could not understand the book and refused to write a commentary.  Luther leaves Revelation in his translation, but he sees it as "unapostolic" and "cannot find Christ". The truth is that nobody does nor truly understands it except those who realize that John of Patmos was deranged.

We can understand his wrath, paranoia and hatred. We can also forgive the early Christians for their need to be on good terms with Caesar and to dissuade dissent... but today? No, today there is no room for this most unholy book in any respectable religion.

You are either a Christian imbued with the spirit of love, tolerance, patience and faith in divine justice or you are a follower of John of Patmos espousing the spirit of empire, revenge, conquest and war.

The book served the agenda of the emperor and Augustine the warrior.

The first church council which acted upon the  question of including this nefarious book in the canon was the Synod of Laodicea which met in 365 and it rejected both Revelation and the Apocryphal books proposed by Augustine. Finally the third council of Carthage in 397  admitted Revelation under the influence and pressure of Augustine and Bishop Athanasius and the Emperor at a time when the church was acquiring political power within the empire. It heralded our entry into the dark ages with its satanic inquisitions, crusades and religious wars and empire. Even though he may indeed have been a saint, Augustine was more of a political philosopher than a mystic, more inclined to harsh justice than to the Christian spirit of tolerance and patience. He believed in the end of times and that a portion of humanity was pre-damned whatever its behavior and -like Caesar- he thought that war is a natural and inevitable part of God's designs. His influence and ideas must therefore be taken with a grain or two of salt! As for truculent Bishop Athanasius, he saw Revelation as a useful tool against the anti-christs who questioned his authority, as does the modern Catholic church.

Trying to change a religious belief is I suppose more difficult than getting off drugs. However, when the prejudice is both irrational, antagonistic to our collective conscience and contrary to the most fundamental values which underpin that religion, our first and foremost sword will be wielded by our bravest most revolutionary spiritual leaders the day they dare to express reservations if not condemnation regarding the divine inspiration of that belief (or at least parts of it).

It is our religious leaders' responsibility to warn the reader about the existence of non-inspired and very human facets in many of our scriptures, otherwise they will perpetuate the spirit of war which prevents the Human Entity to inherit its plenitude today!


Jesus sacrificed his life to rectify the cruel and unjust side of the Pharisee dogma but as soon as the shiny idol of power beckonned, the church incorporated the old testament wholesale into the canon. Not satisfied with that it then included the work of a maniac which contradicts every tenet of His teachings! 

""PETER: That was the first time that you betrayed Jesus before the new dawn and you did it for power. The second time was when you associated to fascism and you did that for the sake of wealth. Now  you are being called upon to redeem the church by playing a role -albeit discreetly- in the upcoming Revolution... ""

Francis is with us but there is a part of his church and of his order which yearns for the power and the glory of empire and would side with the Illuminist Jew World Order. He has his own dragon to slay! 




""Every world, every social unit is a new version of My exciting journey from Mind and Spirit to energy to matter to life and back to My spirit and to MySelf  and although I am always vying for prevalence in your minds and awaiting the appearance of those few individuals who enable Me to act in their worlds, there are no True prophecies -only the self-fulfilling ones- because I do not write your future: you write it yourselves as we go along""



Christian Zionism's prophecies suit the Zionist plan to incorporate absolute satanism into Christian escathology as mandated by their Protocols. They become self-fulfilling through the minds of its followers as they invoke Armageddon, pray for it and incite their leaders towards it. They have created a demonic egregore.

The mother of all these religious aberrations is the concept of doomsday, the end of times. Since Malachias and Daniel we've been waiting for it to happen. In fact we have been around behaving like a pack of hienas for 300.000 years and still nothing happens! so now the CZ and their mentors the Chabads and Sabbatean Frankists, tired of waiting, are trying to provoke it! 

Whoever believes that God would wish to destroy His most precious creation, the apple of his eye, instead of inspiring us and patiently guiding us towards Design, is out of his Mind and hasn't a clue what the universe is all about. 

Had it not been for anti-Arab race hatred promoted by these malignant "Christian" Zionist "pastors", over two million people -and counting- who have perished in the Middle East would be alive today.

May the love of God guide these men back into their True Spirit.


There are 10 Christian Zionists for every Jewish Zionist and they are the ones

  who have brought down the (educational) curse which now weighs upon America

Only a blind man or a fool fails to see it unfolding -from within- at this very moment.

There will indeed be judgement and it will not be in the hereafter nor in any divine rapture!

How dare you call yourselves Christians? and who in his right mind or with an average IQ can possibly assert that you are? Did you not hear Hagee say that Jesus was not even a messiah? 

If Hagee, Lindsay and their Christian Zionists endorse Judaism without reservations it means that they endorse Talmud teachings such as "Jesus is in hell, being boiled in faeces, because he opposed the rabbis" -(Tractate Gittin 57a)

All religious fundamentalisms (Christian, Muslim, Jewish alike) are idiotic delusional instruments of political control but these people have surpassed them all with  their satanic agenda. There's a prophecy for every mind-set and theirs is taylor-made for the most blood-thirsty (or the least intelligent) among us.




there is nothing in any bible to even suggest that God promised the Holy Land to the jews!  

God's alleged promise to Abraham, long before Judaism was created, (actually written by a jew, in Babylon, on the Euphrates...) was to the descendants of Jacob and Ishmael, which are the mainly Muslim semite inhabitants of the Middle East and not to jewish converts from all over the world, for... 

it's an established historical fact that there never was a massive Diaspora...


There is no record of massive expulsions in any history books. In fact how could the 13o AD revolt occur if the jews had been "expelled" from Palestine in 70AD?


Now even the Israeli government has had to admit that the Ashkenazi jews migrated mostly from Khazaria and that the vast majority of today's jews are descendants of Khazars. 

Netanyahu declared (before Crimea's hurried re-accession to Russia) his intention of cooperating with his Nazi accomplices in the Ukraine (Maidan coup) to turn Crimea into a second and more legitimate homeland for the Jews as part of a settlement with the Palestinians, thereby openly admitting the Khazarian origin of the vast majority of the Ashkenazi jews:


Crimea was considered by the USSR and many jews as the most natural location for a Jewish homeland, until the invasion by the Nazis in 1941:


Who were the Zionists calling anti-semites? They should look at themselves in a mirror.


During the darkest hours of the  middle ages, maybe in a sort of karmic response to the horrors committed by Christendom  (persecution of the jews, the satanic inquisition and the barbaric crusades) there arose from the  bowels of the body of the  human race, from the darkest regions of our collective unconscious, from the remnants of our reptilian heritage, an agent of evil, a demon in its own right, the likes of which the world had never known...  

Those tortured by the inquisitors, those burned at the stake, those persecuted jews and the muslim victims of our crusades all cursed the Christian Church, our medieval dragon without a doubt... and Genghis Kahn may well have been the unconscious response of our social body. (One is reminded of the emergence of Hitler during the Holodomor Holocaust where 20 million Christians were being slaughtered  by the Jewish-led Bolsheviks in Russia and Ukraine and who also prayed for someone, anyone, to arise and stop the slaughter).

It was one of the most horrendous episodes of human history where over 40 million people are said to have been slaughtered without reason nor mercy. It was a juggernaut, an unstoppable force which conquered 70% of Eurasia, from Kamchatka to Hungary, and it was at the doors of Europe at a time when it was totally vulnerable and when the decision of one man could have meant the total destruction of our civilization. 

However, the concerted and desperate prayers -"from the fury of the Tatars O Lord deliver us"- of millions of Christians, Jews and Muslims in a hundred thousand churches, mosques and synagogues (never before or since had such spiritual and mental synchronicity occurred) mobilized divine providence and influenced the Khans to lay down their weapons and go home, thus preventing the complete destruction of Christendom. 

However, very much like the Illuminati Nazis after the war the Tartars  continued their mission,  their assault on humanity,  in a different more sophisticated and surreptitious manner. There were still many unresolved questions, not least the persecution of the jews. Yes, until our recent mea culpa we deserved the wrath of that dragon.

The  Khazar Empire occupied by the Mongols was a Turko-Hun entity which adopted the Jewish religion around 800 AD. Today they are considered the racial cousins of both the Mongols (Tartars) and Attila's Huns. The Mongols made common cause with the Huns of Khazaria from the beginning  because they were equally merciless and barbaric. When they finally ceased their onslaught and most of the armies returned to Mongolia,  they had been in Khazaria for two generations  and many of them remained, intermarried and merged.  

Whatever the relationship or continuum  may or may not have been (see: Israeli scholar Sophia Menache's 2008 : Tartars, Jews and the Jewish-Mongol ‘Plot’ of 1241) the fact of the matter is that a significant proportion of the Khazars were genetically Mongols (as well as Huns of course) and it was during the post-Mongolian period that the Jewish Khazars began their massive migration into Western Europe,.. as if driven by an unconscious force or calling. 

The embryo of our current dragon slowly evolved and matured during 3 centuries of infiltration of Europe at which time the Christians drove the Jews into the rat-hole of usury... a hole which turned out to be a tunnel leading to  the apex of power and control of our society. 

Then, in 1666 under the self-anointed "messiah" Shabbatai Zeevi and in 1770 his successor Jacob Frank, there emerged upon the face of the earth a Satanic "religion" the likes of which the world had never known: Sabbatean-Frankist Satanism. It was in direct opposition to both Judaism and Christianity and to all the values that the civilized world stood for. It was the sophisticated expression of the evil spirit of the Tartars and the Huns. 

Finally in 1787 Jacob Frank, Adam Weishaupt (a Khazarian crypto jew "converted" to Catholicism) and Mayer Amschel Rothschild (the most powerful and brilliant of the Khazarian money-lenders) created the  Order of the Illuminati which was to be the mechanism of control and exploitation of our society. It later morphed into the (totally original) System of Synarchy, which rules the world today ( i.e. government through secret societies).

It hinged around Freemasonry but it spanned  a series of other secret orders at the very tip of which lay hidden, fully in control, the kingpins of  The Order (the Order of the Illuminati or whatever they choose to call it today). There are three degrees of Illuminati, only accessible to 33rd degree masons: Regent, Magus and Rex (ref:  "Proofs of a Conspiracy", by ex Illuminati Mason John Robison,  published in 1798,  Chapter 7). 


Zionism was then created in 1890  by Theodore Herzl an Illuminatus Magus and the House of Rothschild (5 of them Illuminati Rex) as the main instrument, the right arm, of The Order, our modern dragon. 

Their 100-year old program for world domination involved: 1) conquest of America through the creation and ownership of the Federal Reserve, 2) the French and Russian revolutions, 3) control of the Vatican through Napoleon; 4) creation of the USSR, 3) the first world war which gave them the Balfour Declaration,  the League of Nations (their first shot at world government), a huge debt to their main front JP Morgan, and their Treaty of Versailles. 4) WWII (the natural consequence of that treaty) gave them their IMF/World Bank,  half of Europe for their USSR and half of Germany for their puppet USA, in addition to Israel of course which they built with the 200 billion in reparations for the holocaust they themselves supervised.

At this very moment they are behaving like their ancestors the Huns and the Mongols in their genocide and apartheid of the Palestinians, the only semites around, and the destruction of the Middle East by their proxy/captive Atlantic Empire. As expected they coalesced into the political group (and spiritual egregore and under the philosophy) which best reflects the Tatar/Hun spirit, the far right of the Likud.

The zionist kingpins have gone to great lengths and spared no expense to get their scientists to disprove the Khazarian origin of the Ashkenazi Jews but their lies have been exposed.

The bottom line: Whenever the universe, The Mind, God, creates an evil force it is often as a response to another evil force (example imperialism and terrorism) and also, ultimately, to encourage or demand the creation of measures to prevent the emergence of such forces in the future, while enriching and improving humanity in the process. In that sense and in this stage some of the Jews did turn out to be the chosen people, to express the wrath of God and later to impersonate the forces of evil in the world. In the next stage: (now that Christendom has relented and repented) the global Jewish Community will finally play their Designed role as the chosen natural Leaders (meritocracy) in the spiritual and social integration of The Human Entity-



All and any religions or creeds which adore a God that is not the God of the Universe and therefore the God of all people tends to create a demonic egregore.





Sanhedrin 59a: "Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal."

Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a Gentile there will be no consequences. 

Abodah Zara 26b: "Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed."

Hilkkoth Akum X1: "Do not save Goyim in danger of death." - "Show no mercy to the Goyim."

Tosefta. Aboda Zara B, 5: "If a goy kills a goy or a Jew, he is responsible; but if a Jew kills a goy, he is not punishable. "

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388: "It is permitted to kill a Jewish denunciator everywhere... even before he denounces."


Gittin 57a: Jesus is in hell, being boiled in feces, because he contradicted the rabbis. 

Sanhedrin 106a:  "She who was the descendant of princes and governors (Mary) played the harlot with carpenters." 

Shabbath 104b:   Jesus' mother was a whore

Sanhedrin 105ab: "Jesus fornicated with his jackass".


Sanhedrin 58b. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God.  If a Gentile hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. 

Hagigah 27a .  No rabbi can ever go to hell, whatever he does.

Baba Mezia 59b. When a rabbi debates God he defeats Him and God is forced to admit the rabbi was right.


Baba Necia 114, 6: "The Jews are superior human beings, but the Goyim are beasts."

Nidrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L: "Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night."

Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 goyim slaves."

Yebamoth 98a. All Gentile children are animals.

TALMUD MUST BE KEPT  SECRET (no small wonder!)

Sanhedrin 59a: "A Gentile who pries into The Law (Talmud) is guilty of death." oops!

Libbre David 37: "To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us outright." (we would if we were as evil as you were Rabbi Libbre, but we are not).

Libbre David 37: "If a Jew be called upon to explain any part of the rabbinic books, he ought to give only a false explanation. Whoever will violate this order shall be put to death." 


Choschen Hamm 266,1: "A Jew may keep anything he finds which belongs to the Gentile

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348: "All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which, consequently, is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples." (yes, we noticed)

Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a Gentile  the wages owed him for work.

Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a Gentile  it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b).

Baba Kamma 37b. Gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "offered their money to Israel."


Yebhamoth 11b: "Sexual intercourse with a little girl is permitted if she is over three years of age."

Aboda Sarah 37a: "A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated."

Kethuboth 11b . "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is inocuous."

Sanhedrin  54b . A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is over nine years old. (a greater Rabbi than the others no doubt)

Gad. Shas. 2:2: "A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl."

The most shocking aspect of Illuminati satanic rituals is the rape and sacrifice of children,                                                                   It is also their Achilles heel.


short (6min) presentation

Of course, we all know that such Talmudic decrees were often reactions to Christian aggressions (synagogue of satan, inquisition, pogroms, expulsions etc,,,) and that they are not taught nor taken into account by most modern Talmud teachers, the vast majority of whom -with the notable exception of Chabad Lubavitchers and other ultra-zionists- are at peace with the God of Man who is ... but it highlights the fact that we must ensure that there is no conflict between our conscience (the Voice of God) and the teachings of our preachers, for much too often they are in fact political activists, wolves in sheeps' clothing who use religion as opium/amphetamines to turn us into their obedient flocks/soldiers.
In fact the hermetic world the Hassidic jews have created for themselves enables them on one hand to remain uncontaminated by the satanic spirit which the Zionist media and Hollywood are creating for the rest of us (no TV!!!!) and on the other to generate a unique spirit of community and harmony, a bubble of spirituality within which the holy spirit arises and flourishes. Harmony and collective solidarity and mutual support and love are it's requirements. They are in a different world altogether from that of the Israeli and Zionist political leaders. They support them of course but it's as if it was none of their business because  life in harmony is their business and foreign policy is outside their bubble. I suppose.

Chabad Hassidism offers a similar atmosphere on the surface  but it is clearly a political instrument of Zionism financed by Jewish international bankers to promote their agenda. Here again the culprits are only it's leaders.

Clear and truthful presentation of the satanic outlook of the Zionist religious leadership, presented by David Duke one of our most lucid and courageous reporters who -having clearly turned his back on the KKK- is systematically satanized by the MSM because he dares to speak the truth to the powers that (shouldn't) be:


By their behavior modern day israelites have left no room for interpretation regarding the nature of their god. "By its fruits you will know the tree" means that by their behavior the adepts of a religion define the nature of their God. The Old Testament depicts God in a vast variety of ways precisely to enable the "chosen people" to define their God's nature at any given time. The Jewish People must urgently rise up and with one voice denounce the Zionists for what they have become: absolute Satanists dominated by a lust for blood, land, power and domination. Otherwise the offensive statement in the following picture will acquire a measure of truth in the common conscience of mankind. 

All religions need to renovate, turn a new page,  lay down their arms and ascend back into the common spirit from which they emerged. 

This will be achieved when mankind as a whole writes Abraham's Bible: not to modify religions, just to make them compatible, symbiotic or complementary and therefore more agreeable and more powerful in the eyes of God and of our common conscience.

The internet and the likes of Vox Dei are it´s Designed vehicle.




4 - 8 - 19
Pope Francis and the Vatican are key elements in the Illuminati mechanism and scheme for global control. 
The "Barack Nobel" approach to Pope Francis has failed to deliver.
The power they have acquired through their financial/corporate domination of the world  is such 
that Francis has no other choice than to align with their agenda even though deep at heart he is with us.
Maybe we failed him in 2015/16 when he asked for our prayers...  but then again maybe that too was Designed 
His Heart will see to it consciously or not that his Spirit which is our own wins the day, 
Only the immanence of  God and of the Spirit of the Human Entity within him and the Catholic Church as a whole 
can contribute to further the aims of God. 
These do involve some measure of globalism and syncretism but they exclude Judeo-Masonic Illuminati control. 
God works in mysterious ways and the sources of The Aquarius need not necessarily perceive or understand them.

Despite the inevitable perversion which arise in all human institutions, the Catholic church and faith connects man to the archetype of his idealized identity: That's both a problem and a challenge for the satanists. 

Since the 18th Century the Church has been the target and most coveted prize for the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Cosa Nostra and the highest echelons of Freemasonry.

Some in the Jesuit order and the order of Malta have historically been their accomplices and the Vatican branch of the Illuminati.

How much of that is still the case remains to be seen.

 *            *            *

In clear compliance with their Protocols of Zion the Jewish-led Masonic Illuminati have infiltrated and now vie for power within the Christian churches. 

They did so ostentatiously and quite successfully with the  "Christian" Zionists and surreptitiously as well as partially with the Catholic Church. 

The Jesuit order participated in the creation of the Illuminati Order hand in hand with the Rothschilds and (Jesuit) Weishaupt at a time when they had been banned by the pope and expelled from most countries. . Both the Illuminati order and Freemasonry are adaptations of the Jesuit organization chart and they were the ones who created the Grand Orient Lodge. They helped engineer the Illuminati's French revolution and through freemasonry, the enthronement of Napoleon. The secret nexus between Napoleon and the Jesuits was Illuminized Freemasonry. When he conquered the Papal States he imprisoned the Pope Pius VII and coerced him into reinstating the Jesuit order. From that moment the Jesuits and their masonic partners acquired covert control over the church and the Order of Malta. The Vatican was virtually forced to hand over control of their finances to the Rothschilds and has been subservient to them ever since although the current financial relationship remains unclear and the Vatican is unwilling to clarify it. (The plot to crucify Cardinal Pell is possibly related to his efforts to extricate the church from Rothschild/mafia control).

Since then and especially in October1958.com the halls of power of the church have virtually been taken over by Jewish-controlled masonic globalists as exposed among other things by the passive attitude of the church untowards Zionist crimes. 


12 short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQp00j4H3Kg

Although the authors are radical conservatives  obsessed with transforming the dogma and liturgy of the church into a holy fossil, they do demonstrate the actual infiltration of the church by freemasons and crypto-Jews,  especially as of October 1958 at a time when they were also in ultimate control of the USSR. They are also right in denouncing the destruction of the liturgy and relaxation of moral norms of conduct.

Vatican II was one of the few positive outcomes of World War II insofar as it put an end to official discrimination and satanization of the Jews but it did signify a loss in terms of the Church's spiritual power and identity. As occultists and mystics know full well, traditional rituals  define,  invoke and embody the spirit, the egregore, of a religious group. In the case of the church it was the beautiful traditional Latin Mass and Gregorian chants which created through the minds of the faithful the invocation of -and association to- the Holy Spirit. It was an important archetype in humanity's collective unconscious. That was the reason for the destruction of traditional liturgy. 

The Illuminati dedicated several generations to infiltrate and control the United States government, it's mass media and financial system and they did so with great success. Since the Renaissance, The spirit of the Catholic Church (its spirit, not the institution itself) had become associated in the collective unconscious to the archetype of angelic purity,  unconditional love and compassion so it is inevitable that these satanists should make the same effort to infiltrate control and destroy their antithesis the Catholic Church . So far they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams mainly because the world has remained unaware of the conspiracy.

This process is described in depth and in detail by Piers Compton in his banned book now only available here:

Piers Compton_The Broken Cross_The Hidden Hand in the Vatican.pdf

He prudently goes out of his way not to mention the Jews, so to complete the picture we need to look at these complementary points of view -with reservations:





As Albert Pike clearly states "remove the Kabbalah from freemasonry and what is left? Not much" watch

Their plan of action is clearly laid out in Giuseppe Mazzini's "Alta Vendita" which is the 

Judeo-Masonic blueprint for the subversion of the Catholic Church- They considered it phase 2 of the French Revolution. "That which we should await, as the Jews await a Messiah, is a Pope according to our wants. We require a Pope for ourselves, if such a Pope were possible and with such a one we shall march securely to the storming of the Church"


The first flank of attack  was obviously enough the Vatican's banking system. Where else? In the 60's and 70's under Pope Paul VI,  judeo-masonry set out to booby-trap the Vatican Bank by placing their agents  in key positions, often through financial pressures, who then lured the bank  into the Illuminati's drug-and-bribes and money-laundry racket and associated it to Roberto Calvi's Banco Ambrosiano and the Cosa Nostra... It was done just  in order to later reveal it to the world.  The Vatican  had already fallen under the control of the House of Rothschild under Napoleon, (an Illuminati freemason) whose central banking mafia  still holds most of the Vatican treasure as their means of coercion. This interdependence  makes it difficult if not impossible for Pope Francis to extricate the Vatican from this, the very heart of our satanic global dragon. It must be achieved by other means. Msgr. Scarano who is currently in jail for money laundering was baited and framed and Cardinal Pell defamed just to serve as warning to Pope Francis to "stay off their turf".  I guess he has no choice but to comply. See: www.themediareport.com

The second flank of attack was the destruction of the clergy's moral image through the creation by these infiltrators of the gay/pedophile and satanic rings within the Vatican. The pedophile scandals were an obvious ingredient of the Protocol's  conspiracy to weaken and further control  the Church. They were in part the consequence of the policies imposed upon Paul VI, who by the way was of Jewish extraction, which among other things favored gay over heterosexual candidates to ordination (**).  In many cases the crimes were committed by those infiltrators themselves or they were a set-up against those who suffered from that weakness but in most cases they are blatant lies which the church has failed to expose. Why? ¿None of those alleged victims dared mention the traumatic event to their parents, brothers, teachers or confessors ("Father, is it true that by pleasing Father Sleazy I am pleasing God and that I will I burn in hell if I tell my dad?") until 40 years later when they could be paid handsomely for it and bask in the limelight and compassion? True, the policy of the church encouraged the cover-up, but that's precisely what we are talking about: who inspired that policy and for what purpose? Until Vatican II, especially under Pius X pedophiles were turned over to the police.  It was the perfect set-up. A time bomb. 

The case against Cardinal Pell is a case in point that will stall and begin to reverse the onslaught against the church. Who are his accusers? Let's see: www.themediareport.com

PROTOCOL 17:  "When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court the finger of an invisible hand will point the nations towards this court. When, however, the nations fling themselves upon it, we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders as if to save excessive bloodshed. By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place". 


Since Vatican II the number of gay priests according to one study has risen to 45% in America where more than 1000 priests have died of AIDS (that's 10 times the national average)


At a Jewish meeting Vice-President Joe Biden praised the Jewish Community (to their consternation and anger) for being responsible for the promotion of homosexuality and same sex marriage. 


The fact of the matter is that there is a small but overwhelmingly powerful group of pseudo-jews who are Sabbatean Frankist satanists and far from respecting and practising judaism they have only one agenda: the destruction of all religions including orthodox Judaism.

Rabbi Antelman, an authority on the relationship between the Illuminati and the Sabbatean and Zionist movements makes it crystal clear in his book "To Eliminate the Opiate" (PDF here) that these movements were aimed not only at overthrowing the established order and destroying the Catholic Church but also at discrediting and undermining Judaism. There is no room in authentic Judaism for global domination and a global religion.  The same is revealed in Robison's Proof of a Conspiracy against all Governments and Religions. (PDF here). 

Zionism is the visible part of the iceberg of the synarchy which rules the world. Deep below the surface The Order which ultimately control the central banks which control the corporate and political worlds continues to unfold its satanic agenda of global control, as set out in their Protocols.

Those within the church who subscribe to the meme that the church should not question the allegations because it would "discourage their victims from coming forward and inflict even more psychological harm upon them" have consciously or not fanned the flames of this holocaust against the church. It lays waste to the fundamental tenets of our justice system "innocent until proven guilty and the right to self defense" and invites, incites, false or imaginary claims. Probably more than 70% of the allegations are either the fruit of greed -it's like  going fishing: it costs nothing and there's a fair chance of winning a million dollars- hatred of the church or a desire for limelight and compassion. They jump onto the band wagon of the media-driven frenzy to discredit -i.e destroy- the Catholic Church. It so happens that 96% of all media are owned or controlled by Supremacist Jews as mandated in their Protocols. (Ref) http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-controlledpress-6-jewish-companies-96-percent-of-all-media.html download the chart


Conclusions from Goodbye Good Men (Michael Rose - 2002): The 1960's and 1970's saw the infiltration of a corrupt sub-culture into the Catholic church to change its liturgy, mass, doctrines, disciplines, and mission. It produced a shift from the priestly model of self-sacrifice and discipline to a model of liberal self-gratification. It changed the selection procedure from one which winnows out false vocations to one which frustrates genuine vocations and assimilates those whose profiles "came out" as gays. They were rewarded with preferential treatment and ordination while seminarians who resisted permissiveness and supported the teachings and traditions of the church, on sexual morality in particular, were dismissed for being rigid and uncharitable homophobes. "Once again a moral institution has been infiltrated by deviant progressive liberals, self-centered immoral women activists, perverts and gutless submissive male administrators who have succeeded in changing this bastion of morality and godliness into a haven for Gays, Lesbians, femi-nazi nuns, evil doers and the ungodly".

The likes of Leo Zagami, Alex Jones (*), Phelps and Zimanski are clearly Zionist agents dedicated to the defamation and weakening of the church. On the other hand they are -quite legitimate- devil's advocates, prosecutors in the court of public opinion for there obviously is fire behind that smoke which they so eloquently high-light.

 The Church now needs to take a leading  role, become the prosecutors themselves and Expose the satanic sects and pedophile rings operating within the Vatican. I guess that's The Holy Spirit's "mysterious ways" of action and the ultimate reason for this Exacerbation: to ensure the rebirth of The Church by way of its liberation from the yolk of the Illuminati and the Exorcism of their satanic spirit.

I believe this battle can only be won if authentic Catholics join hands with authentic Jews and Muslims against the Sabbatean Frankists and their fascist globalists, the enemies of mankind.  (However, we must always make a clear distinction between fascist and democratic globalists such as Pope Francis...) 

It cannot be done overtly by Pope Francis for security reasons, therefore it must be through an internal movement: an association of bishops probably under the leadership of the Jesuits themselves. 

The fascist faction of the Jesuits are allowed the illusion of partaking in the power of the New World Order but in truth the original Illuminati objective of disempowering and discrediting the church is all these power mongers have achieved and they would be relegated to a subservient position in the Jewish NWO if it were ever to become a reality. Fortunately they are few and the winds of change have not bypassed the Jesuit order. We can expect it to become a reactionary force once again, but this time as church warriors against the common enemies of mankind. 

All institutions end up reflecting human nature but The Holy  Spirit  is the true soul of the church as it is of most Jesuits today so the church is Called and Designed to arise like the phoenix during the Revolution. That same Holy Spirit is also at the heart of authentic Judaism and authentic Islam and together they should expose and isolate the satanic Sabbatean Frankists who are at the core of the forces of evil in today's world.

(*) Alex Jones is brilliantly and valiantly taking on the American deep state and placing his and his family's lives on the line so we can but express our deepest gratitude and our admiration for his brilliant and inspired work. In the confrontation between the two or more factions of the Illuminati, the recycling of America's fascist deep state, one of the heads of the hydra is the first stage in the destruction of the main head of our modern dragon .

(**) It's not about condemning homosexuality. In fact it's clearly part of the natural order of things. Nature loves diversity and  it's in the genes of 10% of the population. Besides  there's no such thing as 100% heterosexuals.  It should be accepted and tolerated as part of Design. The problem arises when it is actively promoted as the norm (mainly by satanic Hollywood Illuminati pedophiles) thereby influencing children and teenagers who would otherwise make a different choice. From 10% we are now nearing 25%. The plot thickens when it is used as a weapon to degrade a society or to destroy a religious institution.

ERROR # 7:

As usual, in due time, new ideas (1989) tend to become mainstream as is the case with the notion that the Universe is pure intelligence and matter and life are the manifestation of it's in-built program.

We are getting our first inkling of the error in this assumption as we delve deeper into subatomic particles. We are discovering that as we zoom in on matter it behaves differently when it is observed by the human mind. Of course it does! Because we are an off-shoot -an integral part of- that same Mind which underlies matter and energy. 

 Excerpt from Youtube channel "Still Looking"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF1SUYhDjZ8  about

The scientific discovery of God:

History has taught us to be wary of setting limits to science: Does anyone know, do any of our religions know for sure the nature of the mind in its various spheres (individual, species, universal) and its relationship with the spiritual world? Can anyone explain the redundancy of neurons in our brains, such a unique phenomenon in nature? Suppose mind and spirit mutually define and induce each other just like electricity induces magnetism and suppose the universe was essentially pure Intelligence, energy and matter being only its most elementary manifestations and spiritual beings, its paramount manifestation. What if man was Designed to close the loop by lending his nervous system as a passive instrument for the universal intelligence to further its Designs in any given world?  Some of us have been called to explore this new frontier of science and although mental and spiritual phenomena cannot as yet be measured, their effects on the brain can… 

Each and every one of us has the potential to act as an antenna for the will of the universe.
That potential is expressed by the redundancy of our neurons.



2004 -  Biblia Universal

El foco más profundo del actual estado de guerra son algunas creencias religiosas. La exteriorización y exacerbación de este mal ha estado a cargo de los extremistas sionistas y de los cristianos sionistas. Estos últimos se han transformado en un títere y el primer engranaje de la maquina bélica anglosajona. Su alma es el espíritu guerrero inmanente en la Torah. Ha llegado la hora de que la Biblia Universal ilumine estas tinieblas y las rellene con los frutos luminosos de la evolución cultural de la humanidad. 


El mundo cristiano se hace la avestruz negándose a denunciar el lado primitivo de la letra de la Tora a tal punto que le otorga carácter divino alentando así al " único pueblo elegido de Dios"! a sacrificar en su nombre a sus hermanos palestinos.


Es inadmisible que por el hecho que la cristiandad (con el Vaticano a la cabeza) haya tolerado el holocausto judío, ahora por temor a la palabra "anti-semita" (veneno del ultra sionismo cuyo antídoto es "no matarás") se les permita hacer lo propio con los fieles guardianes de la tierra Santa. Ojo por ojo, cualquier ojo??!!.  


La exteriorización y exacerbación de los fundamentalismos es un llamado –no: un mandato- a la armonización inter-religiosa.  Esta se logrará mediante la redacción en forma simultánea de una Biblia Universal por representantes de toda la humanidad. Posiblemente en un foro virtual.  

Encontraremos una notable coincidencia de visión en todos los que han logrado conectarse con su Supramente y visualizan con amor las religiones desde esa misma perspectiva Supramental que las inspiró. 

Mi palabra no es fosilizable. Yo soy la vida y la evolución y mi palabra vive y evoluciona. La etapa de las religiones guerreras ya fué. Fueron crisoles, santuarios cerrados, similares a bochas de amatista con una infinita paz y belleza interior ... dentro de las cuales se produjo el refinamiento del espíritu humano pero ahora que hemos ascendido y ha ocurrido la incorporación de la Entidad Humana, no se ven tan bonitas desde arriba y se ha vuelto necesario que se armonicen entre si y conmigo bajo un mismo firmamento y se acepten las unas a las otras como vías equivalentes y complementarias de salvación e integración conmigo . Todas son vencedoras porque todas son Mías. 

Para cristalizar vuestra relación conmigo me he servido de cinco corrientes espirituales inducidas por la necesidad de la evolución y atraídas por cinco polos. Estos son La Ley  (Judaísmo), El Amor (Cristianismo), la Armonía íntersocial e interreligiosa (Islam), la Ascensión o relacionamiento directo (Hinduismo); las filosofías de vida (Budismo y Confusionismo). El amor es la fuerza máxima directriz de la evolución. La ley es solo un instrumento educativo y se debe interpretar dentro del marco del amor. En manos de los hombres se vuelve una trampa: es un surco profundo hacia el cual los atrae el polo visceral de su pasado evolutivo (el diablo según los escribas del judeocristianismo). En la Torah brillan en los ojos sabios las referencias a mi compasión y benevolencia y ya no las que me describen a imagen y semejanza de sacerdotes guerreros, vengativos y sanguinarios. 

En realidad si tan solo apartáramos por un instante la mirada de la materialidades (las formas, los hechos, los personajes, las afirmaciones dogmáticas) que componen nuestras religiones percibiríamos cuan cerca estamos los unos de los otros en nuestras visiones respectivas. El éxito de este emprendimiento dependerá en última instancia de que se logre la participación de las principales instituciones religiosas  lo cual será el fruto del proceso de armonización religiosa pero en una primera instancia solo será en forma anónima. 

El resultado final una vez superado el doloroso episodio de armonización de las corazas (en Realidad artificiales y accesorias), una vez atravesada esta suerte de barrera del sonido, será el fortalecimiento de todas las religiones tanto en Mis ojos como en el de sus fieles pues que nadie se engañe: en el fondo de su consciencia los mas inteligentes son plenamente conscientes de las falencias en sus dogmas: los cristianos sienten, saben,  que Yo no les exijo ni la pobreza ni la castidad ni el sufrimiento y los judíos sienten que condeno la venganza y la conquista y los islamistas que los escritos que alientan a la "guerra santa" fueron una reacción hacia las cruzadas y todos saben que en Mis ojos es una herejía negarles la salvación a los de otras religiones... Pequeñas trabas y escollos que inhiben la evolución e integración de la Entidad Humana y que la Biblia universal rectificará.

El rol del foro en el cual participarán en forma anónima miembros de esas instituciones será preparar el terreno poniendo sobre la mesa todos los temas. Ello incluiría acciones tales como: 

1)      Definir metodología: podrían seleccionarse una docena de centros de estudio dirigidos por fuentes reconocidas que en forma interactiva irían definiendo cada tema y sus textos hasta llegar al consenso y en caso de discrepancia se recurriría al voto en el foro global;  resaltar partes inspiradas de los testamentos; modular y adaptar anacronismos y partes inadecuadas; desarrollar partes incompletas; identificar sin tapujos errores y afirmaciones inaceptables;    

2)     Esbozar la estructura de la obra. Por tema? Será un libro nuevo que incorpore no solo todo lo luminoso de todos los testamentos sino del mayor numero posible de un sin numero de otras obras inspiradas; se seleccionarán los textos y se reformularán para expresar con la mayor exactitud el concepto Supramental que los inspiro buscando siempre el sincretismo y el fortalecimiento de todas las religiones; particular amor y  apoyo merecen las mas antiguas debido al mayor desfasaje cultural;

3)      crear enfoques o perspectivas supramentales que relativicen la importancia de los hechos con relación al espíritu del mensaje;  

4)      definir el marco filosófico supramental común a todas las religiones. 

5)   El Budismo que fue del agrado de Jesús tiene mucho que aportar: es una filosofía compatible con las tres y seria objeto de un trabajo paralelo junto con el Hinduismo y el Confucionismo.

Las seis principales religiones y filosofías son como los pétalos de una flor centradas en torno a la Luz Supramental ; en el nuevo enfoque quedarán intactas y aun mas luminosas pero se añadirá  una nueva capa de pétalos internos que los reflejarán pero en forma mas íntegramente luminosa, plenamente armónicos entre si y conmigo. Una interfase que permitirá entender las sombras existentes en todos los testamentos como una expresión de nuestra evolución y de la humanidad de sus escribas.



Que has hecho Israel? En que te has transformado? Te fuiste alejando gradualmente de tu espíritu verdadero, que Yo Soy,  fruto de 3000 años de refinamiento y maduración. Como y cuando ocurrió? Empezó en Auschwitz pero fue al cambiar tu yamica por el casco que me diste la espalda ... y de golpe retrocediste 3000 años.  Te has transformado en una secta del autentico Judaísmo y has sustituido sus valores mas profundos por la superficial letra (a menudo discordante) de tus mas antiguos escritos: la posesión, la conquista, la exclusividad, la espiral de venganza y violencia, el dios del poder y la guerra...Baal! 

Ya es hora de parar el péndulo de los fundamentalismos:

Estuviste en la extrema derecha al escribir la Torah; los discipulos de Jesús en la extrema izquierda al intentar rectificarla. 

Fuiste la extrema izquierda en Auschwitz, Pedro la extrema derecha. 

Eres la extrema derecha en Israel y Pedro la pasiva izquierda. 

Israel! Es porque estás en mi corazón que eres la vergüenza del universo! Si no fuese por tus crímenes yo jamás estaría poniendo en tela de juicio a la Tora pero el dolor que te infligirá es una ínfima parte del que me infliges a mi, a la humanidad y a tus hermanos los Palestinos. No crees que ya sea hora de que reacciones y denuncies a estos aberrantes políticos guerreros disfrazados de rabinos? Nunca es tarde para rectificar el rumbo. 

      Únete a mi en la formación del Acuario (o como sea que prefieras llamarlo) y verás cuan cerca estamos todos de la tierra prometida y qué fuente de leche y miel es el medio oriente en la paz de la justicia. El Mesías y la Nueva Jerusalén esperan en tu pueblo que les permitas aparecer. 



Yo soy la esencia y la consciencia de todos los hombres sea cual sea la religión a través de la cual me hablan. 

Ahora desde el polo de La Ley, te digo con Amor:

Ya me fallaste dos veces antes del amanecer: 

La primera cuando adoptaste sin reservas la letra de la Torah contradiciendo descaradamente mis enseñanzas...

y lo hiciste por poder, para satisfacer a Cesar...

La segunda cuando, como Pió XI y Pió XII, le vendiste parte de tu alma al demonio del fascismo...

Y también lo hiciste por poder, por los bienes materiales...

Ahora me agradaría verte:

* participar en forma activa (aunque fuere anónima) en la redacción de la Biblia Universal como paso previo al proceso de armonización inter-religiosa e

* invertir buena parte de tu capital especulativo en obras de interés humanitario. 

(Ideas poco católicas de este escriba:)

*Banco de apoyo a mini-empresas familiares que solo dispongan de garantías espirituales

*Crear una institución sin fines de lucro que coordine la producción y distribución de artesanías provenientes de las sociedades mas marginadas: enseñanza, suministro de materiales y herramientas, control de calidad, acopio, distribución y aún venta en comercios frente a las iglesias del norte, reservando un porcentaje para expandir la operación. 

*Crear comunidades católicas productivas mediante la adquisición de tierras en el sur para la creación de cooperativas  en base a minifundios organizados en torno a agroindustrias para la producción ecológica. La venta en forma de leasing de las parcelas permitirá la reinversión en más tierras.

*Universidades en el tercer mundo para la formación de médicos y maestros con pago de sus costos después de la graduación.

*piénsalo bien antes de canonizar a Pió XII pues no solo ofenderías al Judaísmo sino que desvalorizarías la santidad de muchos.


PS 2019 . Although these ideas are still valid I believe it's not yet time for them because they would further the Zio-Masonic NWO projects.


On the eve of your election after your speech against relativism I confess I proposed in the Higher Council that you should be excluded, inhibited. But that night I had that dream where it was I who was so tightly bound (upon a pile of garbage) that I could not breathe and I was told “this is Ratzinger’s street”, and you ascended into your Higher Plenitude. I know now it will be for the good of the church. What I don’t because it will depend on you is whether it will be in spite of you or through you. Because now, instead of wielding your power behind the scenes you will do so in the lime-Light both from above and from below.

You are the right man at the right time and there are great expectations upstairs.

The Holy Spirit and St. JPII will stand behind you at all times patiently awaiting for your beloved church to merge harmoniously together with the others into the gestating human entity.

Please forgive the disorderly, repetitive and in my own eyes impertinent nature of this message. It’s a compendium of numerous overlapping messages perceived through my own peculiar lens.  I really don’t have the time to present it properly.

It’s springtime on earth, for phase III of our metamorphosis has begun; the new bark of our old trees, better adapted to the changing environment is pressing the old to peel off.

The current metamorphosis of humankind, the formation of the Human Entity, the integration process, involves traumatic crises where the main obstacles, vices or hidden ailments which inhibit the process, are exposed and exacerbated until the core of the problem is identified, assumed as such and then recycled by the “forces vives” of society itself. This happened or is happening with the soviet empire, financial capitalism, the Anglo-American beast of war, the North-South divide, ultra-nationalism, apartheid, dictatorships, protectionism, obstacles to global self-governance, real-politik, ecology and of course religious fundamentalism. Phase III involves the more intense immanence of the Holy Spirit especially during special events or happenings prompting our leaders, urging them all simultaneously to take a more proactive part in the harmonization process; as in 1987-1992 it will I hope imply a total cleansing of our Karmic slate –an extraordinary opportunity for peace- with new positive, creative, plenituding Supramental assistance but at the same time more stringent internal demands on those who antagonize their own conscience and block the process.

Evolution of Religions.

Our Mother’s love for its churches and religions is wholehearted and unconditional.  She patiently awaits their evolution but, although Her Love underlies it, the natural socio-biological process involved in the holistic cure and Vectorial evolution of humankind, is relentless and inescapable. We can either resist it and let it run its traumatic course or we can create Vectorial highways to help it along in a gradual and controlled manner. They belong to the universal socio-biological laws which govern the birth and development of social entities in every world. Although it requires only minor adaptations, whether or not your church follows the smoother path depends on you. The only part of your dogma which is really an obstacle to our integration is the denial of the right of salvation to others. 

God has smiled benevolently over His myriad religions the universe over as in their early stages they always claimed His exclusive favour with the implicit demonization of all others. But as we enter the age of information/communication/integration, his smile sometimes turns into a worried frown. Religions are becoming conscious of their common calling as the crown chakra of humankind but they are still at odds with each other, each is still the only path to salvation...

If religions were defined as the expression of a society’s relationship with the divine, as perceived through the lenses of its particular culture, then although they all crystallize around different nuclei (a philosophy, a happening, a legend, a person) and along different axes (cultural paradigms), it stands to reason that they are called to evolve on a par with their culture and adapt to new emerging realities without forasmuch mutating their genetic identity or spirit in any way. Under the New Light of the Age of Integration an additional Intention Force appears which calls upon these crystalline structures to evolve in depth, to seek and incorporate and respect their common stalk their common Guiding Spirit and to allow their complementary messages and special contributions to become mutually reinforcing.

All our ancient religions have slowly matured and crystallized and mellowed through the ages and they tend to become the expression of our most ideal and refined identity. And yet it is precisely their antiquity and the very natural tendency of all societies to protect their structures and ideologies from the aggressions of their competitors by fortifying them that leads them to petrify them to the point of fossilization and constitutes the gravest obstacle to their further evolution. Custom and tradition can never be allowed to supersede the voice of our Higher Conscience. The apostles never imagined their religion –their sect in fact-would be adopted by the Roman Empire and that their words would be enshrined for 2000 years the world over. The spirit which inspired them was not superior to the Holy Spirit which is immanent within you and your sages. Do not underestimate Him by denying Him the opportunity to continue to express Himself. When our religions’ founders laid their foundations they did so in response to the prevailing mentality of their societies counting on its leaders in future generations to take it upon themselves to adapt these norms and precepts to the new sets of values, cultural refinement and knowledge.

He craves for his sages and mystics, for you yourself, to update adapt and refine their scribes’ words.

It’s true that in a turbulent world with such dynamic and chaotic cultural changes our main religions are standing out as vital and welcome bastions -havens of sanity and centrality- and that to resist the howling winds of change they need to be stronger and more solid than ever. But that’s precisely the point: they must seek the balance between the old and the new so that our new society can continue to identify itself with -and feel at home in- their churches. Religions with such an incommensurably powerful spirit need not concentrate so obstinately on being faithful to the letter of their old writings

When a group of architects and craftsmen builds a construction, a work of art, a discipline, a doctrine, which is the expression of a mental/spiritual being, although the actual materials used may be different, if the inspiring spirit is the same, then they are the same…the difference is generated in the viewer’s mind because he focuses on materiality. This becomes particularly patent in the latter stages of the construction when the spirit is taken for granted and the craftsmen focus on ever more sophisticated but at the same time secondary or irrelevant intricacies and peripheral facets or pay undue attention to the letter of the old writings.

New religions and sects, often plagued with threats to the integrity of our societies are appearing which, despite their shortcomings, extremism and even downright noxiousness have renounced some of Judeo-Christianity’s most obvious mistakes. They are often road-signs of new directions, adjustments and requirements for the traditional churches.

When the scriptures were incorporated as a package into the dogmas common people could neither read nor write and it was left to the priests to interpret the word. The Quran for instance was transmitted orally, recited aloud, one passage linked to another so as to convey the overarching spirit. Now every individual seeks in the literal interpretation justifications for almost any behaviour, from the confiscation of Palestinian land and state terrorism to the Holy Wars and the vilest acts of terror. In order to really eradicate the problem we should identify those passages of the scriptures which were not of divine inspiration and update those that were so as to eliminate the contradictions between the spirit and the letter.

We should admit that of the many authors who contributed to the old scriptures some were more interested in their personal agendas and power than with revelation and others depicted God in their own image. We cannot expect Islam to do it if we fail to reciprocate, so there really is no alternative. The price of not doing so will very soon be to discredit the entire Old Testament and Quran in our collective conscience.

The older the books the more they need revision and interpretation in the context of their time and culture. Christ’s main urge was to counter some of the teachings of the Torah, which let’s face it, have no place in the civilized world.

Our older books are so eclectic, with such contradictory and even barbaric assertions that they have become quite offensive to our Higher Conscience and an obstacle for our evolution and integrity. In fact, they have become the root cause of our wars, injustice and insecurity.

* Thou shalt not kill / Kill all the inhabitants of Jericho (except the town whore);

* Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house / Go into Palestine and appropriate their land, houses, culture, milk and honey;

* God is merciful / The sinner’s children will be damned to the fourth generation

* Leave justice to God / Take an eye for an eye.

When we are told by one of the scribes of the Old Testament that God ordered Joshua and his horde of barbarians to murder every man woman and child in Jericho and to steal the fruits of generations of hard work from the more civilized Canaanites… that it was all God’s doing, because He had chosen the Israelites as His exclusive people and promised them all the land from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates… we can but smile with compassionate understanding at the underlying psychology and strategy but we cannot, lest we deny the nature of God and our own conscience, attribute those words to God. That of course is beyond question, but it serves to prove that we must beware of crystallizing our religions around their earlier writings and have the courage of calling a hat a hat even if tradition tells us it is a cat.  If we allow all of the Old Testament to be “sacred” in our children’s heart we are either inviting the devils of war and hatred and conquest and extreme nationalism and violence and revenge to be their guiding spirit or inviting them to discredit the book as a whole, which would also be a crime.

If three thousand years ago when the norm was to conquer and make war God was the God of the armies, the God of war, should we, now that we realize that violence and egoism are the expression of what remains of the beast within us, continue to conquer and make war, continue to adore the demon of war? Should we renounce 3000 years of cultural and mental evolution just to protect the untouchability of an old book?

The teachings of the Torah must be seen as rough foundation stones so that all the attention is drawn to the beautiful powerful structure of Judaism which was laboriously built upon them with layer upon layer of increasingly refined and inspired teachings. It is only recently, that radical Zionist Judaism betraying the spirit of Judaism proper tried to turn this beautiful structure upside down. A self-defeating crime as time will tell.

All those who, having the power to act, fail to do so bear their share of responsibility for the future consequences of religious fanaticism.

We are paying the price for breaking a fundamental law of the universe: never to impose as sacred the opinions of any man.

The biggest handicap faced by all religions today is the difficulty of recognizing that although their scriptures are sacred insofar as they represent a society’s earliest effort to understand and interact with God, in order to be written they had to pass through the minds of men…that in Truth they were all written by men. What is sacred is not the resulting interpretation or culturally translated expression it is the spirit, the divine rays of Supramental Light which inspired some of them. Some, for not all were honest efforts to express a revelation. Much of the earlier scriptures, mainly in the Torah are clearly efforts to control and unite the population under the authority of the warrior-priests.

Indeed, exerting power over their followers is the underlying intention implicit in much of the Torah; preserving power was behind the urge to crucify Jesus and so was St Paul’s assertion that those who would question the authority of his church would be anti-Christs. Your church has preserved its power so well that we haven’t had a single Christian prophet for 2000 years. A time may come when power becomes a sword with two edges when men use it against the will of God.

Christ cannot be circumscribed by a dogma, because He is the idealization of man, the Human Entity, all men, regardless of creed. When he said he was the son of God he referred to his broader identity, humankind.

Which of these so-called monotheistic religions can claim to have conquered the world?  None, for they were Designed to coexist and be complementary and mutually reinforcing. A god who is not for all regardless of peripheral beliefs tends to become an idol, a vain instrument of power and, as in the sad case of Zionist “Judaism”, which has thoroughly renounced the divine spirit of Judaism proper… a demon.

Revelations come in the form of mental/spiritual beings with a message; like mental angels haunting the messenger: a concept, a meaning, also an urge to express it. But we interpret them or translate them into words according to our understanding, our agenda, the current problems affecting our society, within the limits of our reason and personal worldly knowledge. Most of my own expressions will be just a fleeting and partial glimpse of those “Beings” while others will be misinterpretations or, when the connection is lost, just personal ideas. You will Know. The ultimate intention of God is for my words to evoke in the reader his own probably finer perception or revelation.

Jewish laws and scriptures were imported wholesale into the Christian patrimony by the powerful, despite Christ’s contradictory teachings, in order to make room for their power games: to justify their wars and conquests in the name of the Lord.  Without the right to avenge and retaliate where would Bush and his Christian Zionists stand?

Christianity was a reaction to those extremes, and although radical reactions are often necessary to rectify the course of a ship once that is accomplished a balanced course must be set. For instance: “We must neither take an eye nor offer the other cheek but with tolerance and patience we must utilize the higher power which God gave us for this purpose and Know the immanence of the holy spirit in our aggressor and then rely on both laws that of God and that of men to set things straight. Only when such a course is impossible due to imminent danger is force justified”. Same spirit, revised letter.

Likewise, if two thousand years ago society was entirely run by men, and women were subservient and relegated to the kitchens it is understandable that Jesus’ disciples and the apostles did not take them into account, but Jesus who is the best part of each of us would today be the first to integrate women in his churches on a par with men. They offer God an easier route to the higher levels of consciousness because they are more intuitive.

The factors which made me step aside from my beloved Catholic church when I began my spiritual quest are probably the same for the millions of God-loving people the world over who have done the same. If I remained I would have been dislocated: a sinner in its eyes while Knowing I was not in the eyes of my Higher Conscience which like everyone else’s is none other than God. A part of me, my individual ego, would have been striving for success and prosperity while my religion pulled me in the opposite direction. One of the most fundamental of human rights and the highest and most powerful urge and motivation which drives mankind is the quest for self-realization and plenitude and peace of mind.  A religion which inhibits those values is dysfunctional.

The following are what I perceive in all humility and uncertainty as a few suggestions which St. JPII now liberated from his chains and embraced and inspired by our Mother is trying with infinite love to convey unto you.

30 years ago as I developed my personal spiritual philosophy I concluded that dogmas are consumer products which are destined to become just another source of philosophical options and that instead of imposing them the churches should help individuals achieve their own personal illumination and higher integration and then, in freedom, construct their personal spiritual and mental frames, their own sets of beliefs. Now, however, I believe that just as St Peters cathedral will always stand there as a universal safe-haven, dogmas are necessary because of the unwillingness or inability of most people to embark on such inner journeys which, to bear real fruits, require time and a special atmosphere neither of which are available to most people in these turbulent times:


I then stated my belief that in matters of faith Truth and Reality are relative: they are relative to functionality; that beliefs prove to be True when and if these beliefs are both Vectorial (good for the whole and congruent with designed evolution) and functional (they serve their believers by providing them with greater spiritual and functional plenitude). 

One might conclude that if the monotheistic religions are based on different beliefs they are incompatible; that if one is true then the others cannot be. But that is not so because it is not the facts, stories, events, individuals, phenomena around which religions have crystallized that matter it is the inspiring spirit, the lines of force, the axis of crystallization, the urge, the aim, the cause which motivated their appearance which matter.

Relativism is evil when its bottom line is to undermine any or all religions; but it is a call from God when it is aimed at their survival and reinforcement.

Well understood relativism aims at delving deeper into the common foundations of all religions to find the common ground, that quintessential motivation or spirit which gave birth to them all and to recognize the right to salvation – that most fundamental of human rights- for all regardless of creed…

And if you were to escape for an instant from the prison of your dogma and mental paradigm as St JPII now has and saw from God’s own vantage point the immense variety of religions such as yours in the universe you would understand that they are all as different as they are Valid and True. In every world, in every civilization God has sought and chosen different individuals, events, happenings, legends which serve as focus point for the lenses through which the minds of entire civilizations can look up towards him in unison and See Him and Hear Him and receive Him. They all fit into the same overall master plan and they are often complementary: in their successive appearance they reflect Gods desire to add some element to the evolving process of spiritual crystallization.

I have been led to compare them to the petals of the rose of the desert that flower of quartz which crystallizes with such harmony and beauty under the sun each petal representing a different approach to the divine within us. However, in order for each of those sacred and perfect petals to be forever whole and emanate the divine light they need to acquire the conscience of belonging to this great flower -which is none other in the Eyes of God than the crown chakra of humankind- so that the forces of chaos are extinguished and absorbed by the spirit of global integrity and harmony… But in today’s revolving world now that mankind has entered the concert of ascended worlds these petals will begin to decay and lose their Light and consistency if their leaders fail to seek and install their common stalks. Abraham if you will. We must perceive and admit relativism only at the deepest or highest level for in the Eyes of God they are all TRUE.


Money is the blood of the human entity. It is the means for most of men’s realizations creativity and plenitude. A religion that encourages poverty and denounces prosperity is dysfunctional and doomed.

Egoistic ambition, greed, avarice, indifference are different things.

Some Christian sects have perceived this fundamental flaw in the Catholic dogma and consequently are growing exponentially and some like the Brazilian Universal Church, “the merchants of faith” have obviously gone astray by allowing their own prosperity to become the key factor and by promoting belief in witchcraft and their exclusive ability to destroy the “demons” which they themselves help to create.

Christ’s message adapted to today’s world is that it is our duty to strive for economic independence and sufficiency in accordance with the standards of the society we live in and once this level is attained further enrichment should also benefit our social environment. The richer we become the more responsible we should be and the more we should attend to the needs of the poorest.

Re.: What God expects of us is responsibility in proportion to prosperity beyond the threshold of sufficiency so that our further economic growth contributes to the prosperity of those around us.

Different reality, different letter, same spirit. 

In those days the rich considered the poor as their servants and it was virtually impossible for a poor man to prosper, so when Jesus is purported to have said it was more difficult for a rich man to be saved than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle his scribe did not worry about the day when every man would have the chance to prosper because he trusted in your ability to keep the scriptures alive by adapting the essence of its message to your times. The metaphor can nevertheless be applied today by creating a needle of global scale which is none other than the globalization of democracy and through it of prosperity. In today’s world to preach and encourage poverty or suffering is synonymous of preaching death, for money is the life-fluid of the human entity.

Europe in particular needs to beware of this for despite God’s hopes of adapting the European Constitution to the rest of the world; it will not grow any further physically until it grows up spiritually: its further evolution must necessarily pass through the prosperity of the South.


By assimilating pleasure, sensuality, sexuality to the devil we are either dissociating people’s souls by divorcing their minds from their spirits or chasing away innumerable God-beloved brethren. The deepest essential foundation which inhibits rectification of this sad situation is Christianity’s axiomatic belief that suffering is good and therefore all pleasure is “of the devil”…

Sexual abstinence, suffering, asceticism, sainthood are all instruments available to those who choose a path of direct interaction with God. But what is good for priests and mystics is neither demanded of nor necessarily good for the common man. Dogmas, laws, sense of sin must be for all. Within the foundations of Christianity we find, deeply embedded, the Jewish prejudice against sexuality. Whereas a strong sexual appetite and a redundant endocrine system blocks out –by outshining it- the spiritual urge… priests, monks and mystics with few exceptions including myself  tend to have relatively low sexual urges or willingly undergo a long and painful process of distillation. Could it be that the early priests set the bar so high for their flocks because it gave them a sense of superiority and increased their ascendancy, their power?

The spiritual quality of sexuality depends on the mind-set and for the faithful this means the dogma. The eastern religions may go a bit too far in the opposite direction but I perceive that the balance, God’s vision, lies in a doctrine which teaches that sex without spiritual love is a neutral event, neither evil nor divine (although often a prelude to spiritual love) while sex within spiritual love is a channel a vehicle a medium for the very Life of God, provided our mind (dogma) permits it. The simultaneous physical and spiritual orgasm of two people spiritually in love is an orgasm for God Him/Herself.

There are different roads to spiritual ecstasy for different people and one of them can be found in the pleasure of a fruitful spiritual love.

The time may have come to choose between a church/dogma which calls for the unattainable ethereal purity of perfection, an angelical idealization of life, divorced from nature, from the body; a distant shining light, the northern star, which indicates a general direction …or a church into whose body all can merge and identify, spirit, soul, body and skin…a church for humans not angels.

Because spirit and mind are two inseparable components of the soul and because like magnetism and electricity, they reciprocally induce and define each other, when we create a mental prejudice against the spiritual potentialities of sexuality we are committing a triple sin: we are inhibiting the plenitude of the soul by creating a sense of guilt i.e., dissociating mind and spirit; precluding or inhibiting spiritual orgasm and worst of all we are driving our youths away from our churches.

Puritanism is an attempt by priests to extrapolate their special idiosyncrasy to the rest of society thereby also deriving a sense of their own superiority and exerting undue authority over their followers… an evil heritage of the Middle Ages…A mistake which must now be rectified. All deviations from God’s real will are seeds of inner decay

Believing that sexuality is in any way related to “the devil” produces the imaginary alienation of your victims which in turn leads many to conclude: “what the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound” paving the way for real sins or crimes. You have to all effects and purposes either crippled that person’s soul or succeeded in chasing it from our churches.

God understands it’s hard for your church to make substantial changes to its laws especially at this time when mankind desperately needs a steadfast rock of fundamental values and it may believe any sign of weakness will make it more vulnerable… but that need not be the case as changes can be introduced gradually and each Vectorial change will reinforce it.

Homosexuality:  the winds of freedom are blowing our society off course in matters of homosexuality; instead of stopping at understanding and tolerance it has veered into promotion greatly influencing our adolescents at a time of uncertainty and a crime far worse than child abuse is being committed by legalizing the right to adoption.

Abortion: of course there is a spiritual crime when we create a soul and then destroy it…we are thwarting, upstairs, an entire life Project. But the consequences of having an unwanted or unmanageable child can be just as serious. There is only one solution that I can perceive to the dilemma: that the churches of the world and/or a special UN organ set up an effective and immediate adoption mechanism for unwanted children, maybe on a tentative basis, so that accidental pregnancies need not result in murder.

Birth and demographic control in today’s world is a vital moral obligation… life must be managed wisely. It is a crime to promote the conception of unwanted or unmanageable children. Your policy is based on the false premise that sex was designed exclusively for procreation. In Truth it is first a vehicle for the plenitude of God-in-Love. Then once this love has crystallized and bloomed (with the aid of sex) it becomes the means for procreation. Preaching abstinence instead of contraception is an involuntary crime against all the unwanted, underfed children that will ensue, to say nothing of aids.

Pre-marital sex is desirable simply because sex  is good but also as an insurance against divorce and the suffering of children.


Although suffering and poverty serve the purpose of awakening our compassion for the suffering and poverty of others, there is really no justification for the Christian tendency to welcome them…except for the symbol of the cross.

The choice of the cross as the main symbol of Christianity was a reflection of the intense stress and suffering of the early Christian martyrs. Is it not time to water down, to normalize, that terribly intense wine by putting the cross in the background (after all the crucifixion was by no means the outstanding event of his life, especially if we consider He is very much alive!) and in the forefront the glorious victorious image of Christ, with wide open arms in a universal blessing????! That way when we behold Him, in those states of deep receptivity, we may be inspired with feelings of joy and hope and plenitude and love instead of the urge to suffer with Him!

Besides why must He be naked?  Why this lack of respect both towards him and towards women: why should a novice be forced to adore the naked tortured body of a man… Could it be a reflection of St. Peter’s syndrome?  Could the intention have been … to stress the sinful nature of women and to defy their chastity… to provoke “the devil” of their sexuality?

The Devil

Devils are very real… creations of man. They take the form of mental/spiritual beings; ideologies; philosophical structures which underlie certain social structures, (such as today’s case studies, Ultra-Zionism, The Anglo-American beast of war and its mirror image Islamic Extremism).

Of course, in Reality, in The Realm, despite general belief, the devil as a spiritual entity or force does not Exist, for in Truth, The Realm is a “Study in White” or a Body of Light where only the divine Exists and provided we remain within it all external shadows will remain just that. Absence or weakness of The Spirit in a person is the cause of evil and the cure comes, not from exorcism, but from the invocation or -better- the Knowledge of the Holy Spirit’s immanence in all people. The love of men also plays a fundamental role and here again our set of beliefs is fundamental: if we Know that behind this weakness lies dormant the Holy Spirit we are invoking It and empowering It; whereas if we believe it is the devil we create it and we inhibit Normalization. Much of what God now wants to add to his religions hinges around such nuances and subtleties regarding our mental outlook and education.

In matters of Faith Reality much depends on perception: in our minds reality is powerfully conditioned by our beliefs. Our minds, which are imperfect projections of the Supramind have some of God’s own qualities insofar as they have the ability to create, to influence the minds and souls of others, the spiritual/mental world. One of the consequences of this freedom is what we call “the devil”. In fact the only “forces of evil”, are those created by the minds of spiritually weak men. Evil is absence or weakness of The Spirit.  Man is not a battlefield between the forces of God and The Devil but between The Holy Spirit and what remains of the beast in man; between man’s spiritual destiny and his evolutionary past; between God and the (subordinated) forces inherent in mother-nature.

The concept of the devil was invented by the early scribes of the Torah mainly for their own empowerment. The flock relies on the priests to face down the demi-god.  Power as usual the bottom line. 

By inventing and institutionalizing a “force of evil”, a demi-God, we have contributed to create hell on earth and in our own minds. On the one hand we have invented a formidable opponent and created a battle-field scenario in which the individual feels permanently exposed and vulnerable; fear breeds preemptive aggression against those he believes use that power against him; in turn the Laws of God produce the inevitable response… a truly vicious circle which can easily evolve into paranoia and alienation. On the other hand the belief in a force of evil empowers the weak of spirit for the misuse of their creative abilities.  And then there is the dependence on others - even addiction - to fight their “battle” for them...

As with other un-True beliefs it is being recycled in this phase of our metamorphosis.

Exacerbation and Exposure are the prelude to Extirpation.

Another player, in a totally different league, which we also assimilate to the devil, is what I would call the Angel of Provocation. He is the “sparring partner” of our personal angel whose aim it is to assist us in developing our spiritual muscles. Other, similar (arch)angels are sent down to generate the crises that will assist the Human Entity to overcome the main obstacles in its metamorphosis, to cure its main ailments. We might call them X-Archangels:  Exacerbation, Exposure, Extirpation. They induce the manifestation of our occult vices or ailments so that we can cure or extirpate them.


A caricaturesque exacerbation of this phenomenon can be seen in the devastating, catastrophic effects churches like the Brazilian Universal Church of the Kingdom are having over the Latino population.

However with their renovated approach they are contributing fresh concepts and practices which may be sign-posts for the more serious religions. They have discovered and smartly applied some of the secrets of the mental/spiritual world.

They are brilliant salesmen of faith: faith in their ability to mobilize God but also faith in demons and in their own exclusive ability to vanquish them. Their consumer package also includes fear. Fear of witchcraft and fear of their neighbors: of all those who do not belong to the sect, which leads to paranoia and alienation. They consciously create a relationship of dependence akin to a drug. They induce or empower by suggestion and even mass hypnosis the mental “demons” they exorcise. With the enormous sums of money they obtain from their coercive extortions they buy media time and set out to attain two goals: on one hand to convince mainly poor or suffering people that they are bewitched or possessed by demons and on the other -by showing videos of miraculous cures and prosperity- that God is working miracles (which He always is). Then they create the hypnotic atmosphere required for maximum receptivity to suggestion and because their audience is convinced that God will manifest Himself at the climax of the ceremony, He does and miracles do occur, the Holy Spirit is always available: collectively, through the synergy of collective faith, in the mind and soul of each individual; they involve the audience itself in active participation and they create a mental association between God’s Intervention and concrete things or events… A very well conceived mental/spiritual exercise which, cleansed of its dark side, is edifying... (In the Catholic ritual that could be the eucharist and the final blessing but the mental association and faith in the minds of the both the priests and the faithful may be missing or insufficient).

Unfortunately their bottom line, is making money and both miracles and satanism (if defined as promoting faith in the power of the devil) are means to that end: two sides of a very well polished coin

The result is on one hand addiction, paranoia and greater involvement in witchcraft (fear incites preemptive aggression) and on the other encouragement of the wicked who derive assurance (power) from their increased faith in the forces of evil.

Conclusion: belief in the devil is a self-defeating aberration and sects such as these are agents of revelation.

Real Churches should now develop the laws of the mind to promote the well-being of their people and underline that instead of a power witchcraft is a back-lashing weakness in the presence of God provided we remain within the Realm but that, conversely, by antagonizing our conscience we lose spiritual immunity and become vulnerable to exogenous mental/spiritual aggressions and to various endogenous mechanisms of self-punishment which are always exclusively aimed at enlightenment, never an aim in itself.

Metamorphosis: Phase III.

At last this horrendous phase is coming to an end and phase III has timidly begun. The self-immolation and destruction in the Lower Chamber of all that is wrong and evil now shifts to the Higher Chamber where God acts through his immanence, from within the individuals and structures, with different instruments such as a stronger conscience and a greater direct influence over the individuals involved. This does not mean the beast of war and selfish power has come out of this battle victorious, on the contrary: in Phase III the process will accelerate but now instead of happening from without it will also happen from within and will continue until the Beast of War has completed its self-immolation. The pied piper is playing his role well enough.

Transcendental happenings will begin to occur around those individuals who spear-head the integration processes, especially the global structural integration and the religious.

None of the main ailments of mankind can be resolved without installing our immune system, our Global Crown: the institutions for a democratic form of global self-governance. Like the stones of an arch, this crown will not be functional unless we simultaneously install all the vital elements. Laws, justice, enforcement, religious harmonization and control of global policies by the wise instead of the powerful: 5 stones for this arch; leave one out and it simply won’t stand.

Cowardice and lack of faith has characterized our political and spiritual leaders so far in this respect; unlike the early Christians they seem to believe the power of Caesar is greater that that of God so they won’t even think of an alternative blueprint for our society. They make pathetically useless pleas for peace and come up with road-maps to no-where, instead of proposing a comprehensive global strategy: Spiritual leaders should focus pragmatically on the overall solutions to mankind’s main problems instead of leaving it to the powerful who are only interested in preserving the status quo. We must devise institutions which will ensure that strategic policies to combat injustice and poverty are drawn up by the wisest instead of the ruthless. There and only there lies the nemesis of the beast of war.

In my humble opinion, they should call on our constituent assembly, the parliament of parliaments, now integrated through the internet to vote whether or not we need to consider a complete overhaul of our organs of global governance and if so, to designate a council of sages to draw up such a blueprint.

Maybe the UN can be the central forum but it will never make real reforms on its own… its charter inhibits change and the ruling troika will see to that. Therefore we must do it ourselves, and because we cannot afford to make mistakes or take halfway measures we need the intervention of the sages and mystics who alone can see God’s Design and can perceive the deeper causes of our dysfunctionality. 

Under the banner of the war on terror that this monster has conjured up with the assistance of its partner, Al Qaeda, they are proposing a fake reform of the UN which only institutionalizes the very forces of chaos which provoked the crisis in the first place. God within you, within us all is incommensurably more powerful than they and He only awaits a signal form His spiritual representatives,  to bestow his own power and instruments on those who dare…defy the dragon.

There is great dismay upstairs over our spiritual leaders’ failure to react and St JP is the one who suffers most. The main thing he now regrets is that despite the clamor from many visionaries and sages he failed to focus on mankind’s global structural reorganization, instead of making so many futile calls for peace in Justice