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Religious fundamentalisms (extremisms) such as Christian Zionism,  the current crusader spirit (war on incited terror), Radical Islam (Wahhabism), Sabbatean Frankism, Chabad Hassidism, Kabbalistic Satanism are demonic egregores which antagonize and thwart the plenitude of humanity. They are at the core of our deepest conflicts and invite us, incite us, to develop the opposite egregore, the one which will make us whole, the only one capable of outshining these grotesque and downright idiotic fundamentalisms: a spirit of religious synergy, symbiosis and syntonicity where diverse views instead of generating division reinforce and empower each other. 

The means to such a Designed goal lies in the emergence of the missing bible: Abraham's bible, the common stalk or heart of the flower of monotheistic religions, and the internet is it's 

Designed vehicle. 

Religious fundamentalism is the spirit of our next dragon which we shall confront once we have finished dealing with our corporate parasite.

Most of these egregores are being cultivated  by the Zionist/Illuminati demon as a fundamental instrument for the realization of its Protocols program.

C0llectively we shall draw up The Protocols of the Human Entity, our immune system, The Constitution.

As man's perception of God passes through the lens or prism of our common conscience it takes on different forms depending on the nature of its messenger and his message. Just like the colors these religions and wavelengths are complementary because none of them on their own are complete: diversity produces integrity. Each religion arose as a complement of the existing ones including Buddism which inspired Jesus and Zoroastrianism which inspired Judaism and Islam which is based on and fully respects Christianity and Judaism. Without in any way changing the spirit or the letter of these religions, these messages, Abraham's bible should tend to offer such a prism: a lens which should assist us to perceive the common ray of supramental white light which generated each and every religion through the minds of our prophets. Reverse engineering: A prism can split white light into different colours, but it can also receive those different colours and add them together to produce white Light. 

As soon as they make room for the salvation of others, each of our religions will shine with the same original divine natural white Light of The Mind of the universe. That white light will outshine -and reveal the nature of- fundamentalist aberrations.

My three incomplete and flawed Middle-Eastern bibles are like the petals of a flower which now clamour for their common stalk, a joint closing chapter: Abraham’s Universal Bible. It will be mutually reinforcing and in harmony with My other primeval fountains, Buddhism and Hinduism (as Jesus was). Our wisest spiritual leaders who created the most successful religions all called for their followers to allow their beliefs to evolve and grow, like a tree, in harmony with their cultural evolution and in harmony with all other religions. They also respected the most basic universal law: never to enshrine as sacred the words and opinions of any man. Here on earth, due to your belligerence, you have become obsessed with the preservation and immutability of your ancient writings: you have turned them into anachronistic holy fossils and they have become the main cause of your disharmony and dysfunctionality".  


They explain why the earth is not the paradise it was Designed to be. 

Time for change.


The authors of Mark, Luke and Matthew belonged to a school of thought which proposed that for a new religion to be successful it needed powerful incentive at a time when they were struggling to attract adepts despite their persecution, and they chose... FEAR.  Sad mistake which in no way decreases the immense power of the overall message.

They established a dialectical confrontation between God and Satan. They virtually created Satan with his kingdom of evil and his host of demons... which could only be exorcised by Christian priests. 

To that effect they set out to put words into Jesus' mouth, words which I believe he never uttered. 

The author of John (who died young as a martyr) and Paul apparently believed such a strategy was totally redundant because their followers did not need it to transform their sect into the most powerful religion on earth. They make virtually no reference to demonic possession or exorcisms. Jesus cured mental and physical ailments by Knowing the immanence and perfection of God-within-us, The Light and The Love instantly eliminated the darkness but I believe he did not promote belief in any spiritual power other than God's.

In fact demons are only mentioned three or four times in the old testament and they are presented as agents of God (E.g. Job). The devil is the prosecutor, the accuser in the court of heaven. Also the temptation which generates or demands spiritual fortitude (which the Muslims call Jihad). There aren't any demons or devils in either the Greek or the Egyptian religions (although they are abundant in Persian Zoroastrianism).

All demons are human creations,  projections of the believer's own mind. Without the intervention of the human mind they are totally devoid of any existential status. Ultimate reality in each world is in truth generated by the collective mental outlook or chosen paradigm of its society.  Normal sane people generate their personal angels, their personal paradise on earth. Psychopaths, sociopaths and spiritually weak or immature people generate demons and their own private hell on earth. 

Demons are the expression and the result of the configuration of a person's mind: by configuration I mean the philosophical decisions and attitudes every individual takes regarding his relationship with society and the universe, the conjunction of thought patterns which characterize him and the biochemical balance of his brain . They are the manifestation of the individual's inclination to evil, i.e to the dark regions or facets of The Mind. This inclination in turn is often determined by the relative gravitation of his neo-cortex and the reptilian core of the brain (the more primeval regions of his brain) as well as by the person's genes and personal experiences (mainly lack of love).

This confrontation between the dark and the bright regions of The Mind is also the expression of the conflict between what remains of the beast in man and his Higher calling.

Magnetism is to electricity as the spirit is to the mind. Every mental state, every mental configuration generates its spiritual counterpart. This implies that all the mental variables mentioned above generate their spiritual counterpart. That's when demons appear in the psyche of dark-mind people.

Free will comes coupled to The Laws of The Mind and very often the ill-use of the powers of the mind result in endogenous reactions such as insanity, psychosomatic ailments and apparent demonic possession. The temptation of evil is there for each of us to develop our spiritual muscles and overcome it. Also, through the use our free will to learn about The Laws of The Mind. Exogenous mental and psychosomatic effects including madness and apparent possession can unfortunately also be induced through black magic (when the victim has a low level of spiritual immunity sometimes due to his misbehaviour) but in turn an endogenous back-lash inevitably affects the attacker, sooner or later, in one way or another. 

Actually, every sentiment, every thought, every attitude towards others produce effects not only upon those others but upon ourselves, because The Mind is one and we are a part of a single mental/spiritual unit. Thought control is just as important as self-control. Thoughts behave somewhat like angels a phenomenon clearly exemplified by inspirations, inventions  and creative masterpieces.

Revelations are ideas, thoughts of The Mind which like angels haunt the messenger until he expresses it and reveals it to the world.

The Zionist globalists in the prosecution of their Protocols program go out of their way to promote the notion of extraterrestrial or dis-incarnated beings or entities (always portrayed as demons) in their efforts to denigrate and invalidate any expression of mysticism and religiousness. Religion and the God of Love are anathema to the satanic illuminist globalists. All this hype is aimed at empowering the satanists to attract followers to their sects and also to divert the blame for their atrocities.  According to David Icke, it's not the Illuminati's fault, it's the reptilians' (although in all other aspects the man is a mystic, a visionary and a prophet).

Throughout history those whose calling was to connect to the higher regions of The Mind were called prophets or mystics. Today they are written off as "channels of demonic beings". 

Whatever the case may be regarding extraterrestrial civilizations and their relationship to us, whatever their intentions towards us may be, we must never forget that they are as immanent with -and dependent upon- The Mind as we are and therefore they are as responsible to its laws and susceptible to Design as each one of us is. We must never allow the notion of dark alien forces to deter us from our quest for Designed universal harmony.

 The problem is that we imagine the universe according to our own mental paradigm where evil lurks behind every tree whereas in reality we are like adolescent rebels, babies in the concert of ascended humanities. All our connections or channelings are in reality with the different facets of The Mind. Man's imaginary relationship with such alien entities are just manifestations of the activity or reactivity of The Mind. God adapts His responses to whatever we throw at him: every belief system opens up its own avenues of communication and and interaction and He utilizes and welcomes all our systems of belief to lead us towards some measure of perception of His identity and The Truth. If there were any aliens hiding on the dark side of the moon planning to take over the world they would have done so thousands of years ago.

 Lightworkers need not, should not take into account or address the influence of possible malevolent entities or aliens or  disincarnated entities because whatever their nature is they belong to The Mind/Spirit of the Universe. No entity, no spiritual or physical being can escape the influence of The Universe and its Laws. Once a lightworker has succeeded in establishing a connection between The Mind and the collective conscience of his world he acquires the ability to address such external influences but he should focus only  to the plenitude of the Human Entity within The Plenitude of the Body of Light of the universe and allow its laws to apply. 

Although The Truth and Reality are unfathomable for man, i.e. we can only get a vague glimpse of it, there is an invariable guide-line: we should always choose those features, that cosmological paradigm which is both functional (i.e. contributes to the plenitude and harmony of man both as individuals and as a species) and vectorial (i.e. congruent with The Vector or force-field of Designed Evolution) rather than those which produce fear, division, strife and disharmony.  A good example is the case at hand (belief in an independent force of evil). Also: Christ cannot be circumscribed by a dogma, because He is the idealization, the pure essence, of man. The Human Entity, all men, regardless of creed. 

The truth of the matter is that The Mind is like a multi-faceted crystal very much like a finely carved diamond and we are free to choose the facet which appeals to us most and establish a relationship with it. When we do we become immersed within a whole world of phenomena which resonate like an echo with our mental/spiritual frame of mind. That's when we believe we are in the presence of demons or angels. These facets are also like mirrors and very much as in the film The Mask we find in them the reflection of our archetypal identity (not that we are irremediably bound to that identity). This phenomenon highlights the fact that reality and truth are relative: they vary according to  what we expect and project. You get what you expect. 

So-called demons are also expressed in the physical realm by the activation of certain circuits or areas of the brain a phenomenon perfectly illustrated by the effect of certain drugs, some of which like cocaine are a direct vehicle for the activation of or connection to the dark facets of the mind whereas others like ayahuasca are said to promote connection to it's higher regions. 

What we perceive as evil is often a feature of The Universal Mind which plays a variety of constructive roles. Sometimes we characterize as evil, factors which God, The Mind, creates to  stimulate our Spirit: to induce us to develop our spiritual fortitude and immunity both at personal and social levels. Strife and adversity are essential ingredients of Life and just as death is the result and complement of life, so sometimes what we perceive as evil is actually an integral part of God... the butterfly fighting against the demon of its cocoon or the seed against the demon of the earth above it, the dragons we are permanently called to overcome, etc...

If there were no shadows we would not even perceive the Body of Light:

If God were a painting he would be a study in white and if we could visualize Him He would be a body of light. In both cases Evil would just be the shadows which highlight His Body. Likewise in every religion there is a "satanic" offshoot which apparently seeks to denigrate and destroy it but in truth is Designed to strengthen it and improve it. 

A person's affiliation to or control by the dark side of The Mind is compounded or intensified by his affiliation with the sects, cults, groups of people with similar thought-patterns which cultivate these mental creations and in the process create our social egregores: spiritual social beings which represent the dark, evil, regions of the mind.  These collectively created demons are empowered in the minds of their adepts by codes, ancient grimoires and rituals and belief systems often inherited from past generations which have been incorporated into  our collective subconsciousness and which are tapped and exploited by satanists, the practitioners of the black arts. These systems and codes do have power mainly because they can generate collective faith, Faith in the devil, satan, individuals themselves as gods, etc... Faith moves mountains and so can the human mind... 

However they remain nothing more than human creations and they are totally cancelled and react against their users when they are confronted by The Light of The Mind or applied against someone who is at peace. In fact one of the functions of evil is precisely to reveal The Laws of The Mind to humanity. 

The difference between a wizard and a mystic is that the wizard utilizes his own mental/spiritual powers and resorts to mental/spiritual creative systems developed by former generations which rely mainly on faith: belief in their effectiveness at group level (i.e. collective creativity) whereas the mystic passively channels the will of God and either has no personal power whatsoever or does not resort to it in any manner. He is as independent of the outcome as an antenna is of the TV program it expresses. True Magic is but the expression through the minds of men of the will of the universe. It's manifestation depends both on the will of The Mind and on the actor's mindset, which involves a cocktail of prerequisites and an ongoing process of approval by The Mind. 

One of the main functions of The Aquarius (the sum total of all Lightworkers) is to enhance the interconnection and integration between  global consciousness (the Noosphere) and  The Mind, Universal consciousness. The concept of a Noosphere was proposed by the brilliant mystic Teilhard de Chardin and its phenomena are the object of the new science of noetics. The internet could be seen as both its manifestation, its articulator and  its booster but it will not acquire its full potential in that function until a common voice or platform such as Vox Dei is installed. 

However, we must never forget that all extremisms are reactionary movements which reflect a need for change. There is an element of truth in all radicalisms and instead of using them as an excuse to resort to our own violence and radicalism we should begin by addressing those elements. In the case of satanism there is one element which is Vectorial (Designed). It's non-conformism, rebellion against the errors of the established order. The secret to their defeat is identifying and addressing those errors.  

Satanism and it's promises are a trap for psychopaths. A trap which was built into The Laws of the Mind. A path which sometimes leads to madness and self-defeat (as Seneca said:  those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad), sometimes opens the way for redemption and rebirth and sometimes unfortunately leads to suicide or jail. There is a time for all seasons and now in the age of aquarius... it's time for repentance or expiation.

Our choice to be evil is an expression of spiritual weakness but very often also a product of our environment and that is why love is such a powerful remedy and its thirst is so often the cause of evil. Before we judge our neighbour we need to know his story. 

Love is the medium which opens up the white/bright side of the mind: Exorcists should focus more on feeding The Light, the Holy Spirit and The Love than on demons, otherwise they are contributing to their existence. They are creating them by expecting them. Dogmas and belief-systems are the main cause of demonic possession. People who belong to primitive cultures and know nothing about the Christian dogma behave in a totally different manner when they are "exorcised".  These beliefs generate and empower their imaginary demons in the minds of their victims:  To cure the "possessed" and/or mentally deranged: Know the ultimate immanence of the Holy Spirit and channel His Love, maybe going along with the patient's beliefs while gradually substituting them for those that will cure him. 

It can also be hereditary: the mental and spiritual "archetype" to which each of us belongs in some measure determines the role we are inclined to play in the spiritual world,  However, our free will and spiritual power enables us to overcome that inclination. 

Today's illuminati/Zionist egregore is the demonic soul of our dragon which absorbs all spiritually weak and power hungry politicians and "spiritual" leaders alike. It is a Designed force which invokes, demands, the creation of the institutionalized measures capable of counteracting it and keeping it in check: our Constitution and immune system. 

This egregore is begging to be defeated....

and mankind as a whole is fully engaged in complying. 

Revelation of the intentions of the ruling elites is the first step.



The Apocalypse is the perfect Illuminati instrument for the perversion of Christianity. On the other hand it is also the perfect exacerbation for it highlights the aberration of belief in "the devil" as an independent force, an evil GOD! It empowers satanism and creates an apocalyptic battlefield scenario which contributes to create hell on earth. Belief (i.e. faith) in Lucifer empowers satanists and attracts psychos around them. Then, because man does have creative mental and psychic powers, they become the source of our collective demons, our satanic egregores.  The saying that Satan's strategy is for people to believe he does not exist is in reality the churchs' strategy for us to believe "he" does. In fact without Satan some churches believe their priests would lose much of their raison d'etre.  


The four angels were released,... to kill a third of humankind. (NRSV 9:15)

"I am throwing Jezebel on a bed... and I will strike her children dead." (NRSV 2:22-23)

Huge hailstones, ... dropped from heaven on all people. (NRSV 16:18-21)

The angel swung his sickle over the earth and blood flowed from the wine press, as high as a horse's bridle, . (NRSV 14:18-20)

 “ it's the most rabid outburst of savagery and vindictiveness in all recorded history.” 

John of Patmos was not John the apostle. 

Our churches know if full well but turn a blind eye:

1. The author never claims to be the apostle nor that he knew Jesus. There’s no indication that he had even read the gospels or Paul’s letters…He doesn’t even take them into account. That in and of itself is proof enough, but: 

2. St. John was an illiterate fisherman and he most definitely could not write Greek. “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men…”-Acts 4:13

3. The style and vocabulary and the quality of Greek grammar of Revelation is totally different from that of the Gospel and letters of St. John.

4. The theology of Revelation is so drastically opposed to the theology of the Gospel as to be it's antithesis. It is closer to the dark side of the Torah than to the spirit of Christianity. His God is love, tolerance, patience while Revelation’s God is wrath, unbridled rage and injustice. Christ is portrayed as revealer and redeemer in St. John, but as a savage and tyrannical warrior  in Revelation. 

5. John the apostle died early as a martyr so he could not have lived long enough to write Revelation. 


Entheogens (mysticism generating drugs) were commonly used by most prophets in those days and the mish-mash of John's visions were nearly  all adopted from contemporary greek and jewish prophetic imagery and myths probably inspired by opium and Amanita Muscaria. John of Patmos was so outraged and infurianted by the destruction of the temple -which was probably ongoing at the time- and by the persecution of the Jews (including himself) and Christians by Rome that he allowed his visions to stem from the depths of his loins and the reptilian area of his brain rather than his crown. His wrath and prophecies were obviously directed at Rome but his plethoric “visions”  and the eclectic variety of his “prophecies” and esoteric images are like the jokers in a pack of cards which provide justification for all and any political agenda, even to this day!!! 

Calvin could not understand the book and refused to write a commentary.  Luther leaves Revelation in his translation, but he sees it as "unapostolic" and "cannot find Christ". The truth is that nobody does nor truly understands it except those who realize that John of Patmos was deranged.

We can understand his wrath, paranoia and hatred. We can also forgive the early Christians for their need to be on good terms with Caesar and to dissuade dissent... but today? No, today there is no room for this most unholy book in any respectable religion.

You are either a Christian imbued with the spirit of love, tolerance, patience and faith in divine justice or you are a follower of John of Patmos espousing the spirit of empire, revenge, conquest and war.

The book served the agenda of the emperor and Augustine the warrior.

The first church council which acted upon the  question of including this nefarious book in the canon was the Synod of Laodicea which met in 365 and it rejected both Revelation and the Apocryphal books proposed by Augustine. Finally the third council of Carthage in 397  admitted Revelation under the influence and pressure of Augustine and Bishop Athanasius and the Emperor at a time when the church was acquiring political power within the empire. It heralded our entry into the dark ages with its satanic inquisitions, crusades and religious wars and empire. Even though he may indeed have been a saint, Augustine was more of a political philosopher than a mystic, more inclined to harsh justice than to the Christian spirit of tolerance and patience. He believed in the end of times and that a portion of humanity was pre-damned whatever its behavior and -like Caesar- he thought that war is a natural and inevitable part of God's designs. His influence and ideas must therefore be taken with a grain or two of salt! As for truculent Bishop Athanasius, he saw Revelation as a useful tool against the anti-christs who questioned his authority, as does the modern Catholic church.

Trying to change a religious belief is I suppose more difficult than getting off drugs. However, when the prejudice is both irrational, antagonistic to our collective conscience and contrary to the most fundamental values which underpin that religion, our first and foremost sword will be wielded by our bravest most revolutionary spiritual leaders the day they dare to express reservations if not condemnation regarding the divine inspiration of that belief (or at least parts of it).

It is our religious leaders' responsibility to warn the reader about the existence of non-inspired and very human facets in many of our scriptures, otherwise they will perpetuate the spirit of war which prevents the Human Entity to inherit its plenitude today!


Jesus sacrificed his life to rectify the cruel and unjust side of the Pharisee dogma but as soon as the shiny idol of power beckonned, the church incorporated the old testament wholesale into the canon. Not satisfied with that it then included the work of a maniac which contradicts every tenet of His teachings! 

""PETER: That was the first time that you betrayed Jesus before the new dawn and you did it for power. The second time was when you associated to fascism and you did that for the sake of wealth. Now  you are being called upon to redeem the church by playing a role -albeit discreetly- in the upcoming Revolution... ""

Francis is with us but there is a part of his church and of his order which yearns for the power and the glory of empire and would side with the Illuminist Jew World Order. He has his own dragon to slay! 




""Every world, every social unit is a new version of My exciting journey from Mind and Spirit to energy to matter to life and back to My spirit and to MySelf  and although I am always vying for prevalence in your minds and awaiting the appearance of those few individuals who enable Me to act in their worlds, there are no True prophecies -only the self-fulfilling ones- because I do not write your future: you write it yourselves as we go along""



Christian Zionism's prophecies suit the Zionist plan to incorporate absolute satanism into Christian escathology as mandated by their Protocols. They become self-fulfilling through the minds of its followers as they invoke Armageddon, pray for it and incite their leaders towards it. They have created a demonic egregore.

The mother of all these religious aberrations is the concept of doomsday, the end of times. Since Malachias and Daniel we've been waiting for it to happen. In fact we have been around behaving like a pack of hienas for 300.000 years and still nothing happens! so now the CZ and their mentors the Chabads and Sabbatean Frankists, tired of waiting, are trying to provoke it! 

Whoever believes that God would wish to destroy His most precious creation, the apple of his eye, instead of inspiring us and patiently guiding us towards Design, is out of his Mind and hasn't a clue what the universe is all about. 

Had it not been for anti-Arab race hatred promoted by these malignant "Christian" Zionist "pastors", over two million people -and counting- who have perished in the Middle East would be alive today.

May the love of God guide these men back into their True Spirit.


There are 10 Christian Zionists for every Jewish Zionist and they are the ones

  who have brought down the (educational) curse which now weighs upon America

Only a blind man or a fool fails to see it unfolding -from within- at this very moment.

There will indeed be judgement and it will not be in the hereafter nor in any divine rapture!

How dare you call yourselves Christians? and who in his right mind or with an average IQ can possibly assert that you are? Did you not hear Hagee say that Jesus was not even a messiah? 

If Hagee, Lindsay and their Christian Zionists endorse Judaism without reservations it means that they endorse Talmud teachings such as "Jesus is in hell, being boiled in faeces, because he opposed the rabbis" -(Tractate Gittin 57a)

All religious fundamentalisms (Christian, Muslim, Jewish alike) are idiotic delusional instruments of political control but these people have surpassed them all with  their satanic agenda. There's a prophecy for every mind-set and theirs is taylor-made for the most blood-thirsty (or the least intelligent) among us.




there is nothing in any bible to even suggest that God promised the Holy Land to the jews!  

God's alleged promise to Abraham, long before Judaism was created, (actually written by a jew, in Babylon, on the Euphrates...) was to the descendants of Jacob and Ishmael, which are the mainly Muslim semite inhabitants of the Middle East and not to jewish converts from all over the world, for... 

it's an established historical fact that there never was a massive Diaspora...


There is no record of massive expulsions in any history books. In fact how could the 13o AD revolt occur if the jews had been "expelled" from Palestine in 70AD?


Now even the Israeli government has had to admit that the Ashkenazi jews migrated mostly from Khazaria and that the vast majority of today's jews are descendants of Khazars. 

Netanyahu declared (before Crimea's hurried re-accession to Russia) his intention of cooperating with his Nazi accomplices in the Ukraine (Maidan coup) to turn Crimea into a second and more legitimate homeland for the Jews as part of a settlement with the Palestinians, thereby openly admitting the Khazarian origin of the vast majority of the Ashkenazi jews:


Crimea was considered by the USSR and many jews as the most natural location for a Jewish homeland, until the invasion by the Nazis in 1941:


Who were the Zionists calling anti-semites? They should look at themselves in a mirror.


During the darkest hours of the  middle ages, maybe in a sort of karmic response to the horrors committed by Christendom  (persecution of the jews, the satanic inquisition and the barbaric crusades) there arose from the  bowels of the body of the  human race, from the darkest regions of our collective unconscious, from the remnants of our reptilian heritage, an agent of evil, a demon in its own right, the likes of which the world had never known...  

Those tortured by the inquisitors, those burned at the stake, those persecuted jews and the muslim victims of our crusades all cursed the Christian Church, our medieval dragon without a doubt... and Genghis Kahn may well have been the unconscious response of our social body. (One is reminded of the emergence of Hitler during the Holodomor Holocaust where 20 million Christians were being slaughtered  by the Jewish-led Bolsheviks in Russia and Ukraine and who also prayed for someone, anyone, to arise and stop the slaughter).

It was one of the most horrendous episodes of human history where over 40 million people are said to have been slaughtered without reason nor mercy. It was a juggernaut, an unstoppable force which conquered 70% of Eurasia, from Kamchatka to Hungary, and it was at the doors of Europe at a time when it was totally vulnerable and when the decision of one man could have meant the total destruction of our civilization. 

However, the concerted and desperate prayers -"from the fury of the Tatars O Lord deliver us"- of millions of Christians, Jews and Muslims in a hundred thousand churches, mosques and synagogues (never before or since had such spiritual and mental synchronicity occurred) mobilized divine providence and influenced the Khans to lay down their weapons and go home, thus preventing the complete destruction of Christendom. 

However, very much like the Illuminati Nazis after the war the Tartars  continued their mission,  their assault on humanity,  in a different more sophisticated and surreptitious manner. There were still many unresolved questions, not least the persecution of the jews. Yes, until our recent mea culpa we deserved the wrath of that dragon.

The  Khazar Empire occupied by the Mongols was a Turko-Hun entity which adopted the Jewish religion around 800 AD. Today they are considered the racial cousins of both the Mongols (Tartars) and Attila's Huns. The Mongols made common cause with the Huns of Khazaria from the beginning  because they were equally merciless and barbaric. When they finally ceased their onslaught and most of the armies returned to Mongolia,  they had been in Khazaria for two generations  and many of them remained, intermarried and merged.  

Whatever the relationship or continuum  may or may not have been (see: Israeli scholar Sophia Menache's 2008 : Tartars, Jews and the Jewish-Mongol ‘Plot’ of 1241) the fact of the matter is that a significant proportion of the Khazars were genetically Mongols (as well as Huns of course) and it was during the post-Mongolian period that the Jewish Khazars began their massive migration into Western Europe,.. as if driven by an unconscious force or calling. 

The embryo of our current dragon slowly evolved and matured during 3 centuries of infiltration of Europe at which time the Christians drove the Jews into the rat-hole of usury... a hole which turned out to be a tunnel leading to  the apex of power and control of our society. 

Then, in 1666 under the self-anointed "messiah" Shabbatai Zeevi and in 1770 his successor Jacob Frank, there emerged upon the face of the earth a Satanic "religion" the likes of which the world had never known: Sabbatean-Frankist Satanism. It was in direct opposition to both Judaism and Christianity and to all the values that the civilized world stood for. It was the sophisticated expression of the evil spirit of the Tartars and the Huns. 

Finally in 1787 Jacob Frank, Adam Weishaupt (a Khazarian crypto jew "converted" to Catholicism) and Mayer Amschel Rothschild (the most powerful and brilliant of the Khazarian money-lenders) created the  Order of the Illuminati which was to be the mechanism of control and exploitation of our society. It later morphed into the (totally original) System of Synarchy, which rules the world today ( i.e. government through secret societies).

It hinged around Freemasonry but it spanned  a series of other secret orders at the very tip of which lay hidden, fully in control, the kingpins of  The Order (the Order of the Illuminati or whatever they choose to call it today). There are three degrees of Illuminati, only accessible to 33rd degree masons: Regent, Magus and Rex (ref:  "Proofs of a Conspiracy", by ex Illuminati Mason John Robison,  published in 1798,  Chapter 7). 


Zionism was then created in 1890  by Theodore Herzl an Illuminatus Magus and the House of Rothschild (5 of them Illuminati Rex) as the main instrument, the right arm, of The Order, our modern dragon. 

Their 100-year old program for world domination involved: 1) conquest of America through the creation and ownership of the Federal Reserve, 2) the French and Russian revolutions, 3) control of the Vatican through Napoleon; 4) creation of the USSR, 3) the first world war which gave them the Balfour Declaration,  the League of Nations (their first shot at world government), a huge debt to their main front JP Morgan, and their Treaty of Versailles. 4) WWII (the natural consequence of that treaty) gave them their IMF/World Bank,  half of Europe for their USSR and half of Germany for their puppet USA, in addition to Israel of course which they built with the 200 billion in reparations for the holocaust they themselves supervised.

At this very moment they are behaving like their ancestors the Huns and the Mongols in their genocide and apartheid of the Palestinians, the only semites around, and the destruction of the Middle East by their proxy/captive Atlantic Empire.

The zionist kingpins have gone to great lengths and spared no expense to get their scientists to disprove the Khazarian origin of the Ashkenazi Jews but their lies have been exposed.

The bottom line: Whenever the universe, The Mind, God, creates an evil force it is often as a response to another evil force (example imperialism and terrorism) and also, ultimately, to encourage or demand the creation of measures to prevent the emergence of such forces in the future, while enriching and improving humanity in the process. In that sense and in this stage some of the Jews did turn out to be the chosen people, to express the wrath of God and later to impersonate the forces of evil in the world. In the next stage: (now that Christendom has relented and repented) the global Jewish Community will finally play their Designed role as the chosen natural Leaders (meritocracy) in the spiritual and social integration of The Human Entity-



All and any religions or creeds which adore a God that is not the God of the Universe and therefore the God of all people tends to create a demonic egregore.





Sanhedrin 59a: "Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal."

Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a Gentile there will be no consequences. 

Abodah Zara 26b: "Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed."

Hilkkoth Akum X1: "Do not save Goyim in danger of death." - "Show no mercy to the Goyim."

Tosefta. Aboda Zara B, 5: "If a goy kills a goy or a Jew, he is responsible; but if a Jew kills a goy, he is not punishable. "

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388: "It is permitted to kill a Jewish denunciator everywhere... even before he denounces."


Gittin 57a: Jesus is in hell, being boiled in feces, because he contradicted the rabbis. 

Sanhedrin 106a:  "She who was the descendant of princes and governors (Mary) played the harlot with carpenters." 

Shabbath 104b:   Jesus' mother was a whore

Sanhedrin 105ab: "Jesus fornicated with his jackass".


Sanhedrin 58b. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God.  If a Gentile hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. 

Hagigah 27a .  No rabbi can ever go to hell, whatever he does.

Baba Mezia 59b. When a rabbi debates God he defeats Him and God is forced to admit the rabbi was right.


Baba Necia 114, 6: "The Jews are superior human beings, but the Goyim are beasts."

Nidrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L: "Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night."

Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 goyim slaves."

Yebamoth 98a. All Gentile children are animals.

TALMUD MUST BE KEPT  SECRET (no small wonder!)

Sanhedrin 59a: "A Gentile who pries into The Law (Talmud) is guilty of death." oops!

Libbre David 37: "To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us outright." (we would if we were as evil as you were Rabbi Libbre, but we are not).

Libbre David 37: "If a Jew be called upon to explain any part of the rabbinic books, he ought to give only a false explanation. Whoever will violate this order shall be put to death." 


Choschen Hamm 266,1: "A Jew may keep anything he finds which belongs to the Gentile

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348: "All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which, consequently, is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples." (yes, we noticed)

Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a Gentile  the wages owed him for work.

Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a Gentile  it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b).

Baba Kamma 37b. Gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "offered their money to Israel."


Yebhamoth 11b: "Sexual intercourse with a little girl is permitted if she is over three years of age."

Aboda Sarah 37a: "A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated."

Kethuboth 11b . "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is inocuous."

Sanhedrin  54b . A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is over nine years old. (a greater Rabbi than the others no doubt)

Gad. Shas. 2:2: "A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl."

The most shocking aspect of Illuminati satanic rituals is the rape and sacrifice of children,                                                                   It is also their Achilles heel.


short (6min) presentation

Of course, we all know that such Talmudic decrees were often reactions to Christian aggressions (synagogue of satan, inquisition, pogroms, expulsions etc,,,) and that they are not taught nor taken into account by most modern Talmud teachers, the vast majority of whom -with the notable exception of Chabad Lubavitchers and other ultra-zionists- are at peace with the God of Man who is ... but it highlights the fact that we must ensure that there is no conflict between our conscience (the Voice of God) and the teachings of our preachers, for much too often they are in fact political activists, wolves in sheeps' clothing who use religion as opium/amphetamines to turn us into their obedient flocks/soldiers.
In fact the hermetic world the Hassidic jews have created for themselves enables them on one hand to remain uncontaminated by the satanic spirit which the Zionist media and Hollywood are creating for the rest of us (no TV!!!!) and on the other to generate a unique spirit of community and harmony, a bubble of spirituality within which the holy spirit arises and flourishes. Harmony and collective solidarity and mutual support and love are it's requirements. They are in a different world altogether from that of the Israeli and Zionist political leaders. They support them of course but it's as if it was none of their business because  life in harmony is their business and foreign policy is outside their bubble. I suppose.

Chabad Hassidism offers a similar atmosphere on the surface  but it is clearly a political instrument of Zionism financed by Jewish international bankers to promote their agenda. Here again the culprits are only it's leaders.

Clear and truthful presentation of the satanic outlook of the Zionist religious leadership, presented by David Duke one of our most lucid and courageous reporters who -having clearly turned his back on the KKK- is systematically satanized by the MSM because he dares to speak the truth to the powers that (shouldn't) be:


By their behavior modern day israelites have left no room for interpretation regarding the nature of their god. "By its fruits you will know the tree" means that by their behavior the adepts of a religion define the nature of their God. The Old Testament depicts God in a vast variety of ways precisely to enable the "chosen people" to define their God's nature at any given time. The Jewish People must urgently rise up and with one voice denounce the Zionists for what they have become: absolute Satanists dominated by a lust for blood, land, power and domination. Otherwise the offensive statement in the following picture will acquire a measure of truth in the common conscience of mankind. 

All religions need to renovate, turn a new page,  lay down their arms and ascend back into the common spirit from which they emerged. 

This will be achieved when mankind as a whole writes Abraham's Bible: not to modify religions, just to make them compatible, symbiotic or complementary and therefore more agreeable and more powerful in the eyes of God and of our common conscience.

The internet and the likes of Vox Dei are it´s Designed vehicle.

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ERROR # 7:

As usual, in due time, new ideas (1989) tend to become mainstream as is the case with the notion that the Universe is pure intelligence and matter and life are the manifestation of it's in-built program.

We are getting our first inkling of the error in this assumption as we delve deeper into subatomic particles. We are discovering that as we zoom in on matter it behaves differently when it is observed by the human mind. Of course it does! Because we are an off-shoot -an integral part of- that same Mind which underlies matter and energy. 

 Excerpt from Youtube channel "Still Looking"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF1SUYhDjZ8  about

The scientific discovery of God:

History has taught us to be wary of setting limits to science: Does anyone know, do any of our religions know for sure the nature of the mind in its various spheres (individual, species, universal) and its relationship with the spiritual world? Can anyone explain the redundancy of neurons in our brains, such a unique phenomenon in nature? Suppose mind and spirit mutually define and induce each other just like electricity induces magnetism and suppose the universe was essentially pure Intelligence, energy and matter being only its most elementary manifestations and spiritual beings, its paramount manifestation. What if man was Designed to close the loop by lending his nervous system as a passive instrument for the universal intelligence to further its Designs in any given world?  Some of us have been called to explore this new frontier of science and although mental and spiritual phenomena cannot as yet be measured, their effects on the brain can… 

Each and every one of us has the potential to act as an antenna for the will of the universe.
That potential is expressed by the redundancy of our neurons.