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Pope Francis and the Vatican are key elements in the Illuminati mechanism and scheme for global control. 
The "Barack Nobel" approach to Pole Francis has failed to deliver.
The power they have acquired through their financial/corporate domination of the world  is such 
that Francis has no other choice than to align with their agenda even though at heart he is with us. 
His Heart will see to it consciously or not that his Spirit wins the day, 
Only the immanence of  God and of the Spirit of the Human Entity within him and the Catholic Church as a whole 
can contribute to further the aims of God. 
These do involve some measure of globalism and syncretism but they exclude Judeo-Masonic Illuminati control. 
God works in mysterious ways and the sources of The Aquarius need not necessarily perceive or understand them.

Despite the inevitable perversion which arise in all human institutions, the Catholic church and faith connects man to the archetype of his idealized identity: That's both a problem and a challenge for the satanists. 

Since the 18th Century the Church has been the target and most coveted prize for the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Cosa Nostra and the highest echelons of Freemasonry.

Some in the Jesuit order and the order of Malta have historically been their accomplices and the Vatican branch of the Illuminati.

How much of that is still the case remains to be seen.

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In clear compliance with their Protocols of Zion the Jewish-led Masonic Illuminati have infiltrated and now vie for power within the Christian churches. 

They did so ostentatiously and quite successfully with the  "Christian" Zionists and surreptitiously as well as partially with the Catholic Church. 

The Jesuit order participated in the creation of the Illuminati Order hand in hand with the Rothschilds and (Jesuit) Weishaupt at a time when they had been banned by the pope and expelled from most countries. . Both the Illuminati order and Freemasonry are adaptations of the Jesuit organization chart and they were the ones who created the Grand Orient Lodge. They helped engineer the Illuminati's French revolution and through freemasonry, the enthronement of Napoleon. The secret nexus between Napoleon and the Jesuits was Illuminized Freemasonry. When he conquered the Papal States he imprisoned the Pope Pius VII and coerced him into reinstating the Jesuit order. From that moment the Jesuits and their masonic partners acquired covert control over the church and the Order of Malta. The Vatican was virtually forced to hand over control of their finances to the Rothschilds and has been subservient to them ever since although the current financial relationship remains unclear and the Vatican is unwilling to clarify it. (The plot to crucify Cardinal Pell is possibly related to his efforts to extricate the church from Rothschild/mafia control).

Since then and especially in October1958.com the halls of power of the church have virtually been taken over by Jewish-controlled masonic globalists as exposed among other things by the passive attitude of the church untowards Zionist crimes. 


12 short videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQp00j4H3Kg

Although the authors are radical conservatives  obsessed with transforming the dogma and liturgy of the church into a holy fossil, they do demonstrate the actual infiltration of the church by freemasons and crypto-Jews,  especially as of October 1958 at a time when they were also in ultimate control of the USSR. They are also right in denouncing the destruction of the liturgy and relaxation of moral norms of conduct.

Vatican II was one of the few positive outcomes of World War II insofar as it put an end to official discrimination and satanization of the Jews but it did signify a loss in terms of the Church's spiritual power and identity. As occultists and mystics know full well, traditional rituals  define,  invoke and embody the spirit, the egregore, of a religious group. In the case of the church it was the beautiful traditional Latin Mass and Gregorian chants which created through the minds of the faithful the invocation of -and association to- the Holy Spirit. It was an important archetype in humanity's collective unconscious. That was the reason for the destruction of traditional liturgy. 

The Illuminati dedicated several generations to infiltrate and control the United States government, it's mass media and financial system and they did so with great success. Since the Renaissance, The spirit of the Catholic Church (its spirit, not the institution itself) had become associated in the collective unconscious to the archetype of angelic purity,  unconditional love and compassion so it is inevitable that these satanists should make the same effort to infiltrate control and destroy their antithesis the Catholic Church . So far they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams mainly because the world has remained unaware of the conspiracy.

This process is described in depth and in detail by Piers Compton in his banned book now only available here:

Piers Compton_The Broken Cross_The Hidden Hand in the Vatican.pdf

He prudently goes out of his way not to mention the Jews, so to complete the picture we need to look at these complementary points of view -with reservations:





As Albert Pike clearly states "remove the Kabbalah from freemasonry and what is left? Not much" watch

Their plan of action is clearly laid out in Giuseppe Mazzini's "Alta Vendita" which is the 

Judeo-Masonic blueprint for the subversion of the Catholic Church- They considered it phase 2 of the French Revolution. "That which we should await, as the Jews await a Messiah, is a Pope according to our wants. We require a Pope for ourselves, if such a Pope were possible and with such a one we shall march securely to the storming of the Church"


The first flank of attack  was obviously enough the Vatican's banking system. Where else? In the 60's and 70's under Pope Paul VI,  judeo-masonry set out to booby-trap the Vatican Bank by placing their agents  in key positions, often through financial pressures, who then lured the bank  into the Illuminati's drug-and-bribes and money-laundry racket and associated it to Roberto Calvi's Banco Ambrosiano and the Cosa Nostra... It was done just  in order to later reveal it to the world.  The Vatican  had already fallen under the control of the House of Rothschild under Napoleon, (an Illuminati freemason) whose central banking mafia  still holds most of the Vatican treasure as their means of coercion. This interdependence  makes it difficult if not impossible for Pope Francis to extricate the Vatican from this, the very heart of our satanic global dragon. It must be achieved by other means. Msgr. Scarano who is currently in jail for money laundering was baited and framed and Cardinal Pell defamed just to serve as warning to Pope Francis to "stay off their turf".  I guess he has no choice but to comply. See: www.themediareport.com

The second flank of attack was the destruction of the clergy's moral image through the creation by these infiltrators of the gay/pedophile and satanic rings within the Vatican. The pedophile scandals were an obvious ingredient of the Protocol's  conspiracy to weaken and further control  the Church. They were in part the consequence of the policies imposed upon Paul VI, who by the way was of Jewish extraction, which among other things favored gay over heterosexual candidates to ordination (**).  In many cases the crimes were committed by those infiltrators themselves or they were a set-up against those who suffered from that weakness but in most cases they are blatant lies which the church has failed to expose. Why? ┬┐None of those alleged victims dared mention the traumatic event to their parents, brothers, teachers or confessors ("Father, is it true that by pleasing Father Sleazy I am pleasing God and that I will I burn in hell if I tell my dad?") until 40 years later when they could be paid handsomely for it and bask in the limelight and compassion? True, the policy of the church encouraged the cover-up, but that's precisely what we are talking about: who inspired that policy and for what purpose? Until Vatican II, especially under Pius X pedophiles were turned over to the police.  It was the perfect set-up. A time bomb. 

The case against Cardinal Pell is a case in point that will stall and begin to reverse the onslaught against the church. Who are his accusers? Let's see: www.themediareport.com

PROTOCOL 17:  "When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court the finger of an invisible hand will point the nations towards this court. When, however, the nations fling themselves upon it, we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders as if to save excessive bloodshed. By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place". 


Since Vatican II the number of gay priests according to one study has risen to 45% in America where more than 1000 priests have died of AIDS (that's 10 times the national average)


At a Jewish meeting Vice-President Joe Biden praised the Jewish Community (to their consternation and anger) for being responsible for the promotion of homosexuality and same sex marriage. 


The fact of the matter is that there is a small but overwhelmingly powerful group of pseudo-jews who are Sabbatean Frankist satanists and far from respecting and practising judaism they have only one agenda: the destruction of all religions including orthodox Judaism.

Rabbi Antelman, an authority on the relationship between the Illuminati and the Sabbatean and Zionist movements makes it crystal clear in his book "To Eliminate the Opiate" (PDF here) that these movements were aimed not only at overthrowing the established order and destroying the Catholic Church but also at discrediting and undermining Judaism. There is no room in authentic Judaism for global domination and a global religion.  The same is revealed in Robison's Proof of a Conspiracy against all Governments and Religions. (PDF here). 

Zionism is the visible part of the iceberg of the synarchy which rules the world. Deep below the surface The Order which ultimately control the central banks which control the corporate and political worlds continues to unfold its satanic agenda of global control, as set out in their Protocols.

Those within the church who subscribe to the meme that the church should not question the allegations because it would "discourage their victims from coming forward and inflict even more psychological harm upon them" have consciously or not fanned the flames of this holocaust against the church. It lays waste to the fundamental tenets of our justice system "innocent until proven guilty and the right to self defense" and invites, incites, false or imaginary claims. Probably more than 70% of the allegations are either the fruit of greed -it's like  going fishing: it costs nothing and there's a fair chance of winning a million dollars- hatred of the church or a desire for limelight and compassion. They jump onto the band wagon of the media-driven frenzy to discredit -i.e destroy- the Catholic Church. It so happens that 96% of all media are owned or controlled by Supremacist Jews as mandated in their Protocols. (Ref) http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-controlledpress-6-jewish-companies-96-percent-of-all-media.html download the chart


Conclusions from Goodbye Good Men (Michael Rose - 2002): The 1960's and 1970's saw the infiltration of a corrupt sub-culture into the Catholic church to change its liturgy, mass, doctrines, disciplines, and mission. It produced a shift from the priestly model of self-sacrifice and discipline to a model of liberal self-gratification. It changed the selection procedure from one which winnows out false vocations to one which frustrates genuine vocations and assimilates those whose profiles "came out" as gays. They were rewarded with preferential treatment and ordination while seminarians who resisted permissiveness and supported the teachings and traditions of the church, on sexual morality in particular, were dismissed for being rigid and uncharitable homophobes. "Once again a moral institution has been infiltrated by deviant progressive liberals, self-centered immoral women activists, perverts and gutless submissive male administrators who have succeeded in changing this bastion of morality and godliness into a haven for Gays, Lesbians, femi-nazi nuns, evil doers and the ungodly".

The likes of Leo Zagami, Alex Jones (*), Phelps and Zimanski are clearly Zionist agents dedicated to the defamation and weakening of the church. On the other hand they are -quite legitimate- devil's advocates, prosecutors in the court of public opinion for there obviously is fire behind that smoke which they so eloquently high-light.

 The Church now needs to take a leading  role, become the prosecutors themselves and Expose the satanic sects and pedophile rings operating within the Vatican. I guess that's The Holy Spirit's "mysterious ways" of action and the ultimate reason for this Exacerbation: to ensure the rebirth of The Church by way of its liberation from the yolk of the Illuminati and the Exorcism of their satanic spirit.

I believe this battle can only be won if authentic Catholics join hands with authentic Jews and Muslims against the Sabbatean Frankists and their fascist globalists, the enemies of mankind.  (However, we must always make a clear distinction between fascist and democratic globalists such as Pope Francis...) 

It cannot be done overtly by Pope Francis for security reasons, therefore it must be through an internal movement: an association of bishops probably under the leadership of the Jesuits themselves. 

The fascist faction of the Jesuits are allowed the illusion of partaking in the power of the New World Order but in truth the original Illuminati objective of disempowering and discrediting the church is all these power mongers have achieved and they would be relegated to a subservient position in the Jewish NWO if it were ever to become a reality. Fortunately they are few and the winds of change have not bypassed the Jesuit order. We can expect it to become a reactionary force once again, but this time as church warriors against the common enemies of mankind. 

All institutions end up reflecting human nature but The Holy  Spirit  is the true soul of the church as it is of most Jesuits today so the church is Called and Designed to arise like the phoenix during the Revolution. That same Holy Spirit is also at the heart of authentic Judaism and authentic Islam and together they should expose and isolate the satanic Sabbatean Frankists who are at the core of the forces of evil in today's world.

(*) Alex Jones is brilliantly and valiantly taking on the American deep state and placing his and his family's lives on the line so we can but express our deepest gratitude and our admiration for his brilliant and inspired work. In the confrontation between the two or more factions of the Illuminati, the recycling of America's fascist deep state, one of the heads of the hydra is the first stage in the destruction of the main head of our modern dragon .

(**) It's not about condemning homosexuality. In fact it's clearly part of the natural order of things. Nature loves diversity and  it's in the genes of 10% of the population. Besides  there's no such thing as 100% heterosexuals.  It should be accepted and tolerated as part of Design. The problem arises when it is actively promoted as the norm (mainly by satanic Hollywood Illuminati pedophiles) thereby influencing children and teenagers who would otherwise make a different choice. From 10% we are now nearing 25%. The plot thickens when it is used as a weapon to degrade a society or to destroy a religious institution.